New Moon in Gemini 30th of May

Right Darlings, time to put on your big witch pants and do some work. The New Moon in Gemini along with a tonne of Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) energies is bringing opportunity to make big headway in terms of your path. The full moon in Scorpio threw up a bunch of lessons (how are you holding up?). Now it’s time to reflect, make change and push forward from a new foundation. Let’s go!

Gemini energy is all about thought, communication, new ideas, curiosity, learning and the in and out flow of intelligence. There is also a sense of community/sibling love, sacrifice and overcoming ego as Gemini tells the story of Castor and Pollux (one mortal, one immortal) they are the embodiment of duality and finding balance between our highest selves and our Ego. When you look at imagery relating to Gemini, the twins are often depicted as female but Gemini has big masculine energy; bringing direction, clarity and action. They’re all about truth; being radically honest about the part our ego has to play in the choices we make, what we want to change and how we would like to live in greater alignment with our highest self. In the story of Castor and Pollux, Castor was killed by his cousin Idis. Zeus gave Pollux the chance to save his brother by giving him half of his immortality. To us this might not seem like a big deal but he gave up his IMMORTALITY, no questions asked. Just yep, he’s my twin, I love him, do it. Later when both brothers passed into the underworld, Zeus, so moved by Pollux’ sacrifice, gave them a place in the stars; a true immortality (here I am still talking about them now). To me, this story highlights the necessity of sacrifice in achieving what we want. It is fucking hard to look at ourselves with such honesty. It hurts to look at it, it hurts to recognise that we have to make changes within ourselves first, in order to make change outside of ourselves. You want a job that better aligns with your morals, what’s stopping you? You want a more passionate relationship, what is holding you back from asking for it? You want to heal and move past old patterns, why haven’t you? Once you have identified the why’s you can look at how to make change. Maybe you need support, for many of us (myself included) asking for help is the scariest thing of all. This New Moon brings us an opportunity to act upon conflict between head and heart. What the heart wants vs what the mind (and it’s conditioning) tells us is safer/more logical.

The answer is heart. Always. End of. Sure, use your head to translate what the heart wants but don’t let that dumb bitch take the wheel. She’s afraid of everything.

This New Moon is a powerful opportunity to speak your goals into reality. Ruled by the element of air, Gemini reminds to be mindful of our words. The use of speech and transmutation of ideas into action is hella important. When we speak our intentions out loud we are committing them to the universe/gods/spirit and also ourselves. This is one of the ways manifesting works. The commitment and acknowledge to self that you want to change something brings it to the conscious. The words you use to describe yourself will be highlighted with this new moon. If you speak in a way that devalues you, put yourself down and express futility and negativity all the time that is what you will experience. Sure life is a shit show sometimes; rant, shout let it out, but remember to speak kindly to yourself. Sometimes this can be easily achieved with reframing for example. I can express that something is bullshit, that it’s unjust and hard to overcome but I can finish with “I can do hard things”. Because I can. There’s an older post here about the power of words in witchcraft if your interested.

The past couple of weeks have been challenging for many of us. The Full Moon in Scorpio, Eclipse season and retrograde Pluto and Mercury brought a fuck tonne of old shit to the surface. The things we didn’t want to acknowledge, things we thought we had put to bed (healing is not linear), old patterns, old wounds challenges and painful lessons. The New Moon in Gemini is saying: “ok, time to reflect, what did you learn, what do you need to focus energy on now? What changes need to be made to move onto a path that better aligns with your values, morals and purpose? What shadow shit did you uncover? What work needs to be done?” Maybe it is looking at self belief and value and what holds you back, maybe (probably) you have some inner child work to do. Speaking of inner child work, if your inner teen has been kicking off (“IT’S NOT FAIR, FUCK YOU!”) recently it’s a good time to be looking at how you want to use that anger as a motivator but I’ll come to that in a minute.

New Moons are for manifesting. At the Full moon and as we move through the waning stage we are given opportunity to let go, to release. Now we decide what we want to fill that filled space with. It’s a chance to ask for guidance, support, strength, opportunity, freedom, grace, patience, clarity of vision or my favourite for Gemini season ‘a clear mind to speak clearly on matters’. How are your communication skills by the way? Do you feel you are being heard? Is your message getting across? Have you been to forceful or not forceful enough? Have you been honest or have you been playing it small for the sake of sparing the feelings of others (or yourself)?

Gemini symbol. line drawing of two identical women's face, facing each other, surrounded by stars above the astrological symbol for Mercury.

