Super Full Moon In Libra April 2020

The full moon beginning tonight is our super full moon in Libra. Full moon energy is portal energy. Unlike the new moon which tips us into growth and waxing energy; full moons tip us into waning energy, forgiveness and letting go. With ‘super’ full moons we are likely to feel more powerful energy as she is closer to us.

The April full moon is known as the pink, ant or seed moon. Indicating hard work and preparation is required. Many of us have begun planting our seeds, physically and spiritually, now we must tend them.

The ‘pink’ aspect has connections with the Goddess in her Maiden form, blossoming relationships and the arrival of spring (read more about spring and the Goddess here) .

This full moon moves is into Libra, the scales. Libra is all about finding balance in and life whatever that may be yourself, relationships, work etc.

Now, it’s strange times we are living in. In the U.K we are now in our 3rd week of lockdown. The world is changed. For some of us it’s worrysome. Personally, though I’m trying to see the positives and take advantage of them, I’m anxious as fuck! Not knowing what is going to come out of this. My ‘day job’ doesn’t exist at the moment. Our wedding postponed.

To begin with, like a lot of people, I had to work really had to add things to my life (building which made sense with the new moon in Aries) : new routines, exercise regimes and dynamics. With anxiety and stress underlying it all I eventually crumpled (not for the last time through whatever this is, I assure you).

In our adaptive human process, grief and a sense of loss are natural. We must let go of so much and it is painful (sometimes more than others) When we let go, we leave space for reflection and more positive change. Growth is uncomfortable my darlings. The life, death, rebirth cycle which is present throughout all experience. We as a race are experiencing a form of mass trauma.

There are conspiracy theories, conflicting information/opinions and panic enough already so I won’t add to them. I don’t think we will know why this is happening until much later.

I believe there are both positives and negatives as with all things but right now we can use the full moons energy to seek balance. Whatever that means to you personally. This super full moon is telling us we have to let go and she is here to help.

I work a lot with forgiveness during full moons. Forgivness for my sake because carrying negativity around only breeds more negativity.

This full moon, not only am I seeking balance in my (what now feels very small) personal life. But also spiritually and within myself. Trying to force positivity by layering it over one’s anxiety is not healthy, neither is wallowing in panic and stress. So, I seek balance, talking about my anxiety with people who can hear it without offering solutions helps me. Doing small positive actions for myself (like focusing on my craft and this blog 😉) helps. Forgiving my self for not totally smashing everyday helps. Allowing myself to feel overwhelmed and expressing it helps. I am letting go of rigid expectations and I hope to release my fear of the unknown and embrace it so that I may use it creatively.

In this new reality, even if it is temporary; this supermoon is saying let go of what won’t serve you and find your balance. I’m sure you have some ideas on what that is but you could use your divinations and skills to find further clarity and intention (you can find a basic ritual here).

This is something we haven’t faced before. Do what you can, with love, and aim emerge from this reborn in whatever way you need.

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Take care of yourselves and each other my witchy darlings.

Love Kate xxx


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