Full Moon Eclipse in Saggitarius.

This Friday (the 5th of June) sees the rise of the strawberry full moon in Saggitarius and its a lunar eclipse!

Full moon energy is all about letting go and resetting your course. Lunar eclipses amplify this energy. I always feel extra ‘twirly’ around eclipses like big change is coming. Although it can be daunting I welcome changes that ensure I am on the correct path. If you’ve wondered off your path be assured you will recieve a nudge. How far you’ve strayed will be relevant to the signs you are given. So be aware my darlings, what are you being shown? What lesson are you being given?

With that in mind; it’s a great time to reflect on your goals and intentions, where do you want to be heading? What has been holding you back? Are there echoes from your past you need to sever yourself from? Old beliefs and attitudes? Perhaps you ruminate too much (I know I do) or focus on the negatives rather than seeing the positives.

Saggitarius energy is pragmatic and brave; Sometimes careless and foolhardy. The centaurian hunter is certainly adventurous and determined.

This suggests positive outcomes for our desires if we can harness this determination, set your sight, steady your bow and aim true. It also gives us an opportunity to express ourselves with confidence; be it about relationship ideals, business ideas or life plans. Saggitarius energy says now is the time to put yourself out there.

On the flip side, it might be that you need to recognise where this determination has not served you: Perhaps you’ve been so determined you’ve not recognised where you’ve pushed others aside or maybe have been so sure you were right about something you’ve been unable to accept other viewpoints. If so, it would be advised that you address this in yourself and try to move forward with more care.

Practicing Divination can help you identify what needs to be addressed however with eclipse energy, particularly being in Saggitarius, it’s likely things will be made very obvious to you with all the subtlety of a brick to the face. With Litha just around the corner it’s also a good time to get push ahead with your plans in the hopes of celebrating your success at midsummer.

Personally, I will be turning to my reflections and rituals (you can find a basic full moon ritual here). I already have an idea about where I need to focus my energy. For me it’s about putting myself out there more, being bold in promoting my witch business. Letting go of all the negative opinions I have received (not constructive criticisms from loved ones, that’s different) which tend to hold me back. I’m sure more will come up though, it always does. I’m interested to feel the nudges on my own path and slightly nervous as to the strength of those signs. Will it be a gentle prod or full on shove?

This card has been coming up a lot recently. Driving me forward with confidence. Sound familiar?

Looking at the wider picture, there is so much change happening in the world. I hope its for the better and that all of this turmoil and pain is necessary in waking people up. Things have to be torn down to be rebuilt. I hope what we rebuild is a world with more humanity, equality, patience and love. The other option is to terrible for me to allow myself to prepare for it.

So be open to the messages that will come my Witchy Darlings. Open your eyes and your heart, be brave and most of all, be kind.

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See you on the other side.

Love Kate xxx

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