New Moon and Solar Eclipse 10th June 2021

The upcoming Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini marks the end of this eclipse season until the end of the year. Eclipses offer extra powerful portal energy to the energies of the moon. I have noticed that some have been more affected than others this time round. Perhaps because of the collective state of people coming out of lockdown. This portal began at the last lunar eclipse in May offering a chance to remove anything that won’t serve you moving forwards. Things that no longer match our values or relationships that no longer serve our highest purpose have been naturally removing themselves; some with more drama than others. Painful is it can be, this creates space to welcome new opportunities and connections that support your journey. As we move from waning to waxing, our attentions shift from what has been holding us back to what will aid us moving forwards. Don’t get too excited about your manifesting just yet my darlings; the portal is not yet closed and the next couple of days are likely to throw up some issues you still need to address.

Gemini energy is all about duality, logic and communication. Symbolised by the twins, one mortal the other immortal; it represents the ongoing struggle between our egoic selves and our highest self. Ruled by Mercury (which is in retrograde again. yaaay), Gemini seeks to communicate ideas balanced with logic but has to constantly battle to choose which side it is supporting. Is it your highest purpose, your immortal, knowing self? Or is it the egoic self which seeks to keep you in comfort zone because it feels safer?

New Moon energy is all about new beginnings and this one is no different. However, Gemini asks to wait a little before we take that leap. Apply logic and make plans but wait just a little longer as all the chips haven’t fallen yet. I’ve been thinking of it as the pupating stage. Yes, you will emerge a beautiful butterfly but there is the goo phase that needs to happen first. The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of confusion and overwhelm, these are the indicators that something needs to change. Using the next couple of days to take stock of where you are on your journey and where you are heading will serve you better than running ahead. It is possible new opportunities have been arising for you; the cocoon phase doesn’t mean say no to them, but ponder on how they will benefit you, what do you want to achieve with it? Lists of pro’s and con’s are great especially as they tend to highlight what you are afraid of. I find it helps to look at the con list and address the feelings attached to each one. Then ask how I could better support myself. Often you can see the duality between the egoic self and higher self in lists like these as the con’s/fears come from ego trying to protect itself.

Mercury is also an educator. What have you learnt about yourself and your path in the last couple of weeks? What do you want to do with this new knowledge? Maybe it is simply that you stepped off your path or haven’t been moving. The universe/gods/ancestors have ways of showing us when we are on the right path; little synchronicities, opportunities for you to lead you back to where you should be. Likewise when you are on the wrong path it feels like pulling teeth just to keep going. If this is you, something needs to be released. Whatever is holding you back, and I say this with all of the love…yeet that shit. It doesn’t serve you! That is why it sucks and it will continue to suck until you do something to change it. Eclipses are a time when the veil is thin so these clues will be coming in fast and thick. I suggest you follow them, and your intuition because it already knows where you should be heading and it has been trying to tell you.

a full solar eclipse

Perhaps what you have learnt is that you have been directionless, adrift in the ups and downs of life. If this is the case, use this moon to think about where you want to be heading. What lights your soul up? What do you love? What do you feel called to do? What are you scared of and why? You are here to have an experience, to grow. Not to stay in your comfort zone. I appreciate that we need rest periods, it is important to acknowledge the need for self care but we also need to grow, not just survive but THRIVE.

Interestingly, this eclipse and new moon energy brings a chance to reflect, release and map out our next steps right before Litha– the time to celebrate what we have achieved and ask for blessings to support us in reaching our goals. An extra chance to be rid of anything holding you back and an opportunity to do some real thinking.

I always recommend making time for yourself at times like these to really listen and observe what comes through for you. This time I feel it is even more important to get clear about where you have been, where you are and where you are heading. What actions do you need to take? What support will you need? What can you do to support yourself? What may you need help with? What needs letting go of? How can you support yourself in doing so? I acknowledge that the releasing part is hard but the universe rewards bravery. Sometimes we feel we owe it to ourselves and others to keep trying because we put so much into it already. If this is the case let me remind you. It got you here, that doesn’t mean you have to keep going down this path. You owe it to yourself to follow where you are lead; to thrive not just survive. Cutting ties is painful but you will be lighter for it. Believe me.

As ever I will be posting a tarot spread to guide you. I feel posting some journal prompts will also be supportive so keep an eye on my socials for those. Usually I recommend ritual baths/showers at big lunar events and you might still find that beneficial but grounding will be super effective at this time, as will any other form of mediation. Take time a moment to prepare a cocoon for yourself while you ponder what needs to be pondered. When you know where you want to be going ,use your usual methods for manifesting; you could try my New Moon ritual (now would be an advantageous time to try it if you haven’t before).

Things are shifting, open your eyes to what is being shown to you my Darlings. Follow your intuition, honour your emotions and your highest self and when the opportunity arises… fucking go for it!

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Peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx


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