New Moon in Virgo 6th/7th of September 2021

This Sunday sees the rise of our New Moon in Virgo; bringing with it big Goddess, manifest energy. Don’t get too excited just yet though Darlings, there is also a fair amount of work to be done.

Represented by the Maiden, Virgo energy is abundant and creative but also analytical, detailed and determined. She has big creative dreams and a plan to see them achieved. Ruled the element of Earth, she is grounded, rooted even, in the tangible realness of life. Creativity and ideas are great but what are you doing in the real world to bring them to fruition? There’s a real ‘you get out what you put in’ vibe around this new moon as Virgo asks us to look at (no, really look) where we are on our paths and how we can tweak our practice to be even more successful.

Virgo has many associations with fertility goddesses often depicted with wheat or grain. Virgo season is also harvest season. Unlike a spring fertility goddess sewing the seeds; Virgo is the hard work that comes in achieving our goals be it career, relationship, mindsets or just surviving the human experience. There is still plenty of time left of the growing season but we have to role up ours sleeves and do some graft to shape it.

Maiden goddess in the woods
Bring yourself some Big Goddess energy
Photo by ARMAN ALCORDO JR. on Pexels.com

The previous Full Moon in Aquarius shook up some shit for better or for worse but with the New Moon comes an opportunity to grow and heal; fill in the cleared spaces with things that will better serve us. Speaking of service, this is another aspect of Virgo energy. As a Goddess she is a Matriarch. She provides nourishment, wisdom and support especially in areas that help us better serve ourselves, our communities and humanity. This is particularly important if you’ve experienced a period of personal growth such as a spiritual awakening (breakdowns are also a spiritual awakening if you learn from it). I think the term ‘identity crises’ feels more like what spiritual awakening actually feels like. The recognition that you feel lost and you want to be doing things differently. Perhaps a big and uncomfortable change or realisation has got you feeling like you need to do make positive changes. Perhaps there is a wound that has been opened up and needs some healing. Or you are emerging from a period of shadow work and metamorphosis and now you have to put into action in the real world. If you’ve looked into or have experienced ‘the dark night of the soul’ you’ll know what I’m talking about but that is a topic for another day.

Whatever you are working on be it personal, spiritual or completely tangible and monetary, Virgo is the Goddess of putting plans in to action. The queen of the personal planner, mind-maps and colour coding there is a big element of ‘work smarter not harder’. Virgo asks us to make some time to critically evaluate where we are, where we want to be going and breaking it down in easy (seeming), manageable steps. These are all tools that will help you on your journey. As will decluttering, revisiting and refocusing our creativity. Thinking creatively is better done when there is balance with self care (there’s a lovely little rant on self-care here). Burnt out, stressed productivity is the opposite of what we want here. Everything that is meant to be for you will be so yes, make an action plan, outline what you need and ask for it but remember to make time to rest and ground yourself (if you need instruction you can find it here). If you feel completely lost and don’t know what your next steps are meant to be this is where you need to start. Make space to be gentle with yourself and THEN put your mind to what needs to be done. You will find that they come easier when we feel less desperate. Removing stress or at least identifying what stresses you out is also a good place to start as this is where we find ourselves feeling blocked and trapped. If there is something you are desperately trying to achieve but it just feels so fucking stressful, Virgo is here to help. Take some time for self care, identify what the feelings are and where they are really coming from and work on those. You may find a creative solution comes when you look at it from a different perspective.

All New Moons bring opportunity for manifesting and this one is no different. However you may want to consider a more creative approach. Rather than asking for opportunities or luck from external places (it is already a very lucky moon) ask for what you think would really help you be the best you. For me it is patience, strength and clarity of thought but it could be things like motivation, confidence, openness, guidance (actually that’s a really good thing to ask for) courage or faith. Picture yourself as the person who has these things. How do they move through the world? What are their best attributes? What are they admired for? How do they gift the world? What makes them shiny? Imagine yourself stepping into that person and and then onwards as them.

Witch Queen on a throne
This level of shiny!
Photo by Ferdinand Studio on Pexels.com

To Sum Up

This New Moon is all about manifesting abundance but with a plan. It asks us to refocus our selves on our goals and be prepared to take action. Making time for self care and spiritual practices allows us to come from a place of creativity when facing challenges. keep in mind the phrase “work smarter not harder”. If something is stressing you out, take a step back from it to work out why and what you want to do about it from a place of calm. Grounding yourself will be extra supportive as will any meditative practice. If you have a process that helps you set small goals and meet them, then use it! If you don’t then seek some out. Find someone you know who has this Virgo energy and ask them for help or discuss with supportive loved ones and ask what works for them. Personally I love mind-maps and pretty lists (so many lists).

If you’ve undergone huge change recently and are still coming to terms with newness, lean into rooted Virgo energy and allow yourself to be guided to what you need. Take time to think about what your goals are and how you want to achieve them but be gentle with yourself too. Identifying stress and working on it with kindness to yourself will serve you in growing and succeeding. As ever I recommend using your divinations to guide you but particularly in identifying what will support you in being your best self (I’ll be posting some on my insta so keep an eye out there).You can find a basic New Moon Ritual here.

Decluttering, cleansing and ritual self care practices will serve greatly this new moon as it creates space for creativity to flow. I will be cleaning my house, smoke cleansing and redressing my Altar. You could try a ritual bath and manifesting divine inspiration or solutions to challenges you are facing. Whatever it is you are working on; a relaxed, open state of mind will support you.

I wish you every success in your manifesting my Darlings, have a blessed Day.

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peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx


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