New Moon In Aquarius 11th February 2021

Greetings Darlings! Tonight see’s the rise of our New moon in Aquarius. A time of radical change. Before I get into it, There are also some other contributing factors to be aware of:

First of all, this is the New Moon following Imbolc, making it sacred to the Bride or Maiden reborn. We celebrate Imbolc on or around the 2nd of Feb as it is the day attributed to the Goddess Brigid. However our ancestors would have worked more closely with the lunar cycles; the celebrations were drawn out over the time the energies were felt. If you didn’t feel particularly compelled by the Imbolc energy earlier this month. I invite you to revisit it now and plant your personal seeds or at least make the plans necessary.

Secondly, the connection around love and relationship goals is important to register. As life quickens and begins to stir in the earth, so too does the magnetic energy between the Goddess and her consort. Bringing us an excited ‘first flush’ energy. The closeness of valentines day draws on this energy (I’m not a fan of what this day has become, you can read why here). It is that of young love (not always romantic it could be love for yourself or friendships), fresh exciting ideas, hope, union (within yourself as well as with others) and abundance. Whatever you plant now will grow and blossom as you tend it with love and hope. This makes it an ideal time to declare your intentions in terms of love and money/career goals.

Thirdly, there are some challenges to face. The moon goes void of course for 12 hours, so delay your ritual or manifesting until 13 hours after it peaks in your time zone ( UK darlings that means waiting until at least 8am on the 12th). It is said that anything you try to start while the moon is void of course will bear no fruit. Not ideal considering the energies this moon and alignment is bringing up. This is the only time the New Moon will be void of course this year. I find this quite hilarious actually; the universe is saying plant your seeds, feel the quickening energy, announce your desires and they will come, but on this most powerful time do so, it’s best to wait a bit.

Off the back of that we are also in a FUCKING MERCURY RETROGRADE! So, communicating our needs and desires is challenged. Starting new contracts is not advised and trying to move forward is like walking through custard. Brilliant. Couldn’t make this shit up (*nervous laughing followed by maniacal cry-laughing*). I’m thinking the safest bet is to think on the direction you are heading, what you want for yourself, where you want to see change, where you want to direct your energy but don’t take steps yet. Really use the time to reflect and plan. Think it all through so that when it is time to take action you’re prepared.

On a slightly more positive note we are experiencing a stellium, (where 3 or more planets are in the same house). Currently, there are 6 planets in Aquarius! 6! There is also a conjunction between retrograde Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

So, back to the New Moon; As we know, New Moons are portal energy bringing opportunity for positive change, renewal and rebirth. The fact that 6 planets currently reside in Aquarius is hella powerful. Aquarius energy is all about making waves; the wavey symbol of Aquarius is believed to me more like electrical, sound, or even brain waves; that which changes other states. Aquarius is ruled by the element of Air (thought and ideas) and the planet Uranus (responsible for originality and change). The symbol of the water bearer is that of an overflowing of abundance. It fills up and pours out contributing to other sources of life. Aquarius rules the 11th house which oversees social skills, hopes and wishes, dreams, friendship, community and networking.

The waves in the Aquarian Symbol are waves of change not of water.

This New Moon asks where you fit into the coming universal changes? Are you ready to step into your power and serve your community (whatever that maybe). It encourages us to see ourselves in a new light. Think outside the box and embrace transformation. Change is coming. Big, potentially positive, social change. Are you ready to play your part in it? Who do you see yourself growing into? How can you use your gifts for the wider good? What support do you need to embrace the changes coming your way? Because, it seems, there will be change; resisting it is pointless. The world is changing. Humanity is changing. If you can embrace that change, surrender to it, it will bring abundance and greater love into your life. Perhaps this is what the messages of inaction are about. Embracing the change coming and deciding how to best work with or serve it. Rather than asking for things specific to your own journey really focus on how you can better serve and love within your community. The cascading, effectual energy of Aquarius is potent AF, how will you direct it in your life?

Working with this New Moon (or just after) provides an opportunity to utilise that wave making energy. I feel both apprehensive and excited. Aquarius is asking us embrace the coming change, identify what we want to do with it, ask ourselves how we can help with these new changes? What have you been allowing to hold you back? A lack of confidence? uncertainty in the path you are on? Old views of yourself? Likely you know if you have been held in place. Likely too, you have dreams you want to achieve. If they are ones that will benefit you and others be ready to take steps towards it. Change is uncomfortable but it is also inevitable. Embrace it and you will have an easier time. We have done so much letting go; so much releasing to make space for the new. It seems ‘the new’ is about to make itself known. Be ready for radical change and blessings in your life. Also, blessings don’t always feel like blessings at first especially for those resistant to change.

To Sum Up

There is a lot of conflict happening right now. The desire to push ahead with new projects and plans is powerful, overwhelming even. However, we must hold back briefly, really asses our intentions. Make plans, be sure you have considered everything before taking action. An opportunity to ride the waves of change are coming bringing with it blessings for ourselves and an opportunity to serve our communities. Love will play a big part in the coming weeks. Love for ourselves, our families, partners and communities. Sounds exciting right?! Change is scary but unstoppable so we might as well make the most of it.

I always recommend divination when assessing our own needs/parts to play. It helps us to divine the path before us (keep an eye out for my Tarot Spread on Insta). Now more than ever I feel this is important. Personally I will be using the immediate New Moon to reflect on my personal path. I plan to wait and do my manifesting rituals tomorrow when the moon moves into its next aspect and I have a better understanding of my role.

How do you feel about change? Is it something you are already comfortable with? If you have any questions or just want to chat to other witches about their experiences, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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Be Brave my darlings; wise, patient and brave.

Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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