Full Moon In Gemini 18th/19th of December

Its here! The Final Full Moon of the year let’s go out with a bang Darlings. All Full Moons are opportunities to release and let go of what no longer serves. This being the last one, it is the perfect time to get really clear about what you want to leave in 2021 and move forward in 2022 unhindered by all that shit. It’s been a rough year for many of us and though I am aware of the sense of impending doom (and I am not going to promise that 2022 will be ‘your year’), we are being given a chance to take charge of how we face it.

Gemini rules over the 3rd house; how we communicate ideas with intellect and reasoning. Represented by the twins Castor and Pollux (one mortal, one immortal) they are the embodiment of duality and finding balance between our highest selves and our Ego. When you look at imagery relating to Gemini, the twins are often depicted as female but Gemini has big masculine energy; bringing direction, clarity and action. They’re all about truth; being radically honest about the part our ego has to play in the choices we make, what we want to change and how we would like to live in greater alignment with our highest self. We can’t changed what has happened in the last year, but we can look at how we reacted and how we would rather act in future, leaving behind toxic patterns, looking with brutal honesty at our shadow selves and how they hold us back. This in itself is working on overcoming ego.

I feel like it always come down to fear (that’s what drives ego). Fear of failure, fear of being vulnerable, fear of stepping into new territories, fear of being let down, fear of being misunderstood. This Full moon is crying out for us to look at these fears and be honest about it. Be honest about what we really want for ourselves in this life. The simple act of recognising and speaking it aloud is powerful AF. Once you’ve said to yourself and the universe, you will make choices to support the change you want.

In the story of Castor and Pollux, Castor was killed by his cousin Idis. Zeus gave Pollux the chance to save his brother by giving him half of his immortality. To us this might not seem like a big deal but he gave up his IMMORTALITY, no questions asked. Just yep, he’s my twin, I love him, do it. Later when both brothers passed into the underworld, Zeus, so moved by Pollux’ sacrifice, gave them a place in the stars; a true immortality (here I am still talking about them now). To me, this story highlights the necessity of sacrifice in achieving what we want. It is fucking hard to look at ourselves with such honesty. It hurts to look at it, it hurts to recognise that we have to make changes within ourselves first, in order to make change outside of ourselves. You want a job that better aligns with your morals, what’s stopping you? You want a more passionate relationship, what is holding you back from asking for it? You want to heal and move past old patterns, why haven’t you? Once you have identified the why’s you can look at how to make change. Maybe you need support, for many of us (myself included) asking for help is the scariest thing of all. This full moon will highlight the conflict between head and heart. The answer is heart. Always. End of. Sure, use your head to translate what the heart wants but don’t let that dumb bitch take the wheel. She’s afraid of everything.

a graphic design of stylised Gemini twins twins facing each. within a moon surrounded by moths on a black background.

Speaking of asking for help, this Full Moon is in a trine with Jupiter( planet of expansion) in Aquarius (big catalyst energy). This sounds great on paper-help from the sky daddy himself to hit with that lightning bolt of inspiration. Buuuut it’s a full moon so, that lightning bolt may be more of a soul splitting shock for ego. If you have been resisting being honest with yourself it’s all going to come out anyway. The more you try to ignore it, the more ego will fuck shit up for you. Ask yourself, Who’s in charge here? Ego will fight you. It’s called ego death for a reason. Sorry darlings, it’s not all merry and bright I’m afraid. If you are brave enough to be honest, do the work before it does you, so to speak, you will have an easier time of it. Yule is only a few days away, what better time to do some deep shadow work (my favourite) than in the last days of the dark?

Adding to the feeling of breaking through illusions we have a trine with the Uranus (the sky great Grandaddy…?), bringing more of that Aquarius energy helping us to think outside of the box and find solutions. Whatever you are struggling with this full moon there are solutions. They might not be the solutions ego wants but they are there and likely you already know them.

Controversially there is also a square with Neptune making it harder to see the truth of things. Perhaps there is deception involved from outside sources. Perhaps it is your ego trying to deceive you. Either way be thorough in your quest for the truth. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition.

