Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Tonight sees the peak of our full moon in Scorpio. Known as the Flower Moon for obvious reasons. Like our gardens; the sunshine is bringing out what has laid dormant in us. Now we are in the growing time of the year. The question is, what is blooming in you? What do you need to shine some light on?

Scorpio energy is intense, sometimes aggressive, sexual, sensual but also; being ruled Pluto, master of the underworld, it encourages us to seek what hides in the depths. Turn over a few stones, see what’s underneath.

Full Moon energy is all about letting go of what no longer serves you. With Scorpio in mind what does that mean for you? Is there a grudge you’ve been holding onto? Some hurt you’ve yet to let go of? What areas of your life do you need to shine a light on. Maybe your sex life needs some attention or your spiritual needs.

We have set our goals in motion and now begins the time to tend them. For me that means reflecting and divining where my attention is required (you can read more about rituals at full moons here). We’re still in lockdown in the UK. There is talk of restrictions being eased up. Whether that is a good thing or not, I have no idea. This makes me feel anxious so I won’t be making plans around that until I know the actual situation. With that in mind I will be looking inward. Having learned what I have about myself and others in these strange times. I want to address and tweak who I want to be in this new reality. What do I need to forgive in myself, others, the situation?

I imagine many others feel the same way. Having set goals at the beginning of the ‘new normal’ did you push yourself to hard, or not hard enough? This Full Moon is telling you to forgive yourself. Have you had harsh words, been insensitive to others are suffered such from your loved ones? Perhaps now is the time to address those feelings. Emotions are information from your spirit. Perhaps addressing why you felt/feel that way will help you in letting go.

Now is the perfect time to take some time for yourself, locate what you’ve been carrying with you and sit with it before releasing. Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves not for others. You can forgive people without the need to tell them so. You can forgive yourself for allowing awful things to happen big or small. Energies might be building but Scorpio is not afraid to face it and neither should we.

What will you be releasing this lunar cycle?

Full Moon blessings my Witchy Darlings. Peace out ✌️

Love Kate


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