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Full moon in Pisces-2nd September 2020

Tonight sees the rise of our Full Moon in Pisces. This is the last full moon in the cycle which began October 2019. Making it an extra powerful time for reflection and letting go.

The September Moon is often called the ‘corn moon’ or the ‘barley moon’ because now is the time of harvest. Sometimes this is also the harvest moon. Technically, (technically, darlings) the harvest moon is the one falling closest to Mabon. Which, seeing as its only 9 days after the equinox, makes the full moon (in Aries) on the 1st of October the harvest moon.

That being said, there is no denying the harvest energy we are feeling now. Time to gather and reap what you have grown in the last year before the Cauldron time of winter is upon us. This not only applies to the bountiful foods and medicines growing, but our efforts towards our goals. What did you set out to achieve for yourself? How did it go? In this last push before Samhain, is there anything you could do to further achieve what you are aiming for? Is there anything you’re still holding onto that needs to be released? If so, really focus on that now. When you clear out what no longer serves you it makes space for all the things that will.

Pisces rules the 12th House of the zodiac; bringing its dreamy, imaginative energy. A good time to look at personal goals and addressing the secret fears that have been holding you back. Releasing low vibe energies (wherever they come from) like fear of failure, ego and greed. It’s a good time to re affirm your motives. Why did you want to manifest those things? Is it still what you want? If so, what do you need to release now to keep you on that path?

Pisces also rules intuition and dreams. So any divinations, dreamwork and meditations you do now will bring important messages. If you have questions to ask, if you need guidance or re assurance ask for it now.

Working with water at this full moon would be fitting seeing as pisces is a sensitive water sign and this is the last one of the cycle. I like to do a ritual bath or shower or even, in an ideal world, bath in the sea or river (probably not naked but who knows 😉) even if its just a paddle. Allowing the water to remove what needs releasing.

Grounding at this time would also be perfect. (I mean, there is never a bad time for it) take time to really reflect on how far you’ve come and where you are heading.

All full moons are portal energy. A time to allow shift. The Pisces full moon asks us to reflect (it’s all about reflection this one) on our journey, give thanks for the blessings we have received, forgive and release what didn’t serve us and reflect upon where we are going and why we want to. You can find basic full moon rituals here if you’re looking for more inspiration.

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Have a powerful day! Peace out witches! ✌️

Love Kate xxx


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