42, The turning of the wheel

New Moon and a solar Eclipse in Cancer-20th of June 2020

Due to my personal life I didn’t get this post up in time for the day but the energy is powerful and the building of it is still important. So here we are.

When I first looked at the almanac for this year, I could see so much change coming. At first I was excited and thought it was all cosmically aligning for me as we (the cockney viking and I) were due to get married today. Clearly, that has not been possible due to the virus and we made the decision to postpone until next year.

As we have progressed through this year it became obvious that the big change I saw coming was MASSIVE for everyone! Like, the entire planet!

Be the empress this cancer season.

Cancer is ruled by moon and the element of water making it the most sensitive of the zodiac (I’m half Cancer. Its tough). Also, emotional, nurturing, intuitive and a great healer.

Cancer season reminds us to nurture ourselves; to engage with our divine feminine energy and emotions and work with them. This is a great time to manifest stronger emotional connections with yourself and loved ones. By honouring our emotions (you can read more on that here) we can identify the aspects of our lives we are not happy with and make necessary change. Using your preferred methods of divination will be helpful to identify and process these changes. As will reaching out and talking. The more I talk to friends the more I feel this sense of change.

Cancer energy is home maker energy so now is the time to be focusing on your home and hearth. Most of us have been having to spend a lot more time at home. However you feel about that, no doubt you’ve discovered some areas for improvement. Now is the perfect time to do that. Finish that project, start any that will make you feel happier and more comfortable. Focus on the aspects that make your house feel homely to you and yours.

You may want to consider refreshing your protection spells, cleansing your spaces of negativity with some smudging maybe a good floor wash to welcome in change and positivity. Fill your home with what you feel it needs in order for you to thrive in this trying time.

Finally, Cancer energy is about loving and supporting others. I only recommend attempting this if you have the emotional space. If your emotional cup is empty, focus on what you need to fill it. If you have space to pour from the overflow reach out to your tribe and loved ones. So many of us (me included) are shit at asking for help. Sometimes all it takes is a text or a nudge for people to remember they are not alone. This kindness begets more kindness. Love grows when you pass it on.

The overlap of this new moon (you can read more about new moon energy and rituals here) and Litha is powerful AF. Litha is all about celebrating: Celebrating your hard work through the spring and taking a moment to enjoy the spoils of summer. What challenges have you overcome? Emotional challenges especially should be celebrated. Check in with the things you started in spring, how are they getting on? Like a garden, it’s important to stand and take stock; identify any weeding you need to do? any goals you set that need just a wee bit of attention.

We are growing emotionally as a race it may not feel like it but, growth is uncomfortable. Cancer tells us to be open to our sensitivities and those of others. Vulnerablity is bravery after all. Be gentle with yourself first and foremost, then attend to your loved ones.

It’s an important to for rest and reflection. We have shifted into a new reality. How we meet and engage with it will set us on a new path. Be sure you know where you want to be going and why.

Take care my witchy darlings. Peace out.

Love Kate xxx

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