New Moon in Aries Friday 1st of April

Alright Darlings, this is it. The New Moon in Aries marks the start of the new astrological year. We have moved through the Equinox at Ostara into the growing part of the year. Now is the time get growing. This is going to be a powerful time to push forwards with plans and wishes, make big change and forge the path to summer, harvest, another cycle of the wheel and great things. LET’S FUCKING GOOOOO!

Aries holds dominion over the 1st house, our outward selves, how we appear to others. I think of it as the way we walk down the path. How do you want to move forwards? Is it with confidence and sure footedness rather than stumbling and afraid of attack or a big hole to fall in? Now is a time to make a conscious choice for yourself. Ruled by the element of Fire, Aries energy is all about action, alchemy and seizing what is ours. There is always a risk of being too forceful and charging in, like the ram butting heads with anything in our way. I mean, sure you can choose this option but is that who you want to be? This New Moon brings us an opportunity to mindfully, intentionally look at the coming year and all that potential and decide what we want for ourselves. What are you feeling called to do? What exciting goals and wishes do you have? Now is the time to make them a reality.

Being a New Moon ,it is a time for manifesting. Being the first new moon, it is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. You could think of it like making new year’s resolutions but for wishing not for giving shit up. Aries brings us a chance to wish for yourself in terms of who you want to be and what you want to achieve for yourself. What are your personal goals? Maybe it’s in terms of career, new adventures, travel, breaking free of toxic patterns, full life shake ups. Who do you want to be by the end of the year, what do you want for yourself? If you’re on the wrong path expect to be shunted (this also hurts but I’ll come to that in a moment). Now is a perfect time to start creative projects, set things in motion and to take chances. Use it to manifest opportunity, dream big (like really fucking big) and ask for anything that would help you achieve your dreams. You got this, you can have everything you want you just have to be brave enough to ask and then brave enough to act. There is no point asking for new exciting things and then being too scared to do it. The universe rewards bravery. Maybe even a bit of Ram-ish, headstrong, unstoppable bravery.

If there is something coming up for you this new moon that feels like it could lead to everything you’ve been asking for but you’re scared or not sure. Like you are waiting for a signier sign. This is it! Grab it by the horns, do the thing! It’s one thing to say you will do the thing, another to do it. My energy has been a lot of this recently. I keep saying “Exciting things are happening. Now I have to actually do what I said I wanted to do. It’s exciting. But also eeeeek”.

This New Moon brings all the fresh start vibes. There are conjunctions between the Sun, Moon (both in Aries because it’s a new moon), Mercury and Chiron. This is going to bring an opportunity to heal from old wounds and move forward on the path in a different way. Mercury rules communication, commerce and exchange and Chiron is our old centaur friend, the wounded healer. I love Chiron energy, it’s a time for shadow work (I hear you groaning ‘not more shadow work Kate’. yes more shadow work. Always shadow work). Old wounds and old shit come up because it’s time to heal it and let it go. Embrace it. This energy combined with fiery Aries (god of war) brings us an opportunity to look at our shit and how we would like to do it differently. Maybe your goals for yourself this year are to finally put some work into healing, take control, act and make change. Perhaps like my journey last year it is time to look at your boundaries, start saying no and being more intentional about where you put your energy. If so, there is a bunch of content in my rantings section you may find useful about self-love, boundaries, triggers, trauma and the patriarchy. There’s loads. I love a rant. Any excuse to get on my soapbox.

Chiron brings a chance to heal our own wounds. He was a master herbalist and knower of things. When working with Chiron lean into your craft for support. Tarot, herbalism and alchemy will serve you. I will be adding some extra candle magic to my New Moon Ritual. The astrology at the moment is giving me real ‘Magician’ Vibes. You have the power to do anything you want. You have the tools you need available to you, you know how they work all you have to do is pick them up and apply them.

The Magician tarot card depicting a crow with hands for feet, holding a knife. Above the head are runes, magical symbols and the symbol for infinity.
The Magician card from my Gate of Horn Oracle deck. Already on my Altar as it comes up a lot,

The connection with Mercury suggests a need to communicate your intentions. Maybe you need support in working through your healing, you don’t need to do it alone lean into your tribe and trusted love ones. Talk about all the things you want for yourself, the act of speaking your intentions out loud is a spell. Even if it is just to yourself or the moon. If there is something that needs leaving behind like a toxic pattern you no longer want to repeat. Talk to someone who loves you about it. It can be as simple as that. They don’t have to even do anything, you stating your desire for change affirms it to yourself. Chiron conjunct mercury asks us to communicate empathy and compassion for ourselves and others as we work through and alchemize old suffering into new growth. It is the exchange, that balance. This work can be done alone but if you have a tribe reach out to them. No doubt they could use some compassion and empathy too.

Other goings on in terms of astrology I feel are important to highlight are: We are still experiencing the connection between Venus (love, beauty and money) and Mars (Aries ruling planet of action and war). The changes this has brought to our lives are still playing out. Now is a good time to tie up loose ends in these areas. Forgive and heal any suffering that has come about and integrate the changes you have made. Growth is hard, it brings up feelings. Feel your feelings.

Uranus (expansive, electric, catalytic energy) is sextile the Sun and Moon bringing transformative energy. Uranus encourages is to look at the bigger picture, break free of limits and reach for the sky by thinking outside of the box.

Saturn(responsibility and boundaries), and Jupiter (hope, order and laws) are sextile. This connection brings further opportunity to look at the patterns and systems you’ve got in place and make changes to serve your path better.

Finally, Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in their home sign of Pisces. This adds to that dream big, dig deep, follow the current energy we have been experiencing. You could check out the previous new moon post for more on Pisces energy here for more on that.

To Sum up…

The Astrological New year brings big ‘fresh start, live the life you want to live’ energy. It’s a very fortuitous time for manifesting. use it as an opportunity to reflect on what you want in the coming year, determine what work needs to be done to achieve that and ask for those opportunities. It is a time to grab opportunity by the horns and take steps on the path you are meant to be walking. Ask yourself what you feel called to do with your life this year? What is your highest purpose? Are you living in alignment with that? What could you ask for that would bring you into greater alignment?

A conjunction between the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron brings a chance to heal ourselves from old wounds and move forwards from that healed space. Old shit is likely to come up, this is because it is calling to be let go. Choose better coping skills and patterns for yourself. Put new things in place to walk the path in a way you will be proud of when you look back on it. Mercury tells us to lean into our communities, support each other and speak our intentions. Chiron shows us we can heal our old wounds using witchcraft, wisdom, plant magic and alchemy of suffering into growth and evolution (there is a ton of content on this website to support these). It is a really powerful time to do shadow work, use your divinations and practice candle magic. I’ll be posting more content on my social media to support you in this.

It’s time to take charge, take life by the horns and just do it. You are capable of anything you want. Whatever your goals and wishes are for yourself don’t miss out on this chance to set your intentions. You can find my basic New Moon Ritual here, try out a ritual bath or shower or just get together with your tribe and talk about all you want for each yourselves and each other this year.

This is it. Do the things you claim to want for yourself get out of your comfort zone. Stop waiting for a signier sign. Remember darlings, Courage is not the absence of fear, it is feeling fear and doing it anyway. Be the magician. You got this.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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