Super Full Moon in Sagittarius Tuesday 14th of June

There is a dense energy with this moon Darlings. The last week we have felt it rising, working towards a crux point so that it may be released (which, depending on how you work with this energy, could go either way in terms of explosions). This has had us feeling angsty, frustrated, stuck and conflicted. I kept saying I felt like I was living on shifting sand; not only hard to move in but I kept finding my centre only to wobble off the other side for a moment before coming back.

With Litha just around the corner this is a great opportunity to let go of anything which doesn’t serve your highest purpose. And by highest purpose I mean your own truest path. The one that aligns with your morals, what you feel called to do, what brings you peace, joy and a sense of purpose (what we are all striving for right?). Many of us think of it as destiny but for me that implies too little ownership. Your path is yours. It’s easy to think that when you are on the right path it will all be bright and breezy. The reality is that there are still obstacles to overcome, challenges to get through and work to be done. Taking ownership of your own path is a great place to start, working with the moon cycles allows us to do just that. We become observant to our path, use our intuition to guide us and harness the energies present to aid us.

This Full Moon has thrown up conflict in this area for many of us; the conflict between who are, how we present ourselves to the world and our deepest wants for ourselves (what we feel called to do) has been a challenge. Ruled by Jupiter (Zeus himself), Sagittarius energy is all about expansion over contraction, intuition, learning and philosophy. Represented by the Centaur, he sets his sights high, plots his aim using the knowledge of the universe he has acquired through study, and looses his arrow. Sagittarius is keen to learn the mysteries of the universe. In Greek mythology they were wise and chaotic. They found wisdom in astrology, philosophy and music but kept their wildness.

a graphic that reads "super Full Moon in Sagittarius, 14th of June. Black text on white background. 

A bow and arrow within a moon, surrounded by stars with the astrological symbol for Sagittarius at it's centre.

This Full Moon, Sagittarius asks us to take stock of where we are and use our gifts to guide us; be it intuition, an affinity for chaos, reconnecting with our wildness or loosing that arrow. There as an element of refocusing mindsets here from that philosophical, knowledge seeking student. If you, like many of us have felt caught up in this push/pull between expansion and what gets in the way of that expansion, now is the perfect time to release the feelings you have towards that and recentre yourself. Sagittarius is ruled by the element of fire so, a time to take action and transform your struggles into lessons and growth.

This conflicting energy is coming from a bunch of places: firstly there is a bunch of Saturn energy in the form of a trine with the Sun and Moon. Trine’s are seen as a positive flow of energy. Saturn is currently stationed retrograde (sarcastic yaaay) so although you could see the lessons it brings as positive in terms of growth it is not comfortable to live through (Growth happens in the hard parts). Saturn is the opposite force to Jupiter, He is is restriction, limitation and responsibility. In the Greek myths he is Kronos devourer of his own children and is often associated with that toxic patriarchal sense of fear based oppression (fun!). That is not to say that this is necessarily a bad thing as it brings us lessons and opportunity to overcome the challenges and restrictions this energy brings.

Secondly, there is square between Neptune, The Sun, The Moon and Saturn (more fucking Saturn!) Neptune is Poseidon God of the sea. He represents deep emotions, universal love and connection, deep intuition but also a destructive force capable of delusion, entitlement and rape, gotta love those Greek gods. Square’s bring more conflict but with rich rewards over time (growth happens in the hard parts!)

The combination of all this makes me audibly groan as I know it’s not going to be a fun time. However, applying some of that shadow work loving attitude, I am excited to see what is on the other side of it. And what I see is this: There is an opportunity to make our dreams a reality but the thing about manifesting (even though we are releasing this is still manifesting work) is that things don’t just drop into your lap. The journey to your dreams is in every step, thought and micro movement. Challenging your mindset, saying ‘no’ to what does not serve and ‘yes’ to what you feel called to. It takes work. When you ask for something or even to be free of something, you are given opportunities to follow through with it. This full moon Sagittarius asks us to look at the bigger picture, Saturn shows us where the limitations are and Neptune shows us how we feel about it all, along with a bunch of confusion and deception to make us really fucking look. If you feel like things have been particularly trying this week, stuff like falling into old patterns, old wounds opening, self destruction tempting us to give up completely or give ourselves a break through avoidant behaviours; this is where you need to be looking. This is where your attention is called for. Perhaps it’s to time to release old mindsets and negative self talk (more on this in a moment), to release the mask you put on and live more authentically, to own the part of you that feels called to a path and follow where you are lead rather than saying you can’t for whatever reason. Perhaps it is not in great leaps but small tweaks and steps. Perhaps it’s about boundaries (a piece on those here), practicing saying ‘no’ more and making space to follow what you want to say ‘yes’ to. Our direction (and path) is being challenged to show us what we really want. Emotions are messages from the soul, they are the map that will lead the way (more on honouring emotions here). If it feels wrong it probably is. likewise, if it lights you up follow it.