On the same day as this full moon Venus goes retrograde. This might not be relevant to what you are being called to release but it is going to play an important role in the next 5 weeks or so. So, I do want to touch on it. Retrogrades can throw up a lot negative feelings but ultimately they show us where the cracks in our foundations lie. They call our attention to what needs to be worked on. Sure it might be shit, but face it with compassion and empathy and you will grow into something better. Healing hurts. I will never lie about that. Venus is the goddess of love herself not just in terms of romantic relationships but also our relationships with ourselves and how we give and receive love. Many of us give out love so freely but struggle when it come to the receiving. We are also guilty of downplaying how much love we want to give. Perhaps for fear of being hurt or believing that love can only be expressed in terms of ‘love and light’. There is also tough love. For example, the way you call out someone you love who is being self destructive. We even lie about the things we love for fear of being shamed. What if we all just tried to express more authentic love. Love for ourselves enough to walk away from toxic shit, love ourselves enough to be honest about what we want in relationships (maybe in the boudoir). Love others enough to allow them to do the same without shame or judgement. I know it sounds mushy and a bit new age, hippy bullshit but ultimately it does all come down to love. A lot of it comes down to reframing how we talk to ourselves first. Apply love there and allow it to express itself. (you could read this rant on self love).

This retrograde is happening conjunct with Pluto planet of transformation through death. Pluto corresponds with the god Hades (I’m a big fan), lord of the underworld. This is good news as he guides us in the shadow realms. If you want to understand more about what you want in terms of love and sex and how to get it, look to Hades for help. You can look it at two ways, you have an opportunity to delve into your personal underworld, have a good old look at what’s there and make change. Or you can pretend that underworld doesn’t exist only to fall into it and make a mess anyway. Hades has big daddy dom energy. He will turn you inside out so you can build yourself into something greater. He sees that potential in us and knows how to get us there but you have to surrender to it…or don’t and it will be more painful. Think of this retrograde as Venus visiting the underworld for a bit, She’s curios as to what can be learnt from it. You can apply that same curiosity.

To Sum Up

This summary is two- fold. The Full Moon in Gemini as the last moon of the year is a chance to tie up the loose ends of a cycle that began in may 2020 (as mentioned in my previous post) with a Sagittarius/Gemini link. Look back on all that has happened and with all the gratitude you can muster, give thanks for the lessons you were given. Gemini helps us to speak the truth and find greater balance between ego and higher self. This means challenging our egos and soothing them with acceptance and self-love. There is a temptation to feel like there isn’t enough of 2021 left to make real change. Don’t be tempted. You can choose to do the work or it will be forced upon you, the latter will be much messier. If you want to start the new year right use this time to be radically honest with yourself and release what no longer serves. You can use my basic Full Moon Ritual or, if you want something with a bit more punch, I have included a Mother’s Night Ritual in my Yule rituals post which will really do the job.

There is a chance of deception or things muddying the waters. Follow your intuition and your heart. Don’t be swayed by the influence of others and their own fears. Now is not the time for trying to convince others of your intentions. Let them have their narratives especially if they are holding you back (bye bitch). I know it’s the ‘holidays’ but seriously, it’s nearly 2022 we are not settling anymore.

The fact that Venus goes retrograde in conjunction with Pluto on the same day can be seen as separate but I don’t think it is. The shadow work available to us in areas of love and particularly self love has the potential to be life changing. Leave behind old ideas of who you had to be and what you do or don’t deserve and get curious about your deepest desires. Lean into the feeling of having it all stripped away and build better foundations for yourself. It takes a fuck tonne of courage but that is the sacrifice, surrender to it knowing that it will make you something greater. We are not all love and light each of us carries a darkness too. It is in embracing and loving this about ourselves we are able to live a life that is truly authentic to us.

These are the last few days of resting in the cauldron before rebirth. Don’t miss this opportunity to fully release and let go of what no longer serves your path. To do it properly requires relentless honesty and equally relentless love for ourselves. Learn to love your demons. Be grateful to your ego for getting you here but now it’s time for something greater, something braver.

And you are fucking brave my Darlings.

Peace out witches✌️

Love Kate xxx

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