Super Full Moon in Capricorn 24th June 2021

Phew we made! Eclipse season is over, we are coming out of mercury retrograde, made it through the Saturn/Uranus clash and have celebrated Litha. Tonight sees the rise of the Super Full Moon in Capricorn. I don’t know about you Darlings but I for one am relieved, a little raw, but excited to move forwards and achieve some shit.

Capricorn energy is all about doing just that; moving forwards from the emotion into action. Represented by the ‘sea-goat’, Capricorn is disciplined, industrious and driven. They draw on their emotions (represented by the fishy tail) to push on and climb that mountain. Some people see it as having to overcome or disregard our emotions in order to move forward. I disagree. It is through honouring our emotions we are able to understand what we are being called to change. OK, the last few weeks have been in intense and emotions have been running pretty high. That doesn’t mean it was irrational. Reactive perhaps, but our emotions show us what we uncomfortable with and what we need to do in order to change it. By sitting with them and understanding where they are coming from, we can gain deeper knowledge of our highest needs and the direction we really want to be heading. Now is the time to really face all of it, work out what need is asking to be met and start making the changes required to meet those needs. If something has been upsetting you recently, especially if it has been ongoing, this Full Moon provides a great opportunity to turn that upset into motivation for transformation and setting new boundaries. Change is scary, Staying in our comfort zone seems safer but if it is causing you distress, something needs to change.

That being said this isn’t the time for great leaps, Capricorn is an Earth sign so think ‘grounded’. unlike a fiery, action lunation where we are called to leap bravely into the unknown. This moon is about keeping one foot on the ground an making methodical, logical steps. Ruled by Saturn, it brings ambition yes, but from a responsible, disciplined place. Perhaps you have been unhappy with your career, Capricorn energy says don’t just quit and walk out in a blaze of glory. Ground yourself and ask what needs to be done to succeed in making change. Is it a small change that can be made? If you really want to make radical change that’s great but what’s your plan? What do you need to do first (and second and third)? Do you need help? Who can you talk to?

If your still in a very emotional place, perhaps working through some pain or trauma; The Full Moon in Capricorn offers an opportunity to begin healing. Perhaps it’s old shit that has resurfaced or a trigger you are finally ready to let go of. All Full Moon’s are portals for healing. The waning cycle is a time for releasing what no longer serves us. Whatever has been distressing you is asking to be released. Due to the high energy of the last few weeks, likely you know what it is because it’s been a bitch to deal with and even more likely it is something you’ve been carrying for a very long time. Now is the perfect time to start making some steps, or even just thinking about what steps to take. Connect with your emotions and use the enduring Capricorn energy to push forwards.

Along with the change seeking, success driven Moon, we have an Opposition with the Sun in Cancer. Cancer is the CEO of nurturing emotions. I’m half Cancerian and believe me, it is not easy. We feel all the feels (all of them!) all the time. Often called ‘too sensitive’ it can feel pretty alien when the rest of the world wants to bottle shit up and mask their emotions. It took me a while but I now recognise my most emotive self for the super power it is. By welcoming them and seeing them as wisdom I am able to feel my way through the world and follow the clues that can me on the right path. By talking about them so openly, I am able to support others in doing so. Remember, vulnerability is strength. I will admit I like it when Cancer Season comes around and everyone else gets a chance to see what it is like. A bit like “oh, what’s that? you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotions and you don’t like it? Mwaha welcome to my world, now use that shit to grow or forever be stuck with that feeling”. (ahem, sorry, not sorry).

picture of my laying in the grass
Le me, grounding myself under my favourite tree, musing on the experience of being a walking duality.

Capricorn energy brings with it a sense of seeking balancing. Particularly balance between what brings us joy and what must be done; the whole ‘work hard, play hard’ thing. The balance between ambition (Capricorn) and self-care (Cancer)is a tough one. We live in a world where we are expected to be productive all the time, which often leads to burn out, which leads to feelings of shame and guilt for HAVING to rest (often at the least ideal moment). By seeking a balance between valuing them both equally we can be more productive, feel better and do better. I’d like to mention that balance isn’t always about it being 50/50. If things have been out of balance for a while, you often need to tip the scales dramatically at first to level it all out. There is an aspect of ‘self parenting’ required with this moon; Something I have been learning to do recently. I have been teaching myself to honour my inner voice and meet her needs. Often this is as simple as asking “is there anything I could do to make this more comfortable/support myself in this moment”. The new information we have received through emotion and discomfort is calling for action. The best way to take that action is to nurture oneself through that process. How would you support a loved one through this process? What would you suggest to them or offer to do? Do these things for yourself if possible or reach out and ask someone to help you stay on track.

So to sum up, the Super Moon in Capricorn is all about balancing self care and following our ambitions. Take note of your emotions and what they are calling you to change. Be kind to yourself as you make those changes. This is a great time to address and implement boundaries to support you and seriously reflect on what your highest purpose is calling you to do. Ask yourself what realistic steps need to be taken to get you there and start taking them. I usually use Full Moons for releasing what no longer serves and New Moons for manifesting what is needed to push forward. This Moon is unique in that it calls for both at once, which is daunting but is going to be hugely transformative. This Super Moon is asking what do you need to be your best boss ass bitch and how can you support yourself as you do that? Journaling and mind maps are great ways to identify what areas are calling for change and how to do so. As will any forms of divination. If you’re unsure what moves to make. I’ll be posting a tarot spread to support you on my Instagram so keep an eye out for that. You can find my basic rituals for releasing and manifesting with the moon here.

Be gentle with yourselves my Darlings, You have got this, you are the boss ass bitch and you know exactly what needs to be done. You just have to get yourself there with compassion and self-support. Listen to your intuition, honour your emotions and do what needs to be done!

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Peace out witches✌  

Love Kate xxx


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