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New Moon Ritual

It’s a new moon tonight, sometimes called a dark moon. This is where the moon is completely in shadow.

Working with the lunar cycles is beneficial not only to witchcraft practices but life in general. It helps to harness the correct energies, keep balance and grounding. By being aware and actively engaging in your personal growth you can better manifest your dreams and goals.

Like The Moon, our energies wax and wane. By syncronising your practice and attitudes you can harness some of this power for yourself.

As the moon moves from full to dark it is waning. This is the time to be releasing what no longer serves you. This can be as simple as forgiving yourself for things that didn’t work out as you hoped, feelings of pressure, guilt or self-doubt, unhealthy patterns or big things like toxic relationships or ideals not of your own.

This frees up your energies and focus for the next part of the cycle. The waxing and growing stage. Now is a good time to sit and reflect on your desires without acting, what could your next move be? What methods have not necessarily worked? Can your approach be tweaked? What needs letting go of?

Much like when resting in the cauldron; Darkness is not something to be feared. It can be a reassuring calm space where we can focus without distraction or a need to act.

This new moon is the last before yule so a particularly powerful time to embrace the creative power of the dark before rebirth. (if you want to know more about the life, death, rebirth cycle you can read a little here)

All you need to do to embrace this energy is give yourself time to reflect. This can be through meditation or journaling, if your not sure what needs to be released you could try some divination.

Once you have identified what needs to be released, being careful of your wording (Make sure your reasons for doing so are known to you in detail), write each of them on a slip of paper and burn them one by one. This can be as ritualistic as you feel comfortable with. Another way is to write the things you want to let go of and cast them into a living water source (a river or ocean).

Having released what you no longer need, you can now look ahead to creating and manifesting. It is a good idea to allow yourself some time to think and see what inspirations or messages come through. I like to keep note of it so I can remind myself I the next cycle and see my progress.

Do you have any New Moon rituals you perform? As always I’d love to hear from you.

Blessed be and peace out witches

Love Kate xxx

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