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October 31st 2020- A Blue Moon in Taurus and Samhain

Right my witchy darlings, I’m going to be honest with you here. When I looked at the almanac for the year ahead last winter; I was so excited and intrigued by what would come about. I mean, A Blue Moon…On Samhain that’s gonna be powerful as shit right?! 2020 looked so promising, so much potential for positive experiences change and growth for all!

Here’s the kicker; and I don’t know about you but… it HAS been a massive year for growth and transformation. Sadly it just wasn’t the sunlit, breezy path I was hoping for. So many of us have been forced to overcome so much this year. I always say the best growth happens in the uncomfortable bits but this? THIS?! I was not imagining this! We are being prepared for something. Why else would be given 10 years worth of learning and growth all at once?!

Ok, I’ll leave my existential dread there. Ahem. Excuse me.

A Blue Moon is when a Full moon occurs twice in one calendar month. Some people believe they have provide an extra boost to the energies of that moon. Some believe that they only hold power because we see it as providing an extra opportunity for ritual and portal energy. I think a full moon on Samhain is going to be powerful AF regardless of whether it is a blue moon or not. I don’t know that there is a way to compare. Full moon energy is portal energy. A good time to be forgiving and let go (you can find more on full moon rituals here)

Samhain is all about death, (more forgiving and letting go); The end of a journey before the beginning of a new one (you can learn more about the traditions and practices of Samhain here). A time to look back, reflect and give thanks for all the gifts we have received in the last year. This may not sound like an easy task but every challenge brings a lesson and there have certainly been many of those. It is also the tipping point into the darkness and cauldron part of the year. A time for creative thinking, resting and self care. I am already feeling this energy coming in with force. No Halloween party this year means I am very reflective. My intuition is telling me to be careful with myself, focus on my personal goals but softly, with an open heart.

This Full moon is in Taurus with very close conjunction to Uranus which sets us up for some interesting awakenings. Taurus energy is all about strength, stamina and durability. represented by the bull; it is easy to see these energies. However, bulls are actually sweet gentle creatures. It is only when they feel they, or their herd, are under attack that they become rage monsters. They can be stubborn and very reward driven which makes them incredibly driven but also one-track-minded.

Taurus is ruled by Venus bringing attention to love, sex and relationships (the bull is also a symbol of virility, that male essence) but also self love, our values in life, and how we value ourselves. All with the determination of Taurus. So, if you’re coming up against challenges in these areas, hang on until after the full moon, you may find new paths and ideas become visible (though I suspect not without some drama). On the flip side if you’re on the path to something great, you can tap into this determined energy, keep going!

Uranus (now, here is where it gets even more interesting, hold on to your hats witches) is the planet of awakenings. It rules over partnerships of all kinds: friends and enemies, lovers, haters and business partners. It brings an aspect of duality; liberating and overwhelming, chaos and enlightenment. I feel like this is exactly where we are now: liberation through chaos, enlightenment through struggle (*sarcastic yaaaay!*).

This moon is named ‘the hunters moon’, when our ancestors would go out hunting the game they will need to see them through the darkness of winter. So, seek what it is YOU will need; be it balance, a support network, a clear path etc

This year has brought a lot of that dual energy already and it appears we are going to receive even more. Perhaps we will find the answers from looking back. The knowledge that we are experiencing a mass awakening (scary as it is). The combined energies of Samhain and this Blue Moon remind us to be grateful. When you can be grateful for the things we have, we see the sufferings and challenges differently. The end of one journey allows for the beginning of a new one. What has your personal journey been? In the year that has past between Yule and now, what have you achieved? Look back along your personal path and find the things to be grateful for. It is these gifts that will guide us moving forward.

the woods are lovely, dark and deep but I’ve got miles to go before I sleep.

We’ve all lost and shed so much this year, that in itself will bring about new values and views on what is important. Now is an excellent time to consider these and how you can use them to your benefit in the new year. No action is required yet just contemplation, maybe a bit of planning. What are your goals, how can you use this energy to your advantage? Think on it, perhaps as part of your Samhain ritual, use your divinations to guide you. The messages will be LOUD, This I know. You could consider acquainting yourself with Mugwort, sacred to Artemis, it offers protection and guidance and has particular affinity with witches.

I’ll be uploading some extra bits to help you through, so keep an eye on my social media.

Be brave my Darlings, be grateful, determined and safe and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Peace Out.

Love Kate xxx


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