Full ‘Blue moon’ in Aquarius 22nd of August

The blue moon rises tonight, bringing with it an extra chance to let go of anything that you have been struggling to shift. A ‘blue’ moon is more of an astronomical event rather than an astrological one; it is where there is an extra full moon, usually in a month but this one is referring to it being in summer. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year and only 12 calendar months so although it is rare, realistically, it isn’t really. Regardless, it gives us another chance to connect with Aquarian catalyst energy we experienced last month.

The energies won’t be exactly the same as there are always other factors at play. Aquarius is an air sign so all about transformation, big changes and ideas. This time around the ruling planet Uranus is joined by Jupiter the planet of expansion, luck, optimism and abundance. There also a trine with Venus, the planet of love and Saturn, another Aquarius ruler, who brings a change but in a serious, grown up kind of way. Phew that’s a lot already. This combination indicates there will be break throughs in areas of love (including self love) and sex, opportunities to expand on the work you’ve already done and a rare chance to make some big change.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer but it is thought to be the wave maker, brainwaves or electricity and brings about change
Photo by Raychel Sanner on Pexels.com

Full Moon energy is all about letting go of what no longer serves. We all have some things that seem to linger on, never feeling fully healed. Perhaps what we need to let go of is this idea that something needs to be ‘fixed’. Growth is not linear. I’ll say that again GROWTH.IS.NOT.LINEAR! We revisit the same trigger points until the lesson is learned. A friend and I were doing some healing work the other day and we were chatting, as you do. We were talking about the ‘life is a spiral’ thing. How each time we face something we get better at it and the need to face it becomes less often. She told me it feels more like a circle, not going anywhere, always coming back to the same thing. I agree I have felt like that but then; We are given an opportunity to do something differently, to break the loop and begin spiralling and growing again. This catalyst can be of our own creation if we are willing to step pout of our comfort zones and try something new before the pattern repeats itself and we have to go all the way round again. Sometimes the catalyst is an outside influence that makes us face something. Either way, it is not meant to be comfortable. Growth is painful, it’s hard and it requires bravery.

Likely, you already know what needs letting go of. It will have been coming up in the last few days asking to be released. So, what do you need in order to let it go? I feel like it is going to be a mindset or idea rather than an action. having said that it is more often our mindset that stops us from taking action so it’s a good place to start anyway (do the shadow work! don’t argue with me, go do it!).

As gruelling as this all sounds, and for some of us it will be, it is a time of opportunity and abundance; particularly in areas of love, passion, sex and connection. By letting go of what no longer serves we make space for the new. What areas have you been settling in? What has been holding you back? What can you do to release it? What do you need to support yourself through it?

The Sun is moving from dramatic, bold Leo to softer, more balanced Virgo on the same day. Both energies equally capable of getting shit done but Virgo is in a more detailed, analytical way. The changes required will be lead from a more grounded space and grounding is exactly what we need. There are catalysts flying all over the place, we are living in a state of flux collectively and individually. Now we must choose what we want to keep and what needs to go to make space for the new. This includes thoughts, ideas, relationships with others and ourselves, old triggers, unhealed wounds, missed opportunities, shame and self loathing. Aquarius is here to shake shit up one more time and see what sticks. If there is something you have been trying to let go of but it won’t shift ask yourself why? Have you been subconsciously holding on to it? Are you scared of who you will be without it? Maybe you are scared of the unknown path ahead or how much work it will be?

I promise you Darlings, if you take a step now, it will lead to somewhere you could never have imagined. It won’t be all sunshine and rainbows (it never fucking is I’m afraid) but it could very well be the making of you. Your releasing doesn’t have to be bold. It can be tentative and full of care. Seek support from those around you and most importantly talk about where you want to be and what you feel has been holding you back.

To Sum Up

The blue moon in Aquarius is giving us a second chance to let go of all that has been holding us back from our highest purpose. It brings with it a shift in matters of the heart, relationship to self and mindsets. There is a YOLO energy around. Ask yourself where you want to be heading and what is keeping you stuck in this loop, then yeet that shit and move forwards with care onto what has been calling you. As always I recommend using your divinations to guide you (I’ll be posting tarot spreads and shadow work prompts in the next few days to support you so keep an eye out for that) but grounding will be most effective. Keep your eyes and ears open to messages for you and follow the clues, they will lead you to where you are meant to be headed. Remember that growth is not linear, nor is it a race or a competition. It is uncomfortable but could very well be the making of you. Also vulnerability is strength, you can be strong and cry about how hard it is to be strong. A chance to move out of your comfort zone is coming but you might have to be the catalyst rather than waiting for one, you could use my basic full moon ritual to get you started.

Be strong my Darlings, you got this.

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Peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx

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