Full Moon in Aries 20th of October

There is so much going on this week Darlings! Things are going to start feeling less relentless, not necessarily ‘better’ as there is still much work to be done but at least easier to do. This Wednesday sees the rise of our Full Moon in Aries, an opportunity to act. The New Moon in Libra threw up a lot of uncomfortable realisations about balance and relationships; asking us to address the areas that were not serving our highest purpose and make change. Even if it was simply being honest with ourselves about needing/wanting change, that is the first step after all. Aries is the first house in the Zodiac bringing with it an energy of fresh starts and rising from the ashes of recent hardships.

Aries energy is all about action, leadership, and courage. Ruled by the element of Fire, it feeds the fire we each have within us. This is easier to take on with New Moon energy perhaps, as Full Moon energy is a portal for releasing rather than building it can feel counterintuitive. Aries asks us to be brave in letting go. To face realities as difficult as they may be, to accept and act from a place of radical forgiveness. Aries holds dominion over the 1st house: how we see our selves, our identities and our place in the world (do you see where I am going with this?). He encourages us to be brave in being our most authentic selves, to stand tall and fight for what serves our highest purpose.

For many of us, myself included, this is the scariest thing of all; to be honest with ourselves and the world about who we are and what we want. The very exploration of it takes an enormous amount of bravery. To strip away all of the trauma and conditioning that covers up who we were meant to be all along. To find the truth of our most authentic selves, heal the shadows and be bold enough to act from those places is a life’s work. But I promise you, it is so worth it.

Aries calls for us to face where we are and be brave about taking steps forwards. Perhaps some things didn’t go the way you wanted them to, perhaps it’s all just been a bit shit and hard recently. Aries is here to remind us that we are warriors, we can overcome these obstacles. We don’t have another choice. So, regroup (with self care and reflection) and make a battle plan. This sounds like very outward action needs to be taken but Aries energy is also mid-wife energy, the blood and pain that is required to birth something new is equal to that of war. The ability to face challenges and push through knowing that it will lead to great things. You have to be the mid-wife of your future self. You have the wisdom and gifts to do so. Aries asks us to accept the difficulties and push forward anyway. If you’re afraid, acknowledge it. Be afraid, but do what needs to be done anyway. This is the definition of bravery after all.

Along with all this fiery energy there are a few other things to take into account: We have two planets stationing direct this week Mercury planet of communication, careers, contracts and success; and Jupiter planet of luck, expansion, and growth. These planets being in retrograde have thrown up a lot of lessons in recent weeks. It’s been fucking agony actually (just me?). Now that they are going in the right direction again, Aries is here to help us understand those lessons, reflect and release anything that will not serve you moving forwards. This could be in relationship a job, relationship, or even old thought process. it’s about how we see ourselves and where we thought our paths were heading. What struggles have you been through in the last 6 months? What did it teach you/gift you with? what do you need to forgive in order to move forward in peace?

Forgiveness is imperative with this Full Moon. Whoever or whatever has lead to negative feelings, now is the time to really look at it and let it all go. Remember, forgiveness is for YOU, you don’t even need to tell a person you have forgiven them. I know a big part of this will be to forgive ourselves. This is harder to do in my opinion but also the most important. I’ll give an example if it helps: I was in an abusive relationship years ago and my abuser knowingly gave me Herpes. You’d be surprised how many people have it and how little it is talked about. I believe it is important to be honest about it. Normalise it, but that part is for another day. I rarely get flare ups but when I do it triggers all of this shame. Not that I have it but that I let that abuse happen. That I let someone treat me the way he did, believed that is what I deserved and now I am left with a permanent disease. This is something I have to forgive myself for. I know exactly what I would say to someone else who had been through this; yet I still struggle to believe it myself. This is where the shadow work comes in. I can seek out the 23 year old part of me that holds on to these feelings and help her forgive herself. I can forgive him because he also a product of trauma. I can forgive those who came before me for not being able to teach me what I needed to avoid this happening. Yes it’s shit, but me having been through that has empowered me in teaching myself and healing my generational wounds. It also enables me in helping and supporting others who have been through similar. I am now the person I needed back then and I can be that person for myself and others. I am not tainted, It’s just another thing I was given the opportunity to overcome.

What old wounds are you still holding onto? Is there something you need to forgive yourself for? Now is the time to do just that and leave it all behind. If you look inside and find there is some really heavy shit in there, Please know you are not alone, reach out, seek professional help in facing it. You don’t have to face it alone.

Adding to all of this energy, there is also a square between the Sun, Moon and Mars with Pluto. Square’s can indicate friction between energies so, potentially challenges between our inner selves, outer selves, warrior/mid wife and transformation through death (resistance perhaps). Pluto is often related to the god Hades, ruler of the underworld and consort to Persephone. Hades is the lord of shadow work, of allowing ourselves to go to our deepest darkest trauma and seeing the lessons in there. He guides us in bringing light in dark places. The tension between these 4 indicates to me that there will be shadow work required to move forwards. Pluto is all about transformation through death, what better time to put some things to bed than with a Full Moon in Aries to hold you through it? Pluto wants us to remove the mask and express our most authentic selves. That requires us to learn to love all parts of ourselves, even the ugly bits. To say “I love all pieces of myself, some bits need extra love”. Rather than always pushing down our shadow selves, embrace them for where they came from and what they can teach you. Give them space to come up be healed and released. I created a ritual for myself for this, you can find it here, It is not for the faint of heart though Darlings, you have been warned. Also, PROTECTION is the first thing you need doing any magic but especially so close to Samhain.

This Moon is known as the Hunters moon. The time after harvest, where our ancestors would have gone out to hunt and gather what they could to support themselves through winter. Not just food but materials for crafting, firewood and the things needed to support through the ‘cauldron time‘. It is as good time to clear out the old the same as we do when we are spring cleaning. I like to smoke cleanse, re set all of my wards (Another cross over between Samhain and Halloween) and cleanse and bless myself with a ritual bath.

To Sum Up

This Full Moon in Aries asks us to be brave in letting go. We have been experiencing some challenges of late, things are set to get a bit easier but there is still much work to be done. Look back at what these challenges have taught you. What uncomfortable feelings were triggered? Use your shadow work and divinations to help you forgive and let go, so you can settle in to the transformative energy about to come. Pluto may bring some more discomfort (or rather support us through the discomfort) as we fight to live as our most authentic selves, this means going on a journey to find out who that is and embracing the parts of ourselves we like the least. What masks Do you wear? What are they there to protect? Would you feel lighter without them? Don’t continue to hide behind them just because you are afraid of the world seeing you without it. Aries says “be bold! be afraid, but do it anyway”. Surrender into radical forgiveness, release it all so you can move forwards to rebirth. Allow yourself the death of ego. Emotions are going to be running pretty high this lunation so make space to be gentle with yourself. Allow them to pass through you rather than fight them. You might find this piece on honouring emotions helpful.

As ever I will be posting Tarot and Shadow work prompts to support you on my social media so keep an eye on that for the next few days.

Be brave in your self acceptance darlings, be kind to yourself and use this Portal the free yourself of all those old wounds. You can find my basic full moon ritual here if you need guidance.

Have a blessed full moon. Peace out witches ✌

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