New Moon in Libra-6th of October 2021

The New Moon is nearly here bringing with it opportunity to strike a balance in areas we have otherwise been struggling with. Be prepared though Darlings, there is work to be done. In order for things to level out they will need a push. Those scales have got to tip.

On the 6th of October the Moon moves into the Libra where it joins Mercury (in retrograde), Mars and The Sun making it a promising time to address the areas of our lives that have been out of balance. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra energy is all about love (including love for ourselves), partnerships, co-operation, passion, creativity and abundance. She is abundance and fertility but with wisdom and temperance. Libra knows there is a middle path to be found but often times it is an uncomfortable journey to get to. The Moon reflects our inner most desires, hidden truths and deep knowing whereas The Sun is outward self and how we bring it to light in the world around us. With both in Libra, now is the time to bring the two together, to address the imbalance between them. This may be in your romantic relationships, work-life balance, the career path you are on, how you show up for yourself, how you’d rather be spending your time the list goes on; but likely you’ll know what it is because the current level of balance will have been pissing you off. Mars is the planet of action and success, his presence in Libra will bring opportunities for radical change. This will take work, you will be required to roll your sleeves up and put your money where your mouth is to get what you want.

Speaking of mouths, Mercury retrograde is bringing its usual blockers to being understood clearly or taking those initial steps but don’t let that stop you. Take time to ask yourself the important questions and lay out solid plans. Retrograde planets have been somewhat misrepresented of late. I too am guilty of blaming silly things on it but in reality the challenges that get thrown up are here to teach us lessons. Mercury Retrograde brings wisdom, an opportunity to focus on communication. Take nothing for granted or make assumptions, be sure to be clear with yourself and your message and you will find the balance you seek despite how hard it can be to be understood. Be sure of your motives and how your message relays that.

Ruled by the Element of Air, Libra values the intellectual, communication, ideas and creativity. She is the queen of thinking outside of the box and bringing about positive change. Unlike the more watery signs that are all feely feels, Libra brings a level of stoic honesty to the mix. Yes, you feel the way you feel and you want the things you want but why do you want them? And, what is the best way to achieve your goals? It’s all about give and take. What areas are you giving too much in? What areas do you need more from? What areas are you projecting into? What leaves you feeling drained vs what lights you up? Will that really bring you peace/serve your highest purpose or does ego want it for ego reasons?

Woman holding scales
You have the power to tip the scales.
Photo by JJ Jordan on Pexels.com

First comes the hard work of establishing the areas we want balance in; then comes the opportunity to push forwards. This October looks set to bring luck and success to our endeavours. Pluto (planet of transformation and rebirth) goes direct on the same day as the new moon. Closely followed by Saturn (responsibility, discipline and timing) and Jupiter who rules over luck, growth and expansion. So seriously Darlings, do the work now!

This Moon is a powerful AF one for manifesting a life that better serves your purpose. As we move through October and towards Samhain, we enter the cauldron time, delving deeper into transformation and towards rebirth in the spring. Now is the perfect time for some honest reflection about where you are now and where you want to be come spring. The Shadow time calls for shadow work. What baggage are you still carrying that you want to put down? What conditioning, trauma and triggers hold you back from having the life you want? Who do you want to be in relationship? What kind of friend do you want to be? How can you better meet what you feel called to do? What needs healing or transforming in order to better serve? The veil is thinning. What are you going to leave behind come Samhain and what do you want to cultivate and carry forwards?

To Sum Up

This New Moon in Libra is bringing a super powerful opportunity to manifest balance in your life; not 50-50 but whatever suits your needs most. Ask yourself what has been draining you vs lights you up. Dedicate some time to understanding why and what can be done about it. Identify what needs a shift in balance, set your intention and ask for it (You can use this basic new moon ritual)! As planets move out of retrograde and go direct things will become less of a struggle. This is an important time to reflect on all that has been grown and harvested, within and without, in the last year. Decide what needs to be left behind come Samhain and what you will hold onto to cultivate and transform ready for rebirth next spring. If you’re seeking balance in a relationship (romantic, friendship or your relationship with yourself) This new moon is heavily charged to support positive change but you’ve got to be honest about what you want, expect and why?

As always I use your divinations to guide you; though it will likely be screamingly obvious what areas are calling for change, you can find guidance and answers on just how/where to begin. I’ll be posting tarot spreads and shadow work prompts to guide you in my socials so keep an eye out for those.

Be bold my Darlings, now is the time for radical change. No tip toeing, you gotta flip that shit!

Have a blessed moon and peace out witches ✌

Love Kate xxx

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