Full Moon on Pisces 20th/21st of September

This Monday brings the rise of The Harvest Moon. It also falls right before the Autumn Equinox and festival of Mabon bringing with it an opportunity to tie up loose ends and release all that needs to be left here before we enter the cauldron time of winter.

Pisces energy is all about delving deeper; deeper into our emotions, the mysteries of life and the depths of our psyche. Being a water sign, She values deep connection, compassion, and honesty. She brings with her the wisdom that comes in dreams and spiritual practices. She holds our deepest secrets, darkest fears and desires. These are the places we often least want to share with the world for fear of shame, failure and judgement. Pisces pushes us to explore them, not always to act but so we can have greater connection and compassion for ourselves. When we lean into Pisces energy we are able to heal, reboot and tune into our highest purpose. Be prepared though Darlings, it takes courage to be fully honest with ourselves and strength to be vulnerable this is where we find the divinity within ourselves.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces, holds dominion over the 12th house our most sensitive selves. What holds us back, our self undoing, toxic traits, triggers, trauma responses and the desire to overcome them all. If you’ve been feeling lost or out of whack this is where you need to be looking. What is stopping you from reaching your goals? How are you getting in your own way? And most importantly, why? Where does it come from. Full Moon’s are portals for releasing what no longer serves and Pisces is here to help us really dig deep and do the work. Not just to reach our low level goals but the main character, dream life ones we all have for ourselves. Do you know what yours are? Now is the time to explore it and start removing the blockers in your way. Most likely you know what yours are as they will have been coming up for you the last week or so.

Along with the Piscean energy there is also a grand trine happening with Mars (fiery action), Pluto (transformation and death) and the North Node (our highest potential and new life) potentially making it easier to do this work or rather, making it difficult to ignore what is gnawing at us. Whether it’s old mindsets, conditioning or fear now is the time to let that shit go (with love) and step into your most authentic self. Yes it is hard and scary but I promise you it is so worth it.

The Harvest moon is a big one in the lunar calendar. Our ancestors would have been working hard to ensure they had all that they needed to make it through winter both physically and spiritually. It is a time to gather and celebrate what has been achieved during the growing season. Not just the bounty from nature but a harvesting of the soul too. It is a time to look back on the goals we set ourselves in spring, reflect on all the personal growth we have done, consciously leave behind anything that doesn’t serve and carry forward all we have learnt. As we move from the light part of the year to the dark we will be incubating all of this; ready for rebirth and new growth in spring. Is there any more work that needs to be done? What can you put in place for yourself that will support the ‘incubation’ of your dreams and goals?

this full moon invites us to swim in the depths of our selves and explore what is holding us back
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

This Full Moon has shadow work written all over it. If you’re new to the idea, shadow work is all about connecting to your inner self and working on stripping back all the ichor and shit that builds up in us; allowing us to grow into the spaces with things we choose. Be more ourselves and live in a way that better suits our values, whatever that may be for you. A lot of it is about forgiving. Forgiving others for how their behaviour has affected you and letting go of the pain, forgiving yourself for the choices you made that caused more damage; and treating yourself with the love and compassion you would others.

A great exercise for this is to write a letter to yourself; perhaps to you at a particular age or in a particular mindset. Identify your feelings at the time, the things that were out of your control and how you thought you were doing what was best. Write it all down and write about how you forgive yourself and why. Make the promises to yourself that you needed from the world or others back then. When you are finished, burn it (safely) or release it into living water.

To Sum Up

The Full Moon in Pisces is the perfect opportunity for shadow work. She asks to connect with our deepest selves, shine a light and see what needs releasing and what needs harvesting. As we greet Mabon and prepare for the coming darkness we are asked to ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’ in terms of our spiritual goals and highest potential. Now is the time to let go of anything that holds you back. Make time to go inwards and reflect on all you have achieved this year; Celebrate all of your success and learn what needs to be learnt from your failures. Remember, we learn more through failing than by succeeding. Forgive yourself and any others who have held you back from your highest purpose, work out what you need to get you through the cauldron time of winter and make space for transformation.

As always use your divinations to guide you. I’ll be posting tarot spreads and shadow work prompts on my insta so keep an eye out for that. Now is a good time for smoke cleansing and grounding yourself. As we move through the equinox and Mabon the veil is thinner so be prepared for big (potentially painful) realisations and awakenings. Any meditative or ritual work will be particularly powerful (you can find my basic full moon ritual here). I am planning a Ritual bath for myself to cleanse myself and seek guidance. I’m also meeting with other like minded folk for a Mabon fire which I am very excited about.

I’ll be posting my Mabon rituals for subscribers too so don’t miss out; subscribe below.

Seek wisdom my Darlings, though it seems daunting it really will change your life. Blessed be and peace out witches ✌

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