Full Moon in Cancer January 17th 2022

Happy New Year Darlings! Also, hold on to your hats, there is a lot of transformation coming. I mean, it’s been happening already and that relentless growth energy isn’t letting up any time soon (she laughs nervously). But do not despair, the full moon in Cancer is here to help us heal so we can move forward from a solid foundation of self love, ancestral support and without limiting beliefs. All you have to do is feel your feelings…

Ok, I know that I make it sound like a small thing to have to do and in reality it fucking sucks. But hey Cancerians have to do it all the time so just get on board bitches. It is hard, it is painful but if we are going to live in alignment with our highest purpose and find that peace so many of us claim to want; we have to allow ourselves to feel a full range of emotions and stop gaslighting ourselves. This Full Moon is giving us the perfect time to release all the old wounds that hold us back. In order to do that, to let the feelings go, you have to give yourself the space to feel them.

Ruled by the element of water, Cancer (still!) gets a bad reputation for being fluffy and vulnerable, often labelled ‘fragile’. But emotions are messages from the soul saying something is out of alignment, a need isn’t being met or a boundary has been crossed. People who claim to feel no emotion are not living honestly. What they are saying is that they only make space for ‘positive’ emotions and they bottle up the rest. These are also the people who lose their shit, punch walls and traumatize others and themselves. Ask yourself who is more ‘fragile’ the person who gives themselves space to work on their shit, let it hurt and let it go; or, the person who is too afraid to do that and creates volatile, dangerous environments for themselves and others? By being brave enough to look inward we can heal and set ourselves free. Do the work before the work does you. Cancer doesn’t play around. What emotions have been coming up for you? How have you responded to them? Do you know where they come from? What are they tied to?
How does your scared inner child want react to them vs how would you rather be acting?

Remember feelings are neither good nor bad. You can allow them to just be, hear what they are trying to tell you and move on with your life. So often we shame ourselves for having negative feelings. We blame others for ‘making’ them happen. Sure you can recognise that actions hurt but it’s down to you to express and unmet need or boundary and do something about it for yourself. I talk about generational trauma a lot. This Full Moon brings a powerful as fuck, cosmic opportunity to heal our own wounds and those the generations that came before. I have done work in this area and I promise, it is life changing. If you feel like this is something you want to look into you can find my ritual here.

Honouring emotions takes practice, and the Cancer Moon is here to maximise the outcomes for you if you do. If you’re not sure where to start I’ll break it down quickly for you now: Begin by creating space for yourself. Set aside some time to be alone and connect with yourself. Support yourself in any way that you find helps. Focus on your breathing and meditate in the way that feels comfortable to you. Then, bring to mind something that you have been struggling with. Let the feelings tied to it rise in you. Name the feeling. Your mind will start trying to put narratives on it for you “I feel this way because of…” that’s ok, no shame. Tell yourself that feelings are neither good nor bad. Focus on where it presents itself in the body. Observe it without judgement. Then try again to name it. You’re looking for where it hurts, the feeling underneath anger, sadness etc, say that it hurts. Let it hurt. You might start crying. Please for the love of the gods, do not stop yourself. You can cry, you made space for it. Let it out. If you want to scream, scream. When it has run its course you will see how this feeling you have been experiencing is connected to your trauma’s maybe you feel betrayed, alone, unsupported in trying to meet your needs. Whatever it is, it’s ok. Feelings are neither good nor bad. Now you know what you need to give yourself and you can do it for yourself. You can also ask for help. I like to journal and use shadow work practices to help me.

The Full Moon in Cancer brings as an opportunity to connect with our deepest selves and find the wisdom there. Feeling feelings leaves us raw and that seems to be a good starting point for this time of year. Completely stripped back, open and trusting in what is going to come. Imbolc is just around the corner, what seeds do you want to plant for yourself? This is a great opportunity to do some inner child healing. We often deny our inner child the things it wants for fear of judgement from others. We shouldn’t need/allow ourselves something that brings us comfort or joy because we’re adults. Bullshit. We are human, we have wounds that hurt, adulting is hard and it creates wounds. I would never deny a child something that helps them cope, it is my job to provide that comfort. So I do it for myself. What would you allow yourself if you knew you would be free of judgement? I’ll let you in on a secret, they’re not really judging you, they are judging themselves and that is none of your business.

