A Witches Guide To Surviving Pandemic lock down.

It’s Tuesday the 23rd of March and in the UK it’s the first day of our government enforced lock down. People are panicking, the guidelines are (expectedly from the British government) vague and confusing, the self employed, like myself are unsupported currently which adds to a sense of dread. My issues feel small and trivial compared to those fighting for their lives right now. So I won’t say more on that matter either way. Except maybe: don’t be a dick, we’re all suffering.

However, there are silver linings: In my little corner of Devon peoples caring nature and humanity is shining through. There is less pollution, people are able to see what’s really important (hint: its not 40 hour weeks). There is talk of the planet healing. This feels like a wake up call. A call to arms from the Goddess herself. I believe everything happens for a reason. In decades to come when people look back they will see the positives. Until then, what can we do to keep our sanity, to help others?

Firstly, there is an abundance of food out there if you know where to look. I’m not saying we should go out in our thousands and dessimate what there is but, if you feel stuck know that you won’t starve. Mother nature also provides medicine; immune boosting nettles, anxiety relieving primroses, cough healing mallow. Obviously don’t exclude modern medicine if it is required, for things less terrifying than this new virus our ancestors knew where to look.

Currently, we are still able to go out alone, I live in a rural area so can walk for miles without seeing a soul. If you’re interested you can read about plantlore here. Have a go at making a green goddess soup, or some baking, add these plant allies in your diet. Dry them and store them for later use. Pass the knowledge on. Share with those in need.

You can use this new found time to learn something new, there is plenty of information on divination and spell craft out there. Perhaps you have the time to make your own book of shadows or try knot magic for the first time. Perhaps a skill that will benefit your community in the coming days or increase your strength and power as a witch.

You could commit sometime to your home and hearth; spring cleaning, smudging and resetting whatever protection spells you use would be wise. Also, if you have a garden you may find yourself with more time to commit to it. It is still spring after all. Perhaps there’s a project you’ve been putting off that you can now focus on. I’ll be working on some charms and more tangible spell work that I aim to introduce later in the year.

Tonight is the new moon in Aries, a time for courage, for change, for resetting focus and goals. With the ‘norms’ of society stripped away temporarily, what is important to you now? What can you do for your own personal growth or that of your community? This is a time of rebirth. Rather than indulging in self-pity (on a personal level, the postponement of our wedding is an emotional blow), try to focus on what changes you need to make. What do you need to let go of? What do you need to surrender and embrace with courage? How can you use this time to grow? Aries is a fiery energy, it calls for action.

What will you be doing to make the most of these strange times?

*I’m a one witch show. so, If you want to show your support for my work and make a donation; hit the button below. Any and all support is gratefully received*

Take care of yourselves and each other my Witchy darlings. Peace out.

Love Kate xxx


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