New Moon in Taurus 11th May

Tonight sees the rise of our New Moon in Taurus and I don’t mind telling you darlings that I am excited! The last few lunar cycles have really kicked my ass. Yes, it has all been for the highest good but processing old wounds and letting them go is haaaaaaard. The healing process is brutal. New Moons are portals for new beginnings and this one is no different. If you’ve been working with the moon for a while you will know that the waning to new moon stage is all about letting go, clearing space for better things to come; whereas the waxing to full moon stage is all about filling those spaces with new, hopefully positive things- Yaaaaay bring on the positive!

With Beltane behind us and Litha to look forward to there is a palpable growth energy. The summer is coming (though it doesn’t feel like it in the UK currently) bringing opportunity to celebrate, thrive and live our best lives. Also, as of next we are ‘officially’ allowed to hug each other again. Fuck, I’ve missed hugging. Did you know a hug that lasts longer than 10 seconds releases oxytocin, the stress reducing hormone. Aim for 20 seconds if you can, harvest that happy brain drug! Anyway…back to the moon.

This new moon is in Taurus bringing it’s solid, productive abundance. Taurus rules the 2nd house which is all about the abundance and value (including how you value yourself). Now is the perfect time to look at your financial goals and your relationship with cash. Does money rule your life? Do you live to work or work to live? Are you generous? Do you feel you are able to be generous. Here’s the thing, generosity isn’t about being a martyr or giving loads to charity. I was properly poor most of my life. Thing’s are better now but it is still hard to change your mindset when you have always had to worry about finances. One thing I have learnt is that where I spend my money is powerful, like an investment in the universe. Rather than looking for the cheapest way to obtain something I look for what makes my soul feel happy. For me this means supporting small business wherever possible and using my money to spread joy. When you allow money to flow through you it increases the amount of money available to you. In fact, once I started doing this it became pretty clear: abundance isn’t even about money. Trade-for-trade speaks volumes. In the first lockdown we had access to fresh vegetables for free, our friend was given a tonne of meat that was frozen at the farm and was going to go out of date. So, we put together care packages and handed them out in a time when people were really scared. I mean, look at what happened with the loo roll! This came back to us in the form of more food, pizza bases, loo roll (lol) beer, jars (I fucking love jars!) pickles and jams. We didn’t want or need anything in return but the generosity we were able to give; helped others in doing so. I always say to ‘pay it forward’ and people really want to. The small acts of kindness is what create abundance. Now that lockdown is easing we have an opportunity to really think about our ‘consumer power’. Do you want to go back to giving your money to people who are already too greedy? Or, do you want to show your support for all the other people trying to make a living doing what they love?

coins spilled on a table
What do you think of when you think of ‘abundance’ for many it is money but it could be connection, time, experience.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Abundance isn’t just about what you do with the tangible things either; It’s about what you value and how you value yourself. To me this is reflected in what we spend our time doing. Are you killing yourself in a job you don’t like only to void fill in your free time? Do you value yourself enough to do the things that light you up instead of what society tells you, you ‘should’ (I’m cancelling the word ‘should’ you can read my rant on it here) be doing? I feel like this pandemic has caused a lot of us to really asses our values in life. Taurus is telling you that now is the time to manifest your dream life. Prosperity is the word of the day. Where do you want to prosper? What do you need to make that happen? Now is the perfect time to ask for it. Write a list of all the things that light you up and start doing more of those things. What do you value about yourself? How can you use those values to make the world a bit less shit. It doesn’t have to be grand plans but starting to live more aligned with your values will lead to them.

Also, how do you value others in your life? Have you ever stopped to consider this or do you just bumble along doing what you think you ‘should’ be doing. Who in your life has values you really admire? Who’s values don’t align with yours? I’m not saying we should become segregated and only support people who 100% match with our values but the simple act of asking yourself these questions can be really illuminating about our path and where we want to be heading. Do you tell people what you value about your connection with them? I believe if we all did this a little more the struggle to move from surviving to thriving could be eased.

Despite feeling very cash oriented, Taurus is ruled by Venus; The planet of relationship, love, harmony and attraction. Not just attraction to people but what we attract with our own energies. We attract what we focus on so, if you’re always putting yourself down about things you will just attract more of that. One of the key things about using the law of attraction/cosmic ordering/manifesting is to speak and think in present terms: “I have plenty of money” rather than “I want plenty of money”. ” I am loved” rather than ” I want love”.

New Moons are FOR manifesting. Ideally, you’ve cleared some space during the waning cycle, now ask yourself, what are you going to fill this space with? This moon has a connection with Neptune; ruler of intuition, dreams, mysticism and the divine. Which makes me think; yes Taurus is usually associated with abundance but this New Moon speaks more of our highest values and aims. How we can best serve ourselves and others from the very ground up. We are also entering the eclipse season which can be tumultuous. Harnessing this big change energy could lead to some exciting changes and opportunities . So ask yourself, what do you want to be doing with your life? What changes can be made now? What do you feel you need in order to make those changes and live in better alignment with your core values? What does abundance mean to you? What would you like more abundance in? Is it time for yourself and the things you enjoy? Maybe in love from friends and others? Maybe even, experiences that push your comfort zones; abundance in opportunity and growth?

As ever I recommend using your divinations to guide you. I will be posting a quick Tarot spread to support you so keep an eye on my Instagram. Journaling is my preferred method when manifesting along with my new moon ritual and a ritual bath to cleanse away all the negativity. Did you know you can make moon water charged with the energies of this moon in exactly the same way you make full moon water too?

We create our own realities, are you content with yours? This New Moon tells you to really think about it and manifest the life you want for yourself. Be bold in what you do with your power it is yours after all. Think of yourself like the bull: determined, virile, strong and loving.

Blessings on your journey my darlings and happy manifesting.

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Peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx


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