Second new moon in Cancer-July 20th

Tonight sees the rise of another new moon in Cancer. Personally I feel like I’m ready for Cancer season to be over (shout out to my crabby darlings, its been hard work am I right?!)

This New moon, unlike the last, this isn’t an eclipse so hopefully will feel less intense and bring less intense shifts (yes I’m being hopeful). You can read about the last New Moon in Cancer here. It’s interesting to look back and see how it resonates with each of our personal journeys. How did the changes you implemented work out during the last lunation? Did you succeed in what you aimed for? Did it get the ball rolling?

This New Moon brings further opportunity to address those goals. Perhaps it was seeking balance, perhaps it was working through emotional issues or old trauma.

Cancerian energy is all about emotions, relationships and the hearth. So now is a good time to ask yourself how you feel about yours. Is there anything that will require particular attention? This also includes relationships with those nearest and dearest to you and most importantly your relationship with yourself. Do you give too much? Could you be giving more? The balance between self care and caring for others is one many of us struggle with. However, one cannot pour from an empty cup. Once your cup is filled, pour from the overflow. Be sure to take time for yourself to stay connected and grounded. Meditate, exercise reach out to loved ones.

Now is also a good time to address and changes you want to make about your living situation, if that’s what you need. Manifesting whatever change you need to bring about for yourselves and/or loved ones in order to thrive.

New Moon energy brings opportunities for a fresh start (you can read more about that here) so now is the time to really reflect on what that might be for you. It could be that emotional balance, addressing boundaries, relationship balances, your relationship with yourself, or something more tangible.

There is also some ongoing fuckery between the Saturn and The Sun this new moon. Suggesting clashes with responsibility, structure and action (sarcastic yaaaay). I mean, I don’t know about you but, this forced period of growth is challenging and doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any easier in the near future. That being said the growth happens in the incomfortable bits and I appreciate any opportunity to grow and develop (even when it’s horrible)

It’s not all doom and gloom though; Harnessing this New Moon, emotionally honest, badass energy has the potential to greatly nourish our hearth and home, relationships and relationships with ourselves. So whatever you feel you’re lacking or could help you achieve your goals in this area; you’re being given a chance to manifest it now and push forwards. Using your divinations, they will help you clarify what that needs to be done, though at this point you probably have a pretty good idea, after all we’ve been here before! Once identified, focus on manifesting it, perhaps with a spell or ritual. I like to work more with water at this time. Charging my new moon water and filling myself with that powerful energy.

Whatever you feel you need in order to fulfill your Cancerian goals now is the time to ask for it. Time, strength, balance, open communication, removal of obstacles, new opportunities, clearer paths; whatever it is, focus reflect, identify and manifest.

Good luck my witchy darlings. I get the feeling this one is not going to be easy, but may tie up the loose ends of what you started in the first New Moon in Cancer of the year.

Chin up, tits out, onwards!

Much Love,

Kate ✌️

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