Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini-30th of November 2020

This Monday brings us the rise of the Full Moon in Gemini and another lunar eclipse, Eclipses are said to enhance the transformative portal energy of Full Moons making any transformation work you do more powerful. Full Moon energy is all about forgiving and letting go of what no longer serves you and this one is more about the ‘long game’.

The November Full Moon is known as the Ivy Moon (or Beaver if you’re in America) because Ivy is evergreen and one of the few things that will remain through winter, also because of its binding, creeping energy. We remain in the cauldron time of year, but are beginning to look ahead to Yule and rebirth. Not yet in the depths of winter, the Ivy Moon comes after the last harvest as energy becomes dormant. Now is a good time to decide what you want to hold onto and bring into the new year. Is there more work to be done here? Any grudges that need to be released? Any toxic energies or patterns you want to leave behind? This full moon offers the opportunity to do just that and leave it behind. The Ivy moon is a time to consider the responsibilities you have to yourself and wider community. What are they? Are you happy with how they are being met? What will you need to do to honour them next year?

Photo by willsantt on Pexels.com

Gemini is a mutable sign, bringing adaptability and flexibility to changing environments. Ruled by Mercury and the element of air; Gemini is rational, they asses a situation and how best to make it work in their favour. They also bring a sense of duality, encouraging us to think outside the box or come at something from the opposite direction. When working with Gemini; communication is key and ideas are paramount. There can be an aspect of flakiness; that airy, floaty musing energy. This can be a tonic to those who remain rooted and grounded in one way of thinking.

Really reflecting on why we think a certain thing/way can be very enlightening; thoughts are tied to emotions (water), action (fire) follows feeling and is then made solid (earth). Be it a situation, job, relationship (especially with ourselves) dream or journey. They all start with ideas. Gemini reminds us to be rational and reasonable, to communicate what we want and why (just saying it out loud to ourselves can be powerful magic). I suppose the first step is identifying why you want what you want. Then questioning the best way to go about that. Rather than waiting for it to happen or acting out of feeling as things happen.

As the Calendar year comes to a close, many people begin to look ahead, new years resolutions and all that. Personally, I feel like working with moon is a much more effective and realistic way of assessing and working towards our goals. This Full moon asks us to to identify what we want to come in the next year. What no longer serves that purpose? What thinking do you want/need to change in order to thrive? For me it is all tied into my generational trauma; the trauma behaviours that once helped me survive are no longer necessary. I’d like to operate from a conscious, honest place, not react from a place of survival and misplaced fear. This has involved a lot of shadow work and ritual I will be sharing later but essentially; I have been healing old wounds, embracing my shadow self, working on who I am and where I am going rather than who I was, and stepping into my power (easy peasy right?!)

To sum up: This Full Moon is all about supporting transition. Firstly, we have to identify what that transitions is and what we want it to be. Why we want or don’t want something, how best to go about it, what needs releasing in order to achieve that and what will benefit us. If you’re experiencing a shift, go with it but with the rationality of air and adaptability of Gemini not just emotions.

one of my journals.

This Full Moon eclipse is a great time to look ahead and begin to think about your plans for the coming year. Unlike New Years resolutions, we have a process of transition. It doesn’t all just happen overnight. Let go of what no longer serves you and make some plans before before the sun returns at yule and the new cycle begins. I will be getting my new diary and beginning to think about the year ahead, using my divinations to guide me, lots and lots of mind-maps, self-exploration, preparation and rest. For basic Full moon rituals you can look here. I will also be writing up the healing ritual I performed for myself, and posting tarot spreads on my social media in the next couple of days so keep an eye out for those.

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How are you using this full moon eclipse energy? hit me up in the comments.

Peace Out Witches!

Love Kate xxx

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