42, The turning of the wheel

Super Full Moon in Scorpio 26th/27th April

Tonight sees the rise of our super full moon in Scorpio. I will be honest with you darlings, I wasn’t always comfortable with Scorpio energy; It is intense AF. Scorpio represents the ‘death’ part of the life, death, rebirth cycle. As I have grown, I have learnt to surrender to the ending of old cycles rather than resist them which is what Scorpio is all about. Add that to the fact that it is the first full moon of the astrological year and a super moon and we are set for some MASSIVE and likely painful clearances.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio holds dominion over the 8th house; transformation, death, sex, debts, favours, grudges and anything considered taboo. This includes releasing the old habits which hold us back. Mental health and shadow work is ruled by Scorpio, being a water sign and one of the less favoured (the least for me but as I said, I’m getting better with it) signs; Scorpio knows that healing and growth comes through suffering. The journey into our darkest selves to seek and embrace the transformation.

Full Moons are all about releasing what no longer serves you and this one is no different. We are less than a week away from Beltane; The time of celebrating growth, life and the coming summer. This moon says “what are you still carrying around with you?” “what do you need to leave behind now in order to really thrive?” Perhaps it is an old wound, hurt or grudge. We carry around so much with us, triggers and trauma that are no longer relevant to the situation we are in. If this resonates with you, now is the perfect time to address those wounds. Take responsibility for your own mental health and take some positive steps. Yes, it’s painful to dredge it up but we have to process things in order to let them go. Scorpio has got your back here, she knows they way through and she is not afraid of the dark. In order to allow yourself a new cycle you have to let the old one die. Like purging the puss out of an infection to allow it to heal.

The throwing up of old patterns, toxic behaviours, and negative cycles happens for a reason. So we can overcome them. I have the spicy deja-vu (PTSD), it is fucking hard to face my triggers and overcome them. However, every time they raise their irrational little heads I am given a chance to do something else. Every time a situation doesn’t go badly I can reaffirm to myself that I am safe. For me that is half the problem; if I react in the ways I had to before; I am bringing that fear and toxic energy back into my life. I am fortunate to have been able to access therapy which has helped a lot but avoiding the triggers won’t help me overcome them. Scorpio knows this. If you’ve been feeling like a hot mess lately use this full moon to finally let it go. If you feel yourself being pulled back into old shit; Scorpio is here to help you find a new path in the dark. Also, if your toxic ex pops up right now-throw a shoe at them and run away.

With death comes a new dawn.

This full moon is known as the pink moon or egg moon. Pink because we start to see pink flowers emerging and egg because of the associations with fertility and rebirth. What do you want your rebirth to be? As mentioned in my Ostara post chicks are twice born, they are laid and then they hatch. To me, this is exactly what this moon gives us. We have laid our plans at Ostara and now we are hatching them. Little fluffy baby plans that want nourishment and support. Soon they will be taking flight so don’t let anything hold them back or worse, consume them.

Being a ‘super moon’ we can expect energies to be high (Intense is the word. Intense moon, intense sign, intense time of year). We also have a clash between The Moon, Saturn and Uranus. The Moon rules emotions. Saturn rules law, balance obligations and restrictions and Uranus is the planet of rebellion and chaos (sarcastic yaaaay). Time to tear it all down so we can build again. Anything (yes anything) that doesn’t serve your highest purpose has got to go. The further you are from the right path, the bigger the kick up the arse is going to be in order for you to sort it out. If it didn’t/hasn’t been working the universe is screaming for you to surrender to the journey and let that shit go. This can also apply to comfort zones. If fear of failure has been holding you back you can take this as a sign to make a leap. It will likely be hard but that is where the growth happens.

Look back at the goals you set on the last new moon and Ostara, how are you meeting them? Is there anything you can release now, so they can flourish better?

Scorpio energy is deep, dark and passionate (sometimes volatile). It can be easy to think of all of these as bad traits but that isn’t always the case. When it comes to relationships, especially sex and the taboos around sex Scorpio is fucking mighty. Sex magic will be particularly powerful at this time as will communicating your deepest darkest fears and fantasies. If you have been struggling to talk to your partner/s about a relationship issue; use this energy to overcome that. Communication is key after all.

With the extreme energy of this full moon; I find it doubtful that you don’t already know what you are facing so divination might hit a little different. Rather than searching for what needs to be released, it would be better to focus on the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’. When you are ready to do so, you can find a basic ritual to help you here. A ritual bath or shower to cleanse yourself of all that toxic gunk will definitely help and I’ll be posting a tarot spread to support you on my Instagram so look out for that.

Usually, I would end this post with a reminder to be gentle with yourself or to be brave. Those do apply here too but most of all Darlings: Have faith in the death of the cycle, don’t fall back into shitty patterns out of fear of suffering, look ahead to rebirth, Beltane and a lighter path.

Peace out Witches!!!

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Love Kate xxx


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