New Moon in Pisces-13th March 2021

This Saturday (10.21am if you’re in the UK) sees the rise of our New Moon in Pisces; an opportunity to connect with and heal our subconscious and focus on our dreams. I for one love the day dreamy energy of Pisces. I like picturing my dream future and working towards that dream. I spend a lot of time poking around in my subconscious with shadow work, lucid dreaming and shamanic practices. No matter how close I get to alignment, I know there is more I could do. And that gives me hope.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune; responsible for dreams, spirituality, mysticism, imagination, delusions and confusion. All things that are powered by your subconscious. A New Moon in Pisces provides a welcome (for me anyway) opportunity to fish around in there and ask yourself what you want spiritually. What does your soul yearn for? What has it been struggling with? Is there a practice you’ve wanted to try but it felt too ‘out there’? Put aside the limitations of the mind and of society and ask yourself; If I could do anything, live my life in a way that serves my soul and the world, what would I do?

We all have dreams and ambitions. Too often we are told they are unrealistic or downright mental (I am mental, I embrace it). Pisces encourages you to indulge yourself in the fantasy, dream big, take yourself out of the mundane and seek what lights you up. I’m not saying it will be given to you straight away but just allowing yourself to dream your greatest dreams might highlight the areas of your life that could be changed to give you a little of what you yearn for. A step in the right direction.

Erm, yes please.
Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com

On the flip side, the confused hurting part of the subconscious might be crying out for some healing. Is there a wound you walk around with? A void you can never seem to fill? This New Moon is offering a chance to dive deep to those dark places and shine a light. The first step towards healing is to embrace the shadows, recognise the suffering and acknowledge it. Then we can start process and move forward. You may feel like no one will understand your suffering, or that it is not important. I promise you it is. I promise you are not alone. Whatever it is, there are others who have suffered similar and many more want to help. Likely you know what it is that eats you up, that holds you back. Now is a powerful time to face it, bring it to the light and begin to let it go (if you feel like it, you could even reach out to me and I’ll try my best to help).

This New Moon is the last one of the annual cycle. To me, it feels good to be energetically done with the raging shit storm of 2020 (no promises about 2021). I don’t know about you, but I know I grew through that storm. It hurt, it was a mess, I was a mess but it was growth. I don’t yet know why we needed to grow so much in such a short space of time but we did it and the future feels exciting. Values have changed for a lot of people and with it perspective on the way we live. Pisces wants you to dream your dreams and live them. You can attract anything with the right mindset. New Moons are portals for manifesting. What will you manifest for yourself?

Adding power to these energies is a harmony with Pluto who is responsible for transformation, death and rebirth. I write about the life, death, rebirth cycle often (as it is in all things) and I am fucking hyped about any transformation which supports spiritual growth and achieving our dreams. Like, I cannot contain it when people level up. Spiritual growth isn’t a light, shiny process with a bit of a spliff and a few ‘oms’. It’s the all out death of old belief systems and emerging raw and vulnerable. If you feel like you’ve been through the mill of late; this is you growing. Harness the power of this New Moon and great things will come for you.

There is also an upcoming Venus/Neptune alignment bringing all that love (including love of the self) energy to the mix. And this is all occurring just in time for Ostara, when we plant the seeds of opportunity for ourselves! This is it Darlings, the universe is practically screaming at us to chase our dreams, to ask for what you feel you need to get you there! Whatever that may be for you, even if it’s just a bit of respite or hope.

This New Moon says “embrace your wildest dreams, your deepest self and what it wants” I believe we all have a purpose in life; a calling that will leave the world better than it was before. I doubt very much it is everyone running the ‘rat race’ only drop out from exhaustion or spiritual malnutrition. Your dreams might feel a galaxy away from where you are but they are all achievable, you already exist to dream them.

If you are need some inspiration I recommend some meditation, preferably outside in nature. You could try grounding yourself. Also a dreamy bath ritual for inspiration or direction. As always, I will be posting a tarot spread to support you on my social media so keep an eye out for that. If healing is your aim you might find my post on generational curses helpful or my ancestral healing ritual. You can find my basic new moon ritual here. Whatever practices you engage in at this time, I highly recommend taking the time to have a daydream, journal, meditate see what messages and inspirations come to you. You might find exactly what you didn’t know you needed.

What is this New Moon bringing up for you? Do you already know what your dreams are? Hit me up in the comments section below. Let’s dream together!

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Dive deep and dream big my Darlings.

Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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