Full Moon in Libra 16th of April 2022

I am writing this post a bit later than usual as I have been so busy dealing with the things this Moon is pushing to the surface. I accept that is how it goes sometimes, I am only one person. The energy of the full moon peaks for about three days and the process of letting go lasts two weeks before the energy shifts again at the new moon and we can fill the cleared spaces with things that serve us better. So, it’s still worth me writing this post especially if, like me, you haven’t had time to reflect and set intentions yet. There’s still time.

How are you doing Darlings? Got enough to be working with have we? Full Moons are a time to let go, any trials you are facing, old shit that is coming up when you thought you had already worked through it (or were pushing down and trying to ignore) is asking to be released. This one is intense AF.

Libra holds dominion over the 7th house, our partnerships and relationships. Something that is constantly being tipped and brought into balance. How we give and receive energy, how we react and can choose to act from a place of consciousness affects the other people we are connected to and vice versa. There’s a piece from a Tim Minchin song that goes “we’re just fucking monkeys in shoes”. I use this a lot to highlight how we can be conscious beings doing our best and what we think is right while simultaneously being reactive, emotive, traumatised beings just trying to do best (while also living through late stage capitalism, fighting the patriarchal system and potential climate apocalypse…maybe give yourself a break sometimes if you’re not coping as well as you would like to 100% of the time).

This Full Moon is bringing us a chance to look at where the imbalance in. What is constantly weighing you down, tipping the scales in the opposite way to what you want? What no longer serves? Libra’s ruling planet is Venus goddess of love, beauty, money. She is intaking of energy so it’s a good idea to look at how you receive these things. How do you feel about them? What limiting (or even toxic) beliefs and ideas are holding you back? In Greek mythology Venus is Aphrodite, not the most sensible measured one when it comes to getting what she wants or being respected the way she thinks she ought to be. This too can tip us off centre and create conflict and distress.

Libra is ruled by the element of air. Unlike Venus’s other sign earthy Taurus which is grounded and tangible; Libra is all about ideas, thought and ideals. There in the problem lies I guess, each of our outlooks and Ideals is so different trying to find the right balance between us is hard especially when it comes to romantic relationships, partnerships and dynamics. This full moon Libra asks us to look at our most important relationships. How we give and receive energy for others and ask if it matches up to our ideas and the balance we need for ourselves. There is a conflict between this moon and Pluto which I’ll go into greater detail to in a minute but seeing as it’s Pluto, the death and ending energy is likely to have thrown up some drama and intensity. This is where we are being called to make change.

Relationships with self are Pluto’s lesson. He asks us (sometimes drags us) into the inner depths of our psyche to really have a look at our traumas, triggers and patterns. He is Hades, lord of the underworld king of shadow work (do the shadow work for fuck sake!!). Embracing our shadow selves and finding the power in doing so allows us to level up and that is his gift. Look at how his relationship with Persephone transformed her from seemingly fragile maiden of spring to maiden of spring AND formidable queen of the underworld. Perhaps it’s time to do the same for yourself rather than playing small and being the ‘good girl’ shake shit up and make space for what is yours.

The conditioning we received as children taught us what love should look like and we had to conform with that to be accepted in society. This is especially apparent when we look at gender roles and how they play out in hetero relationships. But does it serve? does it match up to your ideals? If you’ve been doing the work and you think you’ve got it in pretty good balance when it comes to relationships, that’s awesome! Good for you, How do you use it though? Is there anything that could be tweaked? For me it has been in giving myself a break to enjoy the things that do feel balanced and not constantly look at things to pick at or improve upon. It is possible to become obsessed with healing and forget to make space to receive the things we have been working for in the first place. Partnerships aren’t always romantic either. Libra energy also supports finding balance in work partnerships and communities.

Other notable influences are the Neptune/Jupiter in Pisces conjunction that remains bringing that Piscean follow the path and dream big energy. A connection with the Full Moon and Aries (also in Pisces) will make taking action easier.

To Sum Up

This full Moon highlights the areas of our relationships, partnerships and how we give and receive energy that are off balance and do not serve your path. A clash with Pluto adds an intensity and extremity to the mix. Any conflicts and dramas that blow up are the areas calling for change. It is time look at how/if our ideas about love and partnership are aligned with what we are putting out.

Full Moons are a time to let go and the Pluto influence brings an opportunity to do some really valuable shadow work. Look at the patterns and limiting beliefs we have, where they come from, are they even your beliefs or are you playing out some societal norm that doesn’t really fit you? The simple act of shining a light on these areas can bring about massive change and shifts. What needs to be released to make space for things that fit you better?

Our most important relationships bring the most challenges because they are the most important ones but it is a good opportunity to look at your relationships as a whole including our relationship to our self. So much other destructive behaviour including others all comes from our relationship with self. Take responsibility for what is yours, how you feel and what you can do to make change…it’s shadow work…do the shadow work.

You can find my basic full moon ritual here to support you. Lean into support from your friends and loved ones, talk to them about what you feel no longer serves and where you want to make change and you will soon find that you are not alone in feeling unbalanced. the scales do not stay level there are too many factors. We aren’t aiming for perfection here (because it is a construct) just to add a bit of conscious intention to it rather than react and tipping everyone else’s scales too.

Apologies I haven’t been as on it this full moon and put out more content but hey, it is what it is sometimes. Hopefully the intensity moves off quickly and I can bring you a bunch of awesome Beltane content ASAP. That is my intention anyway.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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