Mercury has a lot going on…

Gemini is Ruled by Mercury and there is so much happening with Mercury this new moon. First of all, Mercury Retrograde is coming to an end (yaaay!) but there is a shadow phase of about 2 weeks (less yaaay). This is where the reflection comes in; If you didn’t learn your lesson, you’ll be given another chance to, might as well put some energy into doing the work and exploring what has come up for you and what it is trying to show you. There is a big sense of second chances here, things that didn’t go the way you wanted during retrograde/eclipse season will resurface so that you can try a different tact. For the love of the god’s! don’t waste it! Do something different this time!

Secondly, Mercury Squares with Saturn just before Saturn becomes retrograde. (I know, Sorry) Saturn is the planet of restriction, boundary and responsibility. He is Kronos, Titan father of Zeus who devoured his children. Often linked with toxic masculinity and the patriarchy (Ew). Squares indicate conflict so, expect expect your thoughts, ideas and what your trying to move forwards with to be challenged (that’s ok, we love a challenge) time to get your ducks in a row. There is a sense of Karma with Saturn retrograde. Karma as in ‘you receive what you put out’. How this goes for you will depend on the work you have done but do keep in mind the Gemini practice of speaking into action, if you are intending to make positive change and turn things around for yourself Karma will show you the progress you are making. If you’ve been shit…erm expect a shitty time (maybe consider being less shit). Also, do not be surprised if an old action bites you on the ass now.

Furthermore, Mercury in trine with retrograde Pluto (planet of deaths, transformation and shadow work) brings power to healing old shit. Another chance to some really awesome shadow work and release more of what has been holding you back. This work is constant practice and it is not sunshine and rainbows by any means. However by doing the work you stop your unconscious, unresolved shit from making a mess in your life. It’s time to turn that shit around.

And finally (in terms of Mercury connections anyway), Mercury is conjunct with the fixed star Angol. Angol represents Medusa, a story the relevance of which I was literally talking about last night before I came to write this post today:

Medusa, a call to action

Modern witches have taken Medusa as a goddess rather than just a monster. Her story is monstrous yes, but there is a gift in her viciousness one being embraced as a symbol for survivors of male violence. An ongoing rise of dark feminine power in the world, one I am fucking here for! We know the Story: Perseus, charged by Athena (or a dare from his mothers creepy suitor) set out to chop off the gorgon’s head and bring it back. A flying horse emerging from her neck to carry him home to victory and (intentionally?) turn King Polydectes to stone when he proved he had achieved the task. The head was then given back to Athena. But this is Perseus’ story. Medusa has her own.

A beautiful young priestess of Athena, So devoted to her that she turned down the affections of a God. Athena is described as a ‘Virgin’ Goddess as were her priestesses. Seeing as virginity is a patriarchal construct and doesn’t imply purity perhaps these ‘virgin’ goddesses were actually Sapphic (other goddesses such as Artemis denounced men and Athena had a love for Pallas so strong she took on her name before her own). Not requiring the input from the male population or the divine masculine as they cultivated that in themselves probably wasn’t something they wanted living on in stories. To me this makes more sense. Especially as the stories told over the years have been manipulated by the patriarchy and Medusa’s story highlights this so clearly. Obviously it can’t be because of the oppression and abuse of power from men, it must be about virginity and female jealousy. So, anyway, gorgeous, dedicated Medusa attracts the attentions of Poseidon and dismisses them.

Poseidon takes her anyway, on the very altar of Athena. But what can Athena do about it? He is a God and they already have beef between them. Instead she turns her attentions to the devastated, ruined woman she could not protect and makes her a weapon. Or, perhaps as she could not undo what Poseidon had done she let Medusa become the monster she felt she had become due to his actions. The rage that built in her, the indiscriminate hatred she had for the men and the gods who let this happen to her, transformed her into a Gorgon. The only mortal of the three (was this a gift?), with snakes in place of her once golden hair and the power to turn men to stone. She retreated from the world to hide herself away until Athena sent another to free her from her suffering, just as she was about to experience the agony of birthing Poseidon’s spawn.

The Pegasus which emerged at her beheading, the offspring of Poseidon’s rape, had been within her the whole time. Along with his twin brother Chrysaor, they came into existence when Medusa’s blood met the sea. One a symbol of hope and purity the other a ‘golden blade’, a weapon favoured by Aries, Athena’s brother. He is described as a great boar, a warrior or a sword. Interesting that these two things emerge from the anguish of Medusa; Winged hope and a golden blade wielded by men. What is it for? Continued oppression or freedom from oppression?

