Full Moon In Aries 1st of October 2020

October is my favourite month and this year despite all the bullshit (*vaguely gestures at everything*) it is going to be extra powerful. We have a super new moon coming up and The Blue Moon, which falls on Samhain (!!!!!) so hold on to your broomsticks witches. Roll those sleeves up and get ready for some powerful (and turbulent) energy shifts.

First up, we have the rise of our full moon in Aries – the harvest moon . This is the beginning of a new Lunar cycle so brings fresh energy and a sense of renewal. Aries energy is forceful, active, motivated, sometimes rash and impatient. Aries likes to take an idea and run with it which is great when starting or re addressing an idea but, this can also mean rushing in too early, getting ahead of themselves or being blind to everything else. With this in mind, be sure that anything you are starting now is really what you want, that you have thought it through.

Being the harvest moon, now is also the time to get out and tie up any loose ends, prepare for the transformation coming, forage, gather and store what you need. This means spiritually and emotionally as well as physically. It’s a busy time but if you need one last push to achieve something start preparing for it now and use this month to get it done. Use the harvesting energy before it’s gone.

Earlier this week Saturn got back on board after being in retrograde for nearly 5 months bringing back a sense of discipline, responsibility and determination. We are also, nearly passed the letting go and giving thanks part of the year and back into manifesting so, now is a great time to look at your goals and what you would like to achieve, channel this busy energy, but MAKE A GODS DAMN PLAN FIRST! A detailed one. Maybe start with the a bit more letting go and giving thanks seeing as we are not in the waxing stage at this point but, you can certainly have a look at what hasn’t worked, be thankful for what has, and set out some new, DETAILED goals. With Samhain just around the corner(another big time for letting go and reflecting) and the cauldron time of the year looming; now is great time to reflect on creative endeavors and how we feel they have gone. Inspiration is coming but I recommend you don’t rush into anything just yet. Sit on it for a bit longer.

This full moon also activates Chiron the planet of healing and wisdom, so buckle up for some lessons and/or realisations in that area. Full Moon Energy is all about forgiveness so if there is anyone in your life that needs that (including yourself) use this time to focus on those areas. Don’t carry old hurt into this new cycle. Be prepared for clashes and needing to stand up for what you believe in, be sure you know what that is. It’s likely you already have an idea on what is going to come so take this time to reflect, let go of old hurt and focus on where you want to be heading; bear that in mind moving ahead, breathe and react from a place of honesty rather than triggers and old patterns.

Later in the week Pluto also goes direct (thank fuck!) bringing transformation, power shifts and increased vitality. All the more reason to shed what will not serve you, make space for what is to come.

So, to sum up, there is a big opportunity for transformation coming up. Bringing in some strong minded Aries energy to motivate you but; don’t run away with yourself just yet. Do the preparation now. Let go (I know, but it really is important) of what no longer serves you. forgive what can be forgiven to make space for what is coming. Shed old ideas, toxic patterns, unhealthy relationships. Use your divinations to guide you, make lists, write plans. You can find a full moon ritual to support you here. Full moon energy is portal energy and this one says “big things are coming, brace yourself, shift the dead weight now and get ready”

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Have a powerful day my Witchy Darlings, Peace Out ✌️

Love Kate xxx


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