New Moon in Virgo 17th of September

This new moon is an interesting one. Usually, we would be using the new moon energy for manifesting and working towards our goals. However the moon is void of course to begin with so any manifesting should be done at least 8 hours after; when it has moved again. It is said that anything you try to manifest during a void of course moon will ‘bear no fruit’ So, you could wait and do your new moon rituals later as usual or do something else.

That being said, we are also currently in the harvest period before Mabon. A time to be giving thanks for all we are recieving NOT asking for more (it would be rude and ungrateful). A time for letting go of what will not serve you, or hold you back in the winter months before being reborn again in spring. This could be things such as toxic patterns, negative self talk, toxic relationships, laziness, unhealthy habits. Whatever it is, you probably already know. Now is the time to put the work in. Cleanse yourself, your home and energy. Focus on self care first as this time could be draining.

Virgo energy is all about the self improvement. Perfectionists, adaptable, well organised, practical. So now is an incredibly powerful time for shadow work and reflection. We’ve done a lot of letting go this year (understatement much!) and Virgo says there is always more to be done. Fine tune your methods to ensure you are on the right path. You could use divinations to help identify how to do that. Personally, I will be using my journal to help me outline what needs shedding and tarot to guide me in taking action.

Virgo is also generous, kind and helpful. Symbolised by The Maiden, she brings charitable, forgiving energy. Something we could do with more of in these unprecedented times. With that in mind, now is a good time to let go of old hurt, help out in your community and spread a little Maiden energy. Be wary of giving too much though. Only pour from the overflow.

It’s all about that Maiden energy!

I’ll be using the ritual I usually use at a full moon to release what no longer serves me and focusing on manifesting later. What could/should you be letting go of more? What has been holding you back from reaching your full potential?

There are also a lot of planetary clashes happening right now between Venus and Uranus, and Mercury and Jupiter. Not to mention the 6 (fucking 6) planets in retrograde right now. Its gonna be an intense and frustrating time. Not the time to be starting anything new or putting too much energy into projects. I’m not saying don’t do anything. Keep things ticking over and don’t be disheartened by things that get in your way. Use this time to reflect and adapt before moving forward and be prepared to learn some hard lessons.

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Take care of yourselves my witchy darlings. We got this!

Peace out.

Love Kate xxx


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