potions, lotions and witchy makings

Viking Dental Care

The Cockney Viking is often Guinea Pig for my creations and frankly, whats the point of having a soon-to-be Witch Wife if she doesn’t make you remedies for your ailments? Recently he’s been suffering with sore gums and sadly doesn’t have dentist in our town yet. Now, I can’t do as much as a dentist and if you are suffering yourself please do go and see one. However this mouthwash is designed for daily use and should ease his symptoms for the time being.

A little background for you, despite his viking-ness, the root of the issue was not a result of a battle injury. Years ago, the clever man hit himself in the face with some sort of post basher. We also enjoy all the things renowned as bad for your dental health
(my dentist ritually reminds me that my facial piercings are not helpful) like red wine, coffee and sometimes partying like a pagan and not brushing before bed.

Here is the finished product.

saved on plastic and used an old whisky bottle too!


some of the things I enjoy about making my own remedies are: I know exactly what is in it. The recipe can be tailored to treat particular complaints and preferences. I usually have the ingredients already (this cost me nothing to make). I can practice and hone my craft.

For this recipe I used the following:

  • Clove- a common traditional treatment for toothache due to its analgesic (painkilling) properties.
  • Ginger- Stimulates circulation and compliments the flavour of the clove. Turmeric- a very useful spice it is all the ‘anti’; anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-oxidant it is also a blood cleanser but that would be more useful if it were being ingested.
  • Calendula- soothing, anti-inflammatory, and aids healing.
  • Sage- a popular witches friend, a magical cleanser of energy and also a medicinal cleanser of the body. soothing, anti-inflammatory, a blood cleanser and anti-oxidant.
  • Plantain a.k.a Ribwort- a weed much overlooked these days but it grows everywhere, I have a patch in the garden I wouldn’t remove as a poultice of the leaves staunches bleeding (I’m clumsy) and aids healing.
  • Rosemary- another magical cleanser, again overlooked often. It is astringent, eases aches, improves circulation, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and stimulating. Famed English Botonist, Nicholas Culpepper recommended it for tooth and gum complaints.

You will notice I didn’t add mint, I didn’t think it would taste nice with the other ingredients and this has a mild spicy flavour I like. I also didn’t add any salts (which I would probably use in a less medicinal mouthwash) as it would be drying.

I started by boiling up the spicy ingredients and simmering for about 30 minutes I then added the leaves and allowed it to simmer for 15 minutes, until the herbs were spent and lost the colour, (the opposite of how you would cook broccoli! or should in my opinion.) Once all the ingredients were in and bubbling away, I focused my intention, Picturing my Cockney Viking and told my brew what it was for, drawing out the poison (I actually used the word ‘snurglies’ which is something I use to describe nasty creatures) and easing his pain. I repeated this as I poured it into the bottle and again as I put the lid on. As I will it, Mote it be.

On reflection, it could be stronger. If I were to make it again I would let it boil down to about half.

do you have any home remedies you make for yourself or loved ones? I’d love to hear what you include and why.

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