New Moon in Gemini

Tonight sees the rise of our New Moon in Gemini. Like all Gemini’s it’s going to be a double edged sword. An interesting clash with Neptune/Mercury and Venus (not to mention aaaaaaaaall the retrograde) will bring challenges in communication, love relationships and our goals and values.

I know right! Doesn’t sound great. But here’s the thing, growth happens in the challenging parts of life. There will be valuable lessons in the coming weeks for many of us. A chance to better our communication skills, strengthen our relationships and see what is really valuable to us.

Things will be unclear for a while and that’s OK. Sometimes things in life just are unclear. All our floundering and struggling muddies the waters when what we need to do is breath, be still and focus before making a conscious decision. Now is a great time to manifest better communication, relationships and a sense of self. But, it will take some real honesty. Honesty with yourself about what you want and why. Honesty about your motivations, your struggles. When it comes to communicating, if you’re being honest, if you’re speaking from the heart, the words will come. Your intention will shine through.

It would be worth taking the time to reflect on any areas you may need to apply this honesty to. Any areas you need to have better communication in, any relationships you need to focus on, any shadow work you need to be doing to greater understand your path?

Divination will help you. I will be turning to my Tarot Cards and journaling before carrying out my new moon rituals.

It’s strange times as it is, what with the virus and apparently this next couple of weeks aren’t going to make it any clearer so now is a great time put in the hard work, look deep into yourself, with honesty, and manifest not just what you want but what you need. Embrace that things will not be clear or easy and that’s OK. It’s part of the journey. And it may even bring completely new territory to navigate.

Be strong my Witchy Darlings. Be honest with yourself and others and hold on until the situations become clear.

Peace out ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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