The turning of the wheel

New moon in Taurus

The upcoming New Moon cycle (the early hours of the 23rd of April in the UK) sees the rise of the new moon in Taurus. A time to focus on manifesting abundance. For many of us ‘abundance’ refers to money but what it really refers to is the things money buys in the is modern world: food, shelter and the finer things in life.

Taurus is ruled by Venus so rules not only abundance but sensuality and values. This could be relationships, friendships and how one values themselves. Its basically energy and the persuit of it.

Money is a form of energy; you put energy into acquiring it and share it where you think it is required. The energy we put into ourselves and our relationships, although not as tangible is equally as important.

What do you need put energy into at the moment? Work? You’re relationships? You’re relationship with yourself? Your spiritual goals? What blockages stand in your way to achieving and succeeding? Now is the time to address these.

In runic symbology; the rune for wealth is Feho, meaning cattle. Our ancestors would have traded in cattle and livestock among other things. The symbol for Taurus is the bull. It makes sense that the bull would be a symbol of wealth, after all a virile bull could lead to the yeald of many calfs. He is also strong and determined, representing our own determination in charging towards what we want for ourselves.

Feho. From a prehistoric, fossilised set of runes gifted to my partner.

Harnessing the Taurus New Moon Energy

New moon energy brings us a fresh cycle, a fresh start. It is the start of the waxing cycle a time for increasing and building. I feel many of us, now in the 5th week of lockdown, will be focusing our energies into adapting. We’ve done the adjustment and letting go in the last waning moon cycle (if you haven’t there is still time to release what no longer serves you, you can read more about the previous cycle here) . Now we look ahead, perhaps you’ve had time to work on your side hustle (this blog is mine), had more time to reflect on what you really want to achieve or have identified what opportunities this new reality could bring you.

We are also moving ever closer to Beltane where the fertile energy is powerful, so now really is the time to focus and manifest the abundance you need in your life.

Identifying what that need is would be a good place to start if you don’t already know. I will be using my divinations to identify and address any blockages between me and my desired goal. You could ask for divine assistance, perhaps you need a bit of luck, or a new path. You could use the basic ritual I have here, or maybe create your own spell (have a look at the spellcraft section for inspiration) . In truth, identifying what you need and setting an intention is magic enough but it doesn’t hurt to add other aspects of the craft. As ever, witchcraft can add power to your goals but don’t expect miracles without effort on your own part. You are still expected to take action but asking for help and guidance (a helping hand) will support in achieving whatever form of abundance you require.

If it’s monetary gain you’re after; Bay leaves are used in lots of folk magic relating to money as are lodestones. Keeping a lodestone in your coin purse is said to increase the coins. Other things you could include are:

  • Coins
  • Pentacles
  • Antlers
  • Green and gold
  • Iron
  • Dragons
  • The Sun
  • Cowrie shells
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Grain
  • Keys
  • Mint
  • Mushrooms

As for myself, I’ll be working harder on my blog and charms. I want to make a living from witch craft as my ancestors would have (you could help my Witchy Darlings, spread the word for me, send people my way, share my social media) I’m actually working an abundance charm for a friend harnessing this energy for her so watch this space.

What will you be manifesting? What areas need a bit more abundance?

I hope this determined, fruitful energy brings you what you need. Take care my darlings.

Peace out witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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