Full Moon in Libra 28th of March

Tonight sees the rise of our first full moon in the astrological year, spring is here and the growing season has begun. I’ll tell you the truth here Darlings, this one has been kicking my arse! Even though I work with the moon and know what energies are coming, I am not always prepared for how strong these energies manifest in myself. I’m writing this post later than I would normally do because I was dealing with a lot of emotions and wounds coming to the surface. It’s all good. It is necessary to clear out the shit that holds me back. This is what Full Moon’s are all about; releasing what no longer serves us. Sometimes what needs to be released is deep and painful. Hard to let go of. Hard to acknowledge in the first place. If this resonates with you it’s ok. Honour it. Feel it and let it go.

The Full Moon in Libra is all about balance, hence the scales. We often think of being balanced as being calm and level all the time but that isn’t always the case. It can mean simply addressing an imbalance, maybe you have to tip the scales dramatically in order to achieve greater balance. Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of relationships, connection, love, creativity and harmony. These are the areas we need to balance. Maybe its work/life balance, or giving too much of oneself. Self-love is as important as romantic love, if not more important. When we love ourselves we won’t accept less than what we deserve. A lesson I learnt the hard way and I am still healing from. Are you giving too much of yourself? Or perhaps you have been too closed off and now can give more of yourself to those whom you love.

The waxing cycle we are now completing has been about personal dreams and ambitions. Our dream lives. The New Moon in Pisces asked us to dream big and take steps towards it. The Full Moon in Libra says-now look at what you need to change to achieve greater balance. Identify what has been out of balance, what has been holding you back from living that dream? What needs releasing so you can live that dream a little more in the now. Often this comes down to space to do that. Emotional space, time, space from other peoples needs and the pressures of the world. Maybe you want more time to be creative. You’ve got to make it. Maybe its space from other peoples expectations/opinions. Again, you’ve got to make it. We tell ourselves that we can’t, society tells us it is selfish or unrealistic. We have responsibilities. What about the responsibility to ourselves? No one else can give you what you need. Especially if you don’t voice it.

Libra rules the 7th house which is responsible for relationships of all kinds including negative ones. How much space do you allow for these? Could you achieve greater balance here? Again, sometimes we are being prompted to tip the scales if you have been giving lots of energy into a work relationship, one must put a considerable amount of energy into themselves in order to tip those scales. Maybe even removing some ‘stones’ from where they sit. Call back your power from any situation that doesn’t meet your highest good (you can, you are allowed).

This full moon also activates a grand trine. Where The Moon, Mars and Saturn form a triangle. This brings massive healing energies and a call for surrender. Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up by the way, it means surrendering the outcome. We are so outcome centred. This Full Moon says “what is meant to be for you will be, if it isn’t then it wasn’t for you”. This is something I have to constantly remind myself of. Even though I know it. “Everything happens for a reason”, “I’ll get there when I’m meant to get there” are mantras I repeat often; usually when I feel the pressures to push myself harder. This can be applied to most things (of course you still have to put the work in a bit, plant seeds and tend them). If you’re feeling stressed about something. A clash of interests, a toxic relationship (friendships are relationships), a pressure to be doing all the time. Stop. Surrender the outcome. You can still engage in something without worrying about the final result all the time. It’s about the process. This aids living harmoniously. It’s hard but it helps. Take the blinders off, be present, stop worrying about where you have to be and experience the journey.

On top of all this we also have the Sun, Venus and Chiron all in the same place adding to the successful, loving, healing energies. If you have been struggling with an old wound consider it now. Honour your emotions and let it out; Let it heal and let it go. Full Moons are portal energies and this one is giving you opportunity to move into that place of harmony all you have to do is release what holds you back. As ever I recommend using your divinations to help you, I’ll be posting a tarot spread shortly so look out for that on my social media. You can also find a basic full moon ritual here.

Be gentle with yourselves my Darlings, healing is hard but oh so worth it. As we move into the growing season and spring it is easy to get carried away and burn ourselves out. Ultimately, it wont help. What is meant to be for you will come when you are ready. Grow at your own pace, notice it, enjoy it. Let it be balanced. Also, if someone keeps trying to take that harmony from you/demands you tip the balance in their favour; use your boundaries, then give me a shout and I’ll throw them in the fucking sea (more likely I will lovingly point out that they have their own scales to balance but ya know, loudly, while pointing at the sea and telling them to get in it)

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Peace Out Witches!

Love Kate xxx


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