Full Moon in Leo 16th February

Greetings Darlings, I’m going to start by telling you I FUCKING LOVE LEO ENERGY. My sun sign is Cancer/ Leo cusp (an intense combination); in my younger days I was a bit scared of my Leo energy but since I’ve learned to embrace it and my fiery masculine energy, I have achieved great things for myself. Top of that list is feeling whole and brave enough to live authentically. This is the gift of the Leo Full Moon. There is also a bunch of other astrology going on I want to share with you. Let’s gooooo!

Leo rules the 5th house which governs our romances, creativity, relationships and pursuit of pleasure. The things that really light us up. Our creative energy is also our sexual energy. There are many different words for it across many cultures like Shakti, Life force or Chi. It is your you-ness, your joi de vivre, what makes each of us uniquely shiny. When we follow it we feel divine, like we are on the right path and we can conquer mountains. It shows us our highest purpose (hint: it’s not 40 hour weeks)

Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo represents the outer self, vitality and where we feel called to follow. It can be seen as both highest-self and ego depending on how it comes out. Leo is the divine spark and the warrior protecting it. In Tarot cards Leo is strength. I love this representation as we classically focus on the lion but the strength is also in the maiden who has soothed his fierceness for her own purposes. This is what I want to focus on for this lunation. There is an element of having the strength of the maiden, embracing our power tempered with love and grounding rather than just shouting about it or taking it by force.

A tarot card depicting a woman with a flower crown, wearing right robes with a lion by her side. The lion is draped in flowers also.
The strength card from the ‘Modern Witch tarot deck.

Full Moon’s are a time for releasing. With a Leo full moon it is about releasing the blockages to you following your creative wants. There is conflict/opposition between our deepest darkest desires (The moon) and how we show ourselves to the world (The sun) at these times we experience discomfort. It is an opportunity to bring yourself into greater alignment. This is why we experience such intense emotions, crazy behaviour and catalytic fallouts. The Sun is still in Aquarius giving us all of this electric transformational energy, now the moon is bringing fresh insight into the areas that we want to make change in, the things that are getting in the way of us living life the way we want and stepping into our power. It could be a limiting self belief, changes in relationship, life path or career. Whatever it is, it’s a path you already set yourself on at the New Moon in Aquarius. Leo asks us to look at the blockages we have come up against and be strong in letting them go. Ask yourself if you are living your life the way you want or in the way you ‘should’ be (here’s a little rant on how I feel about ‘should’)

Initially this sounds great, letting go of anything that holds you back but for some of us that will require all the bravery of a lion and a lion tamer (remember the maiden). It implies letting go of the need for control, old beliefs of who we were and how to meet our needs. It asks us to be radically honest about what the blockages are and remove them carefully. Ask yourself what holds you back from fully stepping into your power? How do you feel about removing those things? How hard would that be? How scary does it feel? Do you say things like “I’d love to do X but I can’t because of my current responsibilities/situation/self beliefs” how do we push past these?

A lot of it comes from fear of failure, having control gives us stability and safety, not standing out feels safer, not rocking the boat or stepping off the path. I’d love to tell you to leap and hope that you would but these are not easy things to throw off. So, I encourage you to take one step. Indulge your creativity, make time for play, for passion. focus on one blockage and how you can release it. Just one. Maybe it’s making an hour a week for creative play, maybe it’s deconstructing one of the things you say “I can’t” about. Hopefully it’s being honest with a loved one about something you want to try (bonus points if it’s sexual or shifts a relationship dynamic).

I have a phrase I’m enjoying at the moment: do the work, before the work does you. As in, it’s going to come up anyway. Whatever intense feelings are rising, whatever is pissing you off at the moment. That’s where you need to look. Leo is ruled by the element of fire. It is time for action. What is holding you back?

graphic reading "do the work before the work does you. A bee at the bottom, circled in leaves and a moon phase.

There is an element of lion taming involved here I want to touch on. Leo energy can make for messy times later. I want you to do the thing and face it but try not to eat anyone you will regret losing. Be strong but temper it with grounding and clarity (grounding is a great practice for this Full Moon). Think ‘royalty’ what kind of King/ Queen/Regent do you want to be in this world? Hopefully a gracious, wise one, not a tyrant.

Some positive news; there is a conjunction happening between Venus (planet of love, money and relationships) and Mars (planet of action, war and passion) just before the moon peaks. Expect breakthroughs in these areas…not necessarily quiet smooth ones. There might be some roaring involved first (sorry, not sorry).

Some potentially less positive news (depending on how you feel about shadow work😅), Pluto (death, transformation, the underworld) is inconjunct/quincunx with The Moon (our inner selves, shadows and deepest desires) meaning they are very much triggering each other. There will be an adjustment that need to be made to accommodate this. This brings intensity (drama). Don’t be surprised if it brings up explosions, outbursts, high emotions around things that are no longer serving you. This is one way to identify what needs releasing (but messy), I would recommend making space to get there gently through grounding, journaling and meditations. In fact giving yourself and situations space is going to serve you no end.

To Sum Up

It’s an intense time. Leo is calling for us to make space for our highest selves to really shine through. Release the need for control and follow our creative callings whatever area that is in. Be the lion and the lion tamer if you want to avoid making a big old mess. Things that are coming up for you are the areas you are being called to let go of. Are you living the life you want to be living? What hold’s you back from unleashing all of your power and being 100% authentic in every situation? Start with 10% it feels so good. I promise. Embrace your divine, regal energy but be conscious of the kind of royalty you want to be. When you have identified the blockages to you stepping into your power I recommend this easy Full Moon Ritual.

A Venus/Mars conjunction will highlight areas of love, lust, relationships and passion. Look for opportunities to release what no longer serves in these areas and embrace what excites you.

Pluto and The Moon are battling it out. Expect extreme outbursts, fears, worries and secrets to come to the fore. This is great for change and setting us on the right path but is likely to be messy.

Try to make as much space for yourself as possible in the next few days to be gentle, lean into your divinations and self care. We are being called to step into our power, now is the time to release anything which doesn’t serve that purpose. I highly recommend this spell to call your power back to you. I like to do it as part of a bath ritual. Keep an eye on my socials for tarot spreads, shadow work prompts and general fuckery as we move through this lunation.

Be strong my darlings, the strength of the lion but also the maiden who masters him.

Peace out Witches ✌️

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Love Kate xxx


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