New Moon in Pisces 11th/12th of April

The coming New moon in Aries brings us another chance for a new beginning. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. So, in astrological terms it’s a new cycle and new year. We will now have the Sun and Moon in Aries and it is the first New Moon – ALL THE NEWNESS! We are also in the first flushes of spring (in the northern hemisphere) though the weather in the UK doesn’t feel like it currently. Now is the time for setting goals, planting seeds and taking steps towards what we want for ourselves this year. With Beltane just around the corner the life energy is on the rise so things started now will prosper.

Aries energy is all about taking action; Ruled by Mars and the element of fire it represents passion, leadership and power. Perhaps you have already started yourself such on a path. If not, now is the time to consider what can be done. Where do you want to be? What do you need to get you there. There is no space for meekness when it comes to Aries. We must be brave in our actions, push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and make shit happen. This can be daunting. I, like many others, struggle with forcefulness but that is exactly what is required; not with others but with ourselves. Perhaps there is something you have been holding yourself back from for fear of failure. Aries says “take action now, use the fiery energy available to you”. I feel it is important to clarify that taking power from others isn’t the aim. We each can create our own source of power simply by trying. The universe/gods/ancestors reward bravery; So if there is something you’ve been wanting to put into action but for whatever reason have been afraid: Try now. You might not get exactly what you pictured but it will certainly be a step in the right direction. If failure is what you fear, know that failure is the best teacher. It is how we learn. The process is just as valuable as the outcome. Aries also rules creative endeavours so if you’ve been wanting to try something new then take this as a sign to give it a go. So what if you suck at it to start? You will have tried and you will get better with practice.

We also have a connection with Venus; ruler of Love (including self-love), relationships, art, beauty and harmony. This indicates a powerful time for new beginnings in matters of love and abundance. This could be in terms of relationships and our relationships with ourselves. This will not be without it’s challenges; in order to start a new cycle, an old one must end. Daunting AF I know, but brave Aries and loving Venus have your back. If there is big change on the cards for you, likely you already know what that is so use this time to make change, be courageous and take a step, even if it is just one.

Bravery isn’t always loud, sometimes it is quiet and honest like crying in the woods while you talk to your husband about your mental health.

There is an upcoming clash between Pluto and Venus (so much going on up there!). Pluto being the planet of transformation, the life-death-rebirth cycle, evolution and power. Personally, I try to embrace the rebirth cycle but that doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. Death is death, painful and terrifying to many of us; but necessary. If we do not choose to move out of our comfort zones, we will be thrust out of it anyway. So you might as well identify the areas you would like to see change, to be more powerful and strike a balance. One that serves your highest purpose better.

We are in a time of global flux. The systems that we used to follow no longer serve us. This New Moon asks where do you want to be? What steps can be taken now, what needs tearing down so it can be reborn? What changes can you make to empower yourself? In the UK we are about to take our first tentative steps out of Lockdown. For many, another new beginning. Does it serve you to carry on as you did before? What have you learnt? What changes do you want to see in the world? Aries reminds us to take action and make those changes, not to wait around for it to happen. ‘Be the change you want to see’ and all that. For me, a lot of it ties into the patriarchy (there’s a rant on it here). Recent Events have lit a fire under many people who call for change. Well, now is the time. We have been inside with our ‘demons’ for a year. Now that we have a chance to re-emerge will we continue they way we did before? blindly going along, not wanting to rock the boat? Even if all you can do is question your own ideas, that is enough if it is a new behaviour.

Likewise we have a chance to do all the things we have wanted to do but haven’t been able. We have a new chance! Are you going to let fear hold you back? Sign up for the art class, challenge views and opinions that don’t match your values, question what your purpose is, go on a spiritual quest, ask out that person, dump that other person, make your side hustle your main hustle, do a bungee jump, go, leap, try. We are spirits in a human body, having a human experience so get some fucking experiences.

Be Brave my darlings, if there was ever a time for it, it is now! As ever I recommend using your divinations to guide you. If you know where you want to be (we all have that dream inside of us) but you don’t know where to start I’ll be posting a tarot spread to support this, so keep an eye on my socials. If you know what steps to take but you you need some extra support; ask for it! You could try a New Moon Ritual or ritual bath. I am going to go back to therapy and process some dark trauma I wasn’t ready to face before; so I am asking for courage, support and guidance while I deal with some painful shit. Bravery isn’t all sky diving and taming lions it can be facing the darkness within ourselves or even just being honest about what keeps us up at night.

Change is coming, the time is here. What do you want to do with it? Dream big, Aim fucking high. the only thing limiting you is yourself.

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Have a powerful day and Peace out witches!”

Love Kate xxx


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