I’ll give you an example. Things have been rough for me recently, so much change, so fast and so much resistance to overcome. I am deconstructing a lot of my conditioning, rewilding myself, and it feels wrong to be so trapped by the conditioning of others. This brings up feelings of anger, betrayal, loneliness, frustration (a fun cocktail). On New Years Eve this was consuming me. I tried to ‘close the loop’ for myself but alas my usual tools weren’t cutting it. I just wanted to scream about it all and get it out. Trouble is, you can’t do that in civilised hippy towns (which only made me angrier). You can do it on the moors though. The moors is perfect for it. I didn’t want to do it alone either. Knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way, I invited some other women to join me. I created a ritual for us and we took it to the moors and let it all out. It was one of the most powerful things I have done so far. I gave myself everything my inner child needed. To not be shamed, to feel my feelings, to have support and have it be recognised that what has been happening to us all is abusive. It comes from a system that was designed to oppress and abuse us. Now that we are making changes, we have to push past the resistance not only in ourselves, but in the world around us. Be willing to fight, and wise enough to know when to walk away.


You can ritualise meeting any of your emotional needs. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you permission. This is what freedom feels like. It also, allows for forgiveness to win out. If you are taking responsibility for your own feelings you can forgive others for not being able to do the same. Full moons are all about forgiveness. Any old hurt that still poisons you can be healed with forgiveness. Maybe it’s the actions of a toxic ex, toxic government, work situation, communication breakdown. Forgive them, forgive yourself and you can be free. Isn’t that what any of us want. My favourite way to do this is by writing a letter I know I am not sending; Starting it with the sentence Dear… I forgive you for. Then I burn it or throw it into water.

Along with this mighty Full Moon energy we also have 3 planets that are retrograde. Venus (planet of love, relationships and abundance), Mercury (planet of trade, commerce and communication) and Uranus (Planet of inspiration, boundaries and transformation). This leads to some dense energy in trying to move forwards in these areas. When a planet is retrograde, the temptation is to put negative feelings on it but it is the discomfort that highlights areas calling for change. There is so much wisdom in it…and potential pain, but now we know how to honour that pain so it’s all great opportunity for growth. I feel like if we could make space for that we would have an easier time. Finding radical acceptance about the shitty bits, making space to feel the feelings, meet our own needs, forgiving, soothing ourselves and fucking moving on with it! It just all sounds so simple. In reality it’s really hard that’s why people don’t want to do it. But I promise it’s worth it.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, The Dark Feminine, our deepest desires and inner yearnings. We yearn for it for a reason, because we are meant to follow it. It could lead to glorious things that’s why we feel called to honour them. If you can identify where the resistance is and let go of that resistance you can have anything you want. Some things that help give us the opportunity to push past the resistance are grounding, smoke cleansing, mediation and ritual. You can find my ritual to work with the releasing energy of this full moon here. If there was ever going to be a perfect time to start working with the moon, it is now. It feels very Meta as I’m writing this.

To Sum Up

We are levelling up as individuals so that we can level up as a collective. Transformation and growth is painful but you can support yourself in doing it by adopting an accepting attitude and looking for the wisdom in the discomfort. Embrace your dark feminine and allow yourself the full spectrum of emotions. Push through the resistance put upon you by fear and conditioning. Have faith in the path you are on. It’s 2022 we are not chasing anymore, we are attracting. This means focus on yourself first, aiming for alignment with your personal values and highest purpose.

This Full Moon is the moon of the feely feels so feel your fucking feels! They are yours, your responsibility, so take ownership of them. Release judgement and fear, it will not serve you moving forwards, honour it and let it go. Couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than this. Do the work before the work does you!

Blessings on the journey before you Darlings. May you have strength and protection.

Peace out witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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