New Moon in Cancer 9/10th of July

Ah Cancer Season, I have such a love hate relationship with Cancer energy. On the one hand I revel in pointing out this how we Cancerians have to live all the time to those who don’t have to live in such an emotive space and get to feel it all now; on the other I know it will bring about a lot of uncomfortable feelings that need addressing. With the rise of this New Moon we will have The Sun and Moon in Cancer at the same time, a wildly emotional time (sarcastic yaaaay).

Ruled by the Moon and the Element of water, Cancer energy is (and I can’t stress this enough) highly emotional. She is intuitive, often psychic, nurturing and stubborn. Cancer rules the 4th house which is all about home, family and relationships including the relationships we have with ourselves and our past selves. Cancer encourages/demands we listen to our emotions and honour them. Emotions are wisdom, they let us know what needs to be changed, where we’ve stepped off the path and what we need to do to get back on it. This process is not easy as we live in a society where we are expected to suppress our sensitivity and feelings (especially the men folk). This can lead us to bottling up our feelings only to have them burst out in dramatic ways, becoming depressed and/or worse.

Cancer is a cardinal sign along with Aries, Libra and Capricorn; each marking the start of each solar season; They offer new beginning energy in each of their particular elements. Being a New Moon we already have that transformative portal energy so, Cancer asks… what has been upsetting you and why? Where is that hurt coming from? And, what are you going to do about it? If you can feel into that with honesty and take action it will be serving your highest purpose. Whatever has been making you unhappy is calling for action and change be it a job, relationship, way of thinking even the way of treating yourself and others. Perhaps it’s a work life balance that has been off or your living situation. Whatever it is, now is the time to do something about it. Or, at the very least take some steps towards doing something.

Cancerians tend to be spiritual people, makes sense considering we often look for answers as to why we feel things so keenly and how to use that to our benefit. Perhaps this is what you are being called to transform; how you connect with your highest self, the world around you and beyond. This involves things like shadow work and self-care. We can’t wake up if we are tangled in the monotonies of societal existence, or being held back by old wounds. I’m not saying throw it all aside and become a monk (though if that is what you feel called to do then go for it) but what could you do to meet your spiritual goals?

They also spend a lot of time in service of others. If this resonates with you, how do you feel about that? are you spreading yourself to thin? Do you hold more space for others needs than is sustainable? Do you make space to serve your own needs enough? one cannot pour from an empty cup or care for others unless we care for themselves first. If this sounds like you then consider assessing your boundaries and enforcing them better. It’s not easy but if we all did this a bit better it wouldn’t come as such a shock.

This New Moon is all about shedding the old and taking steps to embrace the new. All New Moons have this energy but with Cancer running the show it is a prime time to make change. Likely you already know exactly what is calling for change as it will have been coming up this last week and it won’t have been subtle…Cancer is not subtle (I am as subtle as a brick to the face). It can be hard to put words to feelings and move towards a solutions mindset. As ever I recommend using your divinations to guide you and I’ll be posting a tarot spread to support you over on my Instagram so look out for that. Once you have identified what you need to make changes, use the New Moons energy to make it a smoother ride and manifest what you need be it strength, opportunity, heightened intuition or healing. There is a basic ritual for working with this portal energy here.

Ultimately, making space to sit with those uncomfortable emotions, letting them show their wisdom and listening to it before taking action is the best way to embrace Cancer energy. She’s trying to tell you something isn’t right. Also, this is a good time to acknowledge the Cancerians in your life and appreciate how hard it is to be so ruled by emotion, especially in a world that doesn’t accept it. I find wine makes me feel really appreciated 😉

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As my Mother always says when things are difficult: Chin up. Tits out. Onwards. Peace out witches✌  

Love Kate xxx


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