Super Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius 26th May

Eclipse season is upon us darlings! Starting us off with a super full moon eclipse in Sagittarius (what a mouthful). Full Moons bring us an opportunity to release and let go of what no longer serves us. Super Moons bring extra oomph to those energies as do Eclipses so this moon is set to be intense.

Sagittarius energy is all about expansion and ambition. Represented by the centaur, Sagittarius holds deep knowledge of the great cosmic quest, spirituality and higher learning. He holds his aim high and his arrows fly true. This Full Moon is all about letting go of what doesn’t serve that highest purpose. This can be uncomfortable as it asks us to be ruthless in shedding those things which are holding us back (think of the snake, shedding and emerging all new and shiny). We have to really push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Likely you will know what is asking to be released as it will have been rubbing you up the wrong way for a while.

We all have a higher purpose, the human experience is all about growth. That is why we are here, to grow, to improve, to serve that highest purpose. It’s ok if you don’t fully know what that is, but no doubt there are times where you feel like ‘this is it, this feels right’. When we are on the right path we know, just as the centaur knows. We feel it in a way that says “this is me, this is what I am meant to be doing”. The universe/ancestors/deities will show you through synchronicities and seemingly mysterious coincidences. Likewise, when we are on the wrong path we are uncomfortable, things do not work out, it is are hard and painful. The further you are from the right path the harder the push is to move away from it. We naturally try to hold on to things that have given us comfort in the past, things that we so desperately want to work out for ego’s sake, for fear of failure. The harder we hold on the more painful it is to let go but let go we must and also, failing is a lesson. It is how we learn, so many of us were raised to not be able to fail, me included.

Sagittarius is ruled by the element of fire; action is called for here. Ask yourself what no longer serves you and take action to change it. Perhaps it’s a plan not working out, a relationship or even your relationship with yourself that has felt off. Full Moon’s are portals to release all of those things, let it all go but with forgiveness and love. I feel like sometimes we hold on to paths not meant for us because we have already put so much time and energy into it. If this is how you feel; remember that it got you to where you are but that doesn’t mean you have to continue on the same path. Forgiving yourself and the path itself can be hugely transformative.

For me, this is about old wounds. My journey wasn’t an easy one and though I feel am on the right path now, I have been haunted by old pain. I talk a lot about mental health (because it’s fucking important!) and triggers. My triggers have been holding me back for so long, these old fears and ways of behaving that, though they once kept me safe, seem to stop me moving forward in the way I would like. So in true Sagittarius fashion, I am taking action. Facing the triggers and where they stem from has been painful, allowing myself to feel that pain and release it has taken time, space and so much forgiveness but it is so, so worth it. To be free of the coping mechanisms that do not serve me, that have held me back from meeting my highest self and my highest purpose. At times like this I am grateful for my craft and the empowerment it brings. If this resonates with you (old pains and mental health issues holding you back), please know you are not alone. We all have trauma and baggage handed down to us through generational curses, societal pressures (ahem, toxic gender norms anyone?) and the consequences of our own reactivity. You have the power to change all of it, there is support and help out there.

This full moon gives opportunity to really look at where you are now, where you want to be/feel you could be and what changes need to be made in order to fulfil that purpose. What needs releasing? is it your attitude towards yourself? The armour you wear because it once kept you safe? The pressure to ‘fit in’? Toxic relationships( friendships are relationships too)? Relationships with food, alcohol or health? The career path you are on? Even as simple as not speaking your truth or being your truest self? If it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t light you up, if it holds you back; then now is the time to let that shit go. Set yourself free and meet yourself on the right path. It does require courage especially if you think it will upset other people but do you know what? It’s your journey, your path, you walk it for you. One day we will be the ancestors and elders; What advice will you want to be giving to those who come after you? What sage knowledge will you share? I hope it won’t be to hold on to to patterns that hold you back. I hope you will say “I had to make some huge changes in my life and it got me here. It was hard AF and it hurt but I did it and now I am here.

In order to make space for growth, expansion and new opportunities we must first clear out space. This might feel big, like the ending of a relationship or small like reframing and stopping negative self-talk.

The energy around this moon is all about setting yourself free, releasing and following your ambition with ruthless determination. Super Moons and Eclipses bring big change energy and ask big things of us. They can bring up a lot of emotions to the surface. These feelings and emotions are here to show us what needs change. Emotions are wisdom, honouring them is hard and often we try to push them down or excuse them. Even with the moon, people will use it (me, I am/ have been people) as an excuse and say “sorry, it was the moon” but what is it showing you? What did it bring up? What are you going to do about those feelings? What can you do to support yourself so you don’t feel that way anymore?

Just to add a little extra challenge to this moon (I KNOW!!!); we also have Mercury in retrograde clashing with Venus. Mercury is the planet of communication, Venus is the planet of love, attraction and Harmony. This means we might struggle to make ourselves understood, particularly in areas around love. There is also a presence from Neptune the planet of mystery, dreams and that deep knowing. To me this feels like the act of letting go is not going to be a simple one. It will take work to transform these areas. I mean, of course it will take work but you might have to push extra hard to be sure you shed that shit or do it more than once if it doesn’t stick first time. It will not be easy, maybe it’s something you’ve tried to let go of before but have come back to. I get the feeling it will be a case of “oh fuck, I’m going to have to do the painful thing” whatever it is, seek support. Ask your friends and loved ones to help you. Tell them about the changes you are trying to make, ask them to pick you up on negative self talk or make sure you don’t go back to that toxic ex. Make the change, hold on through the storm as it transforms and welcome in the new when it is time.

emerald tree python
The Serpent knows how to shed its skin, to leave behind what no longer serves it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you are still struggling to let go; ask yourself this, What good does it do to hold onto it? If it hasn’t gotten better and is getting worse, what is the point in sticking with it? Is it worth holding onto? Write a list of pros and cons to whatever it is. If the cons are coming from a place of fear such as it being scary, hard or you don’t think you can do it: Have a word with yourself about how you can support yourself (or reach out to me and I will aggressively love you into believing in yourself) and just do it. You get one life are you going to spend it in comfortable misery or take a leap and do something wildly brave with it?

Whatever you have allowed to hold you back (because you are actually the only one who allows yourself to be), This Moon is sure as fuck coming to shake things up so you can recognise and release it.

As always I recommend using divinations to support you, Journaling is a good way to ask yourself those important questions. You could try scrying to see what messages come through. All forms of self care will help bolster you up at this time but I am rather partial to a ritual bath to cleanse away all that ichor (a word that has been following me of late). You can find a basic ritual to support you here and I will be posting Tarot spreads and prompts on my Instagram so keep an eye out for that.

Be bold my darlings! You have the power to make change, you have a higher purpose and following it will lead to great things. Aim high and loose that arrow. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

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Peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx


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