New Moon In Aquarius 1st of February 2022 (31st of Jan for my friends in western time zones)

Ok Darlings, this is it! A moment we have been building towards for a long time. A pivotal time in our lives individually and collectively (as above, so below and all that). There is so much potential this New Moon. There is so much to be read in the astrology, I can’t actually write about all (mostly I am busy living through it) of it so I’ll just try and focus on what feels most important.

Since the previous Full moon in Cancer we have been creating space. Letting go of that which did not serve us. If you consciously leant into this, good for you. If not, how are you doing? The uncomfortable emotions you have been experiencing have been trying to show you what needs to change in your life. However much you may want to hold onto the past I hope you use this opportunity to make radical change. Change that will bring you into alignment with your highest purpose. If there is something you want for yourself but you know it is going to be fucking hard work do it. I know it is scary but that is the definition of bravery, being scared and doing it anyway. This is the time.

This New Moon is in Aquarius. Represented by the water bearer she is electricity, the ripples of catalytic energy that flow out and create change. Aquarius is ruled by the Element of air, thought and ideas though we often think of her as a water sign being a water bearer and the symbol looks like waves; but that’s just it, she is the wave maker.

We are being called to make changes be it in relationship, career paths, life paths, limiting beliefs(THE PATRIARCHY!), how we live our lives and if how we live them now, aligns with what we really want for ourselves. The Sun, Moon and Saturn are all in Aquarius right now. The Sun represents our outer selves, how we present ourselves to the world, how we shine; The Moon is our deepest depths, our secret ambitions the Dark Goddess. Saturn represents boundaries, limitations and responsibility. All of these mixed together making big waves in our lives. Have you been questioning if you are on the right path of late? Are there things that have been building up and not getting better? Now is a good time to look at them. Why are you holding onto this thing? What are you afraid of? How does it limit you? Why do you let it stop you from doing what you want to be doing with your life?

Two wavy lines, the symbol of aquarius.
The wave symbolises a n electrical current not a water current

We have a chance to come into greater alignment with ourselves. It takes work, growth is hard, but if you are brave enough to put that work in you can have everything you could ever dream of.

All of this is happening Square to Uranus, Aquarius’ other ruling planet alongside Saturn. In Greek mythology Uranus is the primordial God of the Sky (the sky to them including space and the universe). He is expansion itself, freedom from the known. The great sky grand-daddy, father to Kronos (Saturn) and grandfather to Zeus (Jupiter- the sky daddy to us).

In astrological terms, a Square implies conflict. There is conflict between us wanting to be free and actually freeing ourselves. No surprise there then. In the challenges you have been facing recently, Ask yourself this: How much of the difficulty is because change is being called for but for some reason, you are trying to hold onto to limiting beliefs? Are you trying to apply old values to something new? Are you resisting the change before you? You get one life, this is it. I’m not saying burn it all to the ground but at least be honest with yourself. Is this what you want? Does it align? If it is, if you have made big change recently FUCK YEAH! Good for you. If change has happened to you, accept it. Go with it, even though it’s hard and scary. It is for a reason, reach out if you can. If you are resisting change, how painful are you going to let it get before you actually do something about it?

And THIS is all happening with the energy of Imbolc (if you’re in the northern hemisphere, If you are in the south it would be Lughnasadh), the time of awakening and expansion. Time to plant the seeds. Even if that seed is just being more honest with yourself or allowing yourself to live more authentically. I couldn’t make up a more potent time for radical honesty, expansion and change. Ok, Maybe you’re not ready to set it all on fire and rise like a phoenix from the ashes (though I would love that for you) but you could be honest with yourself about the areas you would like to burn to ash sometimes. You could take some steps to make change and space for your most authentic self. I included a seed spell in my Imbolc Rituals post that is perfect for this. Actually, thinking about it, they all are.

Venus stationed Direct on the 29th. Her retrograde highlighted areas of our relationships and how we view them that needed to be changed. In the coming weeks there will be opportunity to tie up those loose ends and move from surviving to thriving once more. It’s going to be a fun few weeks . All this expansive change is likely to bring up a lot of emotions. possibly even trigger some old wounds. Try to remember that they are coming up to be released. Lean into your self care. Especially if you feel like things are out of control (breath for fuck sake!)

New Moon energy is all about calling in what we want for ourselves. So, in this time of expansion, what would that look like for you. Think of your dream life, how it would benefit those in your community or serve a higher purpose. What do you want to ask for to help get you there? Opportunity, Support? Courage?

To Sum Up

It feels pretty fucking Meta at the moment. We are moving through this massive state of flux as individuals, communities and collectively. We have been working towards this moment for a long time. Like pushing a boulder up a hill for two years and we have not only reached the top but started flying down the other side (it might feel like falling). It isn’t going to be an easy ride but this is an opportunity to make it the very best of it. As always I suggest leaning into your divination to guide you. You could use my basic New Moon Ritual here or even better, The Imbolc rituals, there is a bath visualisation in there that will help you manifest your best outcomes.

I mentioned self-care earlier but I really want to highlight the importance of it at this time. Particularly in areas that require some discipline from you. You don’t want to ‘shit the bed’ on this one Darlings. If you’ve been meaning to dedicate more time to your craft or spiritual practices do so, your results will come fast. Do as much as you can to embrace this energy and you will have even better results. Manifest the things you need to achieve your highest potential. For the last few posts (what feels like years) I have been talking about stepping into your power. This is it, this moment. Whatever level that looks like for you be it 100% or 1% Do it. The world, nay the universe wants you to do it!

You can do this. I believe in you Darlings. LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOO!

Peace out Witches, and good luck ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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