15th of November A Super New Moon in Scorpio

This Sunday (or late Saturday depending on where you live) brings us the Rise of a Super New Moon in Scorpio; A new opportunity to manifest our goals, this one is all about transformation. Particularly in terms of our inner and spiritual selves, our deepest darkest desires and our sense of power.

Scorpio energy is often thought of as dark because of the connections with death (the venomous sting of the scorpion) and the transformation we find in the death. The life, death, rebirth cycle runs through all things. Being able to recognise and allow the ending of one cycle allows for the beginning of a new one. Perhaps a better one…?

I’ve talked a lot about shadow work and the transformative power of the cauldron a lot recently and this New Moon supports that work: Scorpio asks as to look within, identify the aspects of ourselves which no longer serve our purpose and release them. This refers particularly to grudges, secrets (the secret, perhaps dark and negative parts of ourselves) and our sense of power. Have you felt like you’ve lost power or control of aspects of yourself recently? Now is the time to get it back, not by taking it from others (that never ends well my dears, nor is it morally the right thing to do), but by nurturing it in ourselves. Identify what you want, where you want to feel more empowered and how you can give that power to yourself. Imagine that would look like and feel like and it will come.

Scorpio is ruled by the element of water, the emotions and relationships, the ebb and flow we all have. This is also relating to sex as Scorpio is damn sexy but not the fiery passion that fire signs like Leo would bring. It is the deep emotional connections in sex; how we feel about ourselves and the power that brings. Now would be a good time to evaluate your relationship with sex (not going to be easy to explore it with other people in the current lockdown) what do you enjoy sexually? What do you want to explore? How can you use it to empower yourself? Do you feel sexy? Without going into too much detail, this is something you can explore on your own. Pleasure and orgasms raise our vibrations, it enables us to feel connected to ourselves, our bodies, our partners (if you have/want them) and the outer realms. It can definitely be empowering (in the right situations, I’m sure I’m not alone in having had experiences that were not empowering) tantric even. It requires us to let everything else fall away and focus only on what we feel, striving for pleasure and release.

The release theme runs throughout Scorpio; releasing of old grudges, dark secrets, painful experiences and old hurts. Carrying around that negative energy is poisonous so use this New Moon to focus on what you WANT rather than what you don’t want. Focus on the positives and be specific. Ruled by Pluto, the planet that transforms from the inside out, we are encouraged to do yet more shadow work, this in itself is empowering AF. taking responsibility for our shadow selves, rather than just reacting. You have the power to change anything. If you don’t like how you behave when triggered, work on those triggers. If you want more of this and less of that, focus on the more part and get it for yourself. This is magic in itself; knowing that you have the power to make change, to have control of what you allow and do not allow in your life.

This week we also have Mars going direct again bringing renewed energy where we have felt stagnant, power to where we have felt helpless. For me, this is also brings an expression of anger. Something I struggle with. My own shadow work has helped me recognise that I have a tendency to be a people pleaser. I’m working on standing up for myself the way I do for others.

New Moon Energy is portal energy so use this portal to manifest your desires, harness the power of transformation and make positive change in your life. You can find a basic new moon ritual here. The moon is void of course to begin with so wait about 11 hours from the peak of the new moon where you live to do any manifesting rituals. I recommend using divinations and shadow work first to find what your clear intentions should be, then envision it happening as present tense, ask for anything you may need to support you on your journey and know that you have all the power needed already. I’ll be adding more content to support you in the coming days so keep an eye on my social media.

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Have a powerful day, blessed be.

Peace out witches

Love Kate xxx


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