Super New Moon in Libra 16th of October 2020

I have to tell you darlings, I’ve been looking forward to writing this post as it finally feels like I can say something positive (fucking aye). OK, we still have 4 planets in retrograde to deal with so maybe bear that in mind. However, we can get back to manifesting as well as being grateful; rather than surrendering and focusing on letting go all the time like we have been doing (for what feels like most of) this year.

The rise of this new moon in Libra is all about relationship goals. This includes relationships with ourselves, our dreams and aspirations and relationships with work. Libra is ruled by the element of air which is all about ideas and creativity. It also brings a sense of balance and harmony particularly when it comes to relating (see why I was looking forward to this? ). So, if you’ve been seeking balance in your life, now is the time to persue it. Have the conversations, write down what you’d like to manifest in your relationships. Maybe you’re single and looking for something, maybe you’re in a relationship and want to add more to it.

As I said, relating isn’t just about romantic relationships; it’s about your relationships with anything: yourself, your vices, your work-life balance, your friendships, money, whatever you feel needs a bit more or less focus, now is the time to really identify what you want for yourself.

This seeking of balance in relationships is also supported by a sextile connection between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter brings us firey optimism, expansion and action. Neptune rules dreams, compassion, unconditional love, inspiration and oneness-all the watery things. So if your suddenly feeling more attuned, supported and ‘woke’: I recommend using the energy of this new moon to reflect upon your dreams, goals and ambitions. Where do you want to be in terms of relating? What would that look and feel like? Is there anything you need to do to get you there? Be open minded to opportunities coming your way. Perhaps you’re (well, we all are) coming out of a really trying time and you can see a tiny bit of light peeking through. Follow that light! Be brave, chase your dreams! particularly ones that involve emotional ideals or your creative goals.

To harness this energy further I recommend using your divinations, speak to friends and loved ones, put yourself out there. If you already know what it is you want to manifest, a new moon ritual can help you set your intention and bring it to fruition. However, the moon goes void of course at the new moon (meaning it appears not to move) so wait atleast 12 hours to perform any ritual or cosmic ordering. So, Saturday morning in the UK.

All of this awesome, balancing dreamy energy comes just before Samhain and the dark, Cauldron part of the year. Making it an incredibly powerful time to look ahead with optimism and creativity. As the veil between world thins; expect stronger messages to come through. Also, more synchronisities, unexpected meetings and vivid dreams.

I feel like we’ve had to do, and will have to do more, looking back and reflecting on our journey. Which is great and all (she says through gritted teeth), but I’m grateful for a bit of inspirational, optimistic support.

I for one, am constantly feeling like I’m trying to achieve balance. In the last few days I’ve had some realisations on how far I’ve come with my empathic, watery, sensitive self. I can see how these things can be a force for good. I feel empowered, though there is still much work to be done. My relationship with myself feels positive. Therefor, my other relationships are feeling the benefit. I remind myself (and you, my dears) to only pour from the overflow and right now I have an abundance of that. There are exciting opportunities coming and I am so fucking ready to receive them. My work-life balance is shifting; making more space for me to focus on my blog (you lucky buggers 😉) and witchy makings to support my community. With that in mind, do let me know if there is a particular area of the craft you’d like to learn more about.

How are you feeling my witchy darlings? Are things shifting for you? I hope so. Let me know in the comments below.

*I’m a one witch show. so, If you want to show your support for my work and make a donation; hit the button below. Any and all support is gratefully received*

Peace out witches✌️

Love Kate xxx

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