Full moon eclipse in Capricorn July 2020

Tonight sees the rise of our full moon in Capricorn. There is also a lunar eclipse but for my brit witches that won’t be happening until the wee hours of the 5th.

If you’re sensitive like me, you’re probably feeling this energy already. It’s palpable AF!

Capricorn represents a sensible, motivated energy being ruled by Saturn. It is stable and responsible, self assured and headstrong. Also, wise but stubborn.

Capricorn reminds us about our long game. What goals are you working towards? Are there areas that could do with a bit of strong-headedness.

On the flip side, this full moon (being a powerful portal day) reminds that this strong goaty energy might not always suit the task at hand. The strong willed practices we apply to get shit done aren’t necessarily the tactics you want to apply to all aspects of your life for example relationships and friendships.

We are coming out of a really strong cancer phase so expect to still be feeling all the feels. Its important during this time to remind yourself of where you want to be heading but also how you want to get there. What do you want to be remembered for? Does your current method fit with your morals?

Now is the time to tap into your devine conscious. Accept that we are all here to serve a purpose, a calling. Whether you know what this or not it makes little difference the universe/gods/ancestors are guiding you toward it all you have to do is read the ques and follow.

This lunar cycle tells us to address our approach. And full moon energy is THE best time to release what no longer serves you (you can read more about lunar rituals here). Is it old trauma, triggers or behaviours? Perhaps unhealthy coping mechanisms due to ubhealed pain? Maybe it’s about prioritising, what is most important to you now. We are still embracing this new reality and terrifying as it is people are searching for the ‘normal’.

Now is the time to shake off ‘normal’ really think about where we want to be heading and (remembering our Cancerian influences) with emotional intelligence, ask if this path and the way we are heading down it is actually right?! Your divinations will help you.

It’s not just about the destination but the journey too. You are the one who will have to look back on it and judge yourself on if you took it with grace and kindness or charged through horns at the ready.

I for one am feeling the former. I need a bit more goat energy to drive me forward. A bit more strong headedness and a bit less drowning in emotions. How are you feeling this full moon? hit me up in the comments below.

Peace out witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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