New Moon in Leo 8th of August And The Peak of The Lion’s Gate Portal

I want to begin this month’s New Moon post by proclaiming that I FUCKING LOVE LEO SEASON!!! I’m a cusp baby and Cancer Season is always hard beacuse of all of the feely-feels puddling out. So, when Leo season rolls around I look forward to stepping into a more action based, confident, badass place. This day has the potential to be extra advantageous as it sees The Sun and Moon in Leo as well as being on the peak day of the ‘Lions Gateway’ Portal.

Leo energy is one that always stands out. They are bold, creative and fierce. Ruled by the Sun and the Element of fire; Leo speaks of seizing the day, using your voice and taking action. Something I think many of us would like to do more of. They also bring joy, success, celebration and excess. Something I think all of us would like more of. Represented by the Lion there is a sense royalty and getting what you deserve with Leo not in terms of ruling over others but in more a divine reverence.

A great way to connect with Leo energy is to start seeing yourself as the divine, awesome being that you are, recognise where you have been settling for less than you deserve and make appropriate change. Divine beings do not settle for less, lions do not settle for less. This takes some practice as we have been (especially the women) conditioned to keep ourselves small and ‘humble’ for the comfort of others. Deep down, we often believe we are undeserving of what others have. Things like love, happiness and success. Despite constantly telling those we love how amazing they are and how much they deserve, we struggle to do it for ourselves for fear of failure perhaps, or because we confuse confidence with arrogance (you can find a fun little rant on that here). Leo is here to loudly remind you that you can have anything you want in terms of love, money, success prosperity… all the good shit. I would like to remind you to aim for your highest purpose in terms of life goals not just a pot of gold.

This is the level of divinity you are, fucking act like it!
Photo by John Ray Ebora on Pexels.com

New Moon’s are portals for manifesting, new beginnings and wishes. Having spent the waning cycle in Cancer likely you will have had to face some big truths, feelings and triggers and released what no longer serves you. With this moon in Leo, it is time to fill that cleared space with awesome, bold, divine self. Leo rules over matters of the heart and the heart chakra. Practicing self-love rather than just self-care is paramount. This is something I have been engaging with more of late as I am trying to connect with myself better and treat myself with the same love as I do others. It’s the difference between a basic bath and a decadent ritual bath. It means speaking up for myself and my boundaries the same as I do with others. Leo asks us what we really want for ourselves and pushes us to go and grab it. Don’t let yourself be small and afraid, be loud, leap!

Communication will be easier at this time, or at least the desire to communicate our desires with a strong Mercury connection and alignment with Jupiter. This gives an opportunity to really address our desires and voice them. This will be particularly useful in communications around relationships and respect (including with ourselves). Simply saying something out loud is powerful manifestation. By saying it, we announce it to the universe, those around us and ourselves that we want/need something. We are more likely to follow through with the opportunities that put us on the right path if we tell ourselves why we are doing it. It’s called a ‘spell’ for that reason (you spell it out).

Lions gate image
artwork by moi

If you haven’t heard of the ‘Lions Gate Portal’, it is when Sirius (our brightest star) aligns with Earth and The Sun in Leo; bringing with it even more manifesting opportunity, divinity and prosperity. This year the New Moon in Leo peaks on the same day as the portal does. So, if there is anything you want to manifest, this is a prime time to do so. It also brings opportunity for massive healing particularly in matters of the heart. I feel it is important to point out that putting energy into healing your own wounds is a far better option just waiting for it to happen. Also, healing is hard, it’s called a journey for a reason. There is no point asking for healing if you are not willing to put in the work and face the painful process of self reflection required for transformation.

Having just celebrated Lughnasadh, we are in a time of pruning and harvesting. This New Moon is an opportunity to manifest all that will serve your highest purpose. What do you dream of doing with your life and why? What will help you get there? What does your heart yearn for? What does it tell you it wants? Ask yourself honestly why. If it is something like validation, affection or healing, know that these are things better given from yourself first. If it is companionship you desire ask yourself why. There are no wrong answers. If it’s better or more sex you want then ask for that. Pleasure is a valid desire as long as it’s not for void filling. On that note I want to share something I have been trying. When I’m doing anything for myself or others; I have been taking a moment to check in and ask myself what I could do to better ‘serve’ a moment. How can I enhance it so it is easier and more enjoyable for myself? What do I need? Sometimes it’s a moment of peace to ground myself, often it’s food or water (I don’t have the best track record for putting my needs first OK) sometimes it’s a matter of an extra cushion to sit on or a fancy cocktail (make the mundane magical). Sounds too simple I know but it has really helped.

There are couple of days left to plan and prepare for how you want to harness this epic prosperity energy. As always I recommend using your divinations to guide you (I’ll be posting some bits on my Insta), journaling is also a good tool for manifesting just write out what you want for yourself and why, what it looks and feels like. Remember to write in present tense and with gratitude. You can find a basic New Moon Ritual here. However you decide to engage, whatever you are manifesting, do it with confidence and be ready to follow up with action.

To Sum Up

The Sun is in Leo bringing telling you to go for it, The New Moon in Leo is here to help you seize it and the Lions Gate is open adding a literal fuck tonne of extra juice to anything you do now that is for the highest purpose. Identify what you want, ask yourself why to determine you want it for the right reasons and fucking have it all. Keep your eyes and heart open to receive the blessings you deserve and be prepared to speak up for yourself in attaining it. Embody the lion (Raaaar).

Be bold my darlings. Be so fucking bold it would intimidate your past self and silence every hater.

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Happy Manifesting and peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx


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