New Moon in Scorpio November 4th 2021

Ok, it’s Scorpio season… don’t panic. Scorpio gets a bad reputation, being the darkest of dark water signs it is natural we want to fight what he asks of us. It is uncomfortable and relentless and HAVEN’T WE DONE ENOUGH FUCKING SHADOW WORK BY NOW?! There is hope though darlings, it may feel a bit back-to-front, a bit topsy-turvy but, think of The Hanged Man in tarot. This is where the wisdom lies. you just have to lean into the discomfort (so easy right).

Like our Full Moon in Aries last month felt strange, so too does this one. We usually associate Full moons with the shedding, transformative, death energy shared with Scorpio. To experience it on a new moon feels counterintuitive. Scorpio holds dominion over the 8th house: all things hidden, taboo, our deepest dark emotions and desires. The parts we like least about ourselves. This new moon is offering an opportunity to alchemize our shadow selves into positive change. By looking within at these parts we can bring light to them and transform them into something new. By learning to love those parts we are able to remove their hold over our actions. I know, I know, I go on about shadow work a lot but that is because it really is the answer. Like it or not it must be done. You can make it easier by accepting it or you can resist it and have to do it anyway. Your shadow self/selves exist to protect you. At one time you needed them, they got you this far. Acknowledge that they are trying to protect you from something you fear (and rightly so) and choose to act from somewhere else. Soothe them, love them, thank them in whatever way is required and tell them you know what you are doing now, thanks to them for getting you here.

Scorpio has two ruling Planets: Mars ruler of war, success and action and Pluto, the Shadow realm. Pluto corresponds to the greek god Hades. We all know the story; Hades stole away Persephone Kora, maiden of spring, and tricked her into eating his pomegranate seeds. Meaning she has to spend 6 months on earth and 6 months in the underworld. Her mother Demeter grieves her daughters loss causing a barren winter. But, there is another side to this story. One where Persephone knew exactly what she was doing, knowing she had the potential for so much more if only her mother would let her prove it. Hades sees it. Not only does he see it, with his love to hold her, she is Queen of the underworld and she walks both paths so well. bringing light to his darkness and love to all that she is capable. She shows us the divinity in the feminine’s duality. Life and death in all things. She teaches us that loving the darkness transforms us into our most powerful selves.

It is uncomfortable to do this work. It is not sunshine and rainbows. we have done a lot of awakening and releasing this year. In recent times it has felt like life has been happening AT us rather than for or by us. Things are going to get better darlings, it is going take work (but you can do it), it is going to be equally hard but it’s to better align with your highest purpose. I was talking to a friend earlier about the energies of this new moon and they said that “it’s never positive news”. Depends on how you look at it I guess, Adventure, growth and evolution are what we are here to do. If we can get excited for the wisdom that change brings and the rewards of growth we might feel better about the journey ahead. I am tired, exhausted even but I’m fucking here for it. And this is what the cauldron time is for after all.

a digital design: Scorpion surrounded by a moon and moths on black background

There is some positive news though. Mercury retrograde is over! The shadow phase comes to an end today (the 3rd of November) meaning things are running in the right direction again. WOOOO! We also have opposition between Uranus and Pluto adding that push-pull energy. Uranus is another planet of change, ruler of Aquarius, he is the catalyst; Electricity of thought and action. This energy is where the transmutation I mentioned earlier comes from. Uranus asks us to think outside of the box, look at things from a new perspective. perhaps this is what needs to be applied to our shadow selves. If you see yourself stuck in a loop, unable to break out of patterns that hold you back, this new moon might just give you the shove you need. It might not be what you were expecting or what you asked for but it will be what you need.

A word of warning here Darlings, if you do not choose to do the work it will be chosen for you. Scorpio energy requires us to look at and accept the darkness, the death of a cycle. If there is something you keep ignoring, hoping it will go away. A part of you being suppressed and brushed under the rug. A need or fear you keep silencing, it will come up in a much more dramatic way than you want to. Also, if a door has closed for you, do not rail against it, this is a catalyst. Accept that it has closed for good reason (because it’s not meant for you) and keep going. Feel your feelings but look elsewhere.

As we come to the end of the year it can feel like the finish line is in sight, too close for those who feel they still have much to achieve. If this resonates with you, use this time. Get out your journal and do some shadow work. What dark truth have you been hiding from? What fear are you allowing to rule you? Where does it come from? What support do you need overcoming it?

New Moons are portals for manifesting, what can be reborn through shedding? We have done so much shedding already, what fresh new skin is under there? What wants to be brought to light. What was under it all?

To Sum Up

We have a bit more shadow work to do (Don’t whinge at me, just fucking do it). This time not just for healing and moving forwards but to find gratitude and love for the darkest parts of ourselves. By accepting them for what they are welcoming their wisdom we can transmute them into something to propel us towards our goals. consider the importance of darkness as equal to the light. Remember the story of Persephone and how she stepped into her power by embracing the dark. It may feel like things are out of your hands, catalysts creating opportunity or moving some off the board. By accepting where we are and honouring our darker emotions we will find the right path. Not an easier one to walk but the right one to get us to where we are going. Focus on manifesting what will support you through this period of transformation, support, courage, strength etc. YOu can find a basic ritual here. I will be posting more content to support you on my Instagram so keep an eye out for that. My best advice is to be prepared to make space for change. If a door closes to you it is because you were not meant to walk through. Recognise the emotions that come through, sit with them, honour them, then look for the next step. If you feel like we’re running out of time to get shit done fear not, being radically honest about what you truly want/don’t want and most importantly WHY will give insight into what steps to take.

Be brave my darlings brave enough to have radical fucking honesty. Brave enough to step onto a different path.

Peace out witches ✌

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