Medusa’s head (and the polished shield Athena gave Perseus to use) became a sacred weapon of it’s own: The Aegis. Used by both Athena and Zeus in battle to turn men to stone it has become a symbol of empowerment for woman and those oppressed by male violence. Bringing light to the darkness of Medusa’s story. People are taking back their own stories and transmuting the suffering put upon them into power. (side note: if you see a person with a medusa tattoo it usually represents the overcoming of such an atrocity, it is a way for some people to honour their journey in taking back their power. Be sensitive)

medusa illustration. she looks serene surrounded by botanicals with snakes for hair
Medusa artwork by Annette Illustrations check them out at https://www.instagram.com/anetteprs/

This connection between Mercury and Angol feels positive to me in that it will help give voice to those who feel the energy of this dark goddess rising in them. I see it on a micro and macro level as people are waking up to the change we need. I’ve spoken about this before but it feels particularly potent at this time; there is a collective shift happening as people (particularly women) are awakening to their sacred rage. The patriarchal system (here is a lovely rant for you) is facing it’s demise so, is pushing back harder than ever. We will either push through it and make change or face further oppression and persecution and some sort of global totalitarian apocalypse. The change needs action, it needs fighters. This could be fighting for change in terms of activism or fighting for change in our own lives and relationships. In witchcraft we talk about ‘me, we, us’. Making change in our lives, healing, growing and expanding our power; allows us to support others in doing so and this in turn ripples out into the collective. You may feel confident/angry enough to be active in the collective. I know witches are pooling their energy to bring about positive outcomes worldwide.

If you have been feeling this rage rising in you, good. Use it. Let it be the fuel for change. I feel it important to highlight I am not encouraging you to go out and oppress or attack those you see as problematic in the same way as women have been oppressed and attacked. But to use your unique situations, the things that affect you and those around you and challenge that shit with love, strength and grace. You can be a dignified warrior (also, I mean, if you are prepared to face the consequences of *ahem*darker work I support you in that too) It’s time for change. Medusa reminds us, and the world that feminine is dark and powerful, rage is sacred and we will use it.

This connection between Mercury and Algol is happening square (conflicting) with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries bringing all of this together in a really fucking real way. Mars is Aries, god of war, the masculine (yeah it could be healthy masculinity at this point but I’m not seeing much of that) fiery, action driven and often blinded by ego is teaming up with expansive Jupiter (Zeus, sky daddy himself). Now, this could go either way. I’d like to think it indicates an expansion in the ways of the masculine and maybe it does but that will come from this Medusa, sacred rage energy. It’s time to challenge to toxic masculinity present within ourselves in terms of the internalised misogyny, within our communities and within the collective. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the change will come from those men who can hear the suffering of the oppressed feminine, access their own femininity, feel it and use it to heal the masculine. If you’re a man, listen to the experiences of the women you care about, challenge the bullshit you see in other men. If you’re a woman be prepared to fight, ask for what you need to help you in this, lean into the support of other women. Challenge the micro aggressions, channel some of that Medusa energy. This is a chance to make some huge changes. No sense in staying small to keep the peace. This peace isn’t very peaceful especially for those minorities who suffer the worst in this society. It is a privilege to be able to turn a blind eye to the horrors happening in the world right now. I have a rant brewing on this but I’ll leave it for now (or will I?)

To Sum Up

This New Moon in Gemini is asking us to reflect on all the lessons we have received recently. Look at the old wounds that have been opened and release them. Look at the path ahead of you in terms of morals, relationships (including relationship to self) and how you are living your life. Does it align? What changes could be made so that it does? What can you ask for this new moon to bring you into that alignment? strength? clarity? opportunity? support? guidance? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to ask for that. You could use my basic new moon ritual.

With Pluto, Mercury and Saturn retrograde, shadow work is going to serve you best. Do the work before the work does you and there is much work to be done in the coming weeks.

A connection between Mercury and the fixed star Angol (aka Medusa) brings a need to use and communicate the sacred feminine rage that is rising. This is happening square to Mars (war) conjunct Jupiter (action). These two masculine energies are supporting each other and being challenged by the Mercury/Angol connection. Expect a turbulent time and an opportunity to challenge the systemic patriarchal bullshit. Awaken the dark feminine use it to heal the masculine find harmonious union between them on an individual level, within our communities and the collective. It’s a chance to make lasting change, use this opportunity to manifest what you need to be a force for that change.

It’s set to be an interesting couple of weeks darlings. Lean into your self care to balance out the work that is to be done. Slow done where possible, ground yourself at every opportunity, take up and offer support where possible. Lean into the support of your tribe. Especially if you identify as a woman. We are stronger together that is why we have been divided for so long.

It’s time to take up space, I don’t need to tell you to be strong my darlings you already are.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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