42, The turning of the wheel

The Cold Moon-December 12th and Friday The 13th

This month’s full moon is a powerful time for transforming, it is known as the cold or long moon (long because it hangs in the sky for a long time); the last before Yule and the returning Sun, the last of the decade and the last one before a season of eclipses come.

An art instalation in the natural history museum. Better than any pictures I can take of the actual moon on my phone.

Anything you don’t want to take with you into the coming year should be released now, be it a toxic relationship, unhealthy habits or a negative outlook. This can be done at any time of course but working with this moon will bring more power to your practices.

If, like me, you have been resting in the cauldron time between Samhain and Yule, this moon brings yet another chance to acknowledge your transformation; where you have been, what has served you, what hasn’t and needs to be released. The time to emerge reborn is approaching so use this time wisely to assess where you want to be and what is important to you on your personal journey. Ask The Moon to aid you. If your intentions are pure she will listen.

The next couple of days leading up to the full moon are a great time to be focusing and setting your goals. Now is the time for manifesting your dreams. The dynamic energy of a waxing moon as it reaches its tipping point will aid you in your personal growth you just have to focus it and set your intention clearly.

Personally, I do this through my daily meditations, visualization and journaling. Some people know it as cosmic ordering. The first step is identifying what you want and why. (read more on cosmic ordering and manifesting here)

Full moon ritual

There are many, many, rituals that will be enhanced at this time. My favourite and most basic is a ritual of gratitude. There is an old saying:

When the moon is full to thee,

Kiss your hand to her times three.

It can be as simple as when you first see the full moon blowing her three kisses and saying one thing you are thankful for each. I like to dress my alter, cleanse everything that needs to be cleansed and charged (including myself) and spend some time ‘talking’ to her. I give 3 things that I’m thankful for. If there is something I wish to release or ask for I speak this after.

*as always, be careful what you ask for. It may come in unexpected ways*

A Time for Transformation

The River Dart, running through Totnes.

There is an awful lot of transformation happening at the moment, personally I am hopeful and a bit intimidated by it. This full moon falls on a VERY IMPORTANT day for the UK (and that’s all I will say about it on this platform. Whatever choice you make, try to be open hearted). Immediately following is the final Friday the 13th of this year. A lucky day for witches and Pagan folk, another time where manifesting your goals is aided (you can read more about it in my previous post here).

To sum up, now is a great time to identify your goals and set your intention. In a couple of days you can use the energy of the full moons transformative energy to bring about big change in your life in releasing what no longer serves you and re-affirming what you want to enhance. The full moon energy actually lasts over a couple of days so this Friday the 13th coincides with the Cold Moon’s energy making any request you make even more powerful so focus hard and word it carefully.

What will you be releasing/manifesting? I will be continuing my journey to expel self doubt and fear of failure.

Blessed be my Witchy Darlings, be careful what you wish for and peace out ✌️🖤

Love Kate xxx

2 thoughts on “The Cold Moon-December 12th and Friday The 13th”

  1. This entire year has been a challenging path of transformation. I really need to connect and fortify my intentions for the coming year. I have so much to release and with focus I hope to manifest greater confidence to aid personal growth. ❤


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