With it being a super moon, the energy and emotion is high. There will be no avoiding this work but you can choose how you act upon it. Focus on communicating your emotions, wants and requests in a way you will feel good about later. I’m not saying avoid conflict to keep the peace. I’m saying put some energy into knowing what you want to say and do in line with YOUR morals. Don’t let the dense energy and emotions of others throw you off course. You’ve been shown where your limits are this last week or so, what your uncomfortable with, now is a chance to release some of the emotions and make changes to bring yourself into better alignment. Embrace the chaos but don’t be rash with it.

Sagittarius reminds us to look at the bigger picture. Things maybe frustrating and irritating now but what are they showing you? What needs releasing? Where are you heading and also look how far you’ve come already. Lean into practices that help you do this be it grounding, meditating, dancing or connecting with like minded people (women’s circle’s anyone?). Release the heavy energy that has built up through the eclipse season and mercury retrograde. Release the shitty thoughts about where you ‘should’ be ( I loathe the word ‘should‘) by now or why you aren’t where you want to be yet. take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come in the past year in terms of your path. What changes have you made? What have you overcome? What did you do that you never dreamt you could have? Where have you shown strength? Or courage? What have you faced and overcome to get where you are? These were all steps on your path just as the ones you face now are. You can’t just jump to your future with out doing the work. This is the path to there. This is how you get there.

Photo of a country lane in Devon with lots of boulders on it, encircled and shaded by trees it makes a tunnel shape.
The path ahead.

Which brings me to my next bit. There is an ongoing conjunction between Mars, planet of action, war and passion and Chiron, the wounded healer (Chiron is also a centaur, you can read more of his story here). There is an opportunity here to heal some of those deep Masculine wounds.

SIDENOTE: Before I get into this I want to highlight that when I speak in terms of Masculine and Feminine and energy. I am referring to Jungian archetypal theology not gender as in men do this and women do that. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. The balance of which is unique to us. We live in a society that values the masculine behaviours and perceived traits as valuable and shames and devalues the feminine ones such as connection to emotions, intuitive wisdom etc you know, because of the patriarchy. The oppression of the feminine over generations in both genders has frankly, fucked things up. This is toxic to all. Gender is a construct and doesn’t determine anything about who you are in terms of value to society. This is a lie constructed to keep us divided. Exploring the traits of divine masculine and feminine within oneself, the conditioning and collective trauma is heavy work but it is work close to my heart because I believe that is the way forward out of this mess. Honouring and respecting each equally in the collective and celebrating the uniqueness of each person, one could argue that women can access feminine gifts easier and vice versa but I feel this is because of conditioning it also dismisses the gifts of non binary, gender fluid, trans and intersex folks. There is something to be said for the wisdom of those who walk these paths. Look at ‘two spirit’ in native american cultures for example or hermaphrodism (a conversation I would love to go into another day). The system has with held us from our full capacity by oppressing the gifts of both masculine and feminine energy. It has been out of balance or too long. It is time to tip those scales and for that we need equity first.

Aaaaaanyway, healing masculine wounds. The Masculine gifts are those of ‘doing’, that force that can witness, contain and direct energy into life. He is concubine, lover, father, warrior, mystic and witness. However, when he is wounded he is oppressive, defensive, overbearing, rash and destructive. We have a balance of masculine and feminine within each of us. Signs of a wounded masculine are I just mentioned. They can manifest in ourselves as this need to be productive constantly, to prove our worth, to need to win every battle, to rule rather than lead, to only want to solve or fix and not see witness and honour. I witness it in myself when I am simply ‘being’; enjoying being present in the moment or following my creativity. It’s this little conditioned voice in my head who says “you should be being productive” or “you’re being greedy/lazy/arrogant/slutty whatever”. I’ve gotten better over the years as I’ve come into better alignment with myself and no longer allow one side of myself to criticise the other.

This connection with Chiron brings an opportunity to look at this masculine energy and how it manifests in you, your relationships and conditioning and socialising and do some healing. In what areas do you doubt yourself? Do you have imposter syndrome? Do you question your worth? Do you value ‘doing’ over ‘being’? Do you withhold rest? Do you see spiritual practice as something you ‘should’ be doing and shame yourself for not doing so? Are you judgemental on yourself or the perceived productivity of others? These are all indicators that you have work to do in these areas. This Full Moon is also a perfect chance to start that work. It can be as simple as asking yourself those questions and following with ‘where did I learn that?’. Also, this connection is happening in Aries. So, acting on it will be nigh on impossible to avoid. Might as well own it and embrace it. Do the work before it does you and all that.

Ok some positive bits(ish), there is still this connection with Algol aka Medusa bringing the strength needed to overcome these challenges particularly the stuff thrown up from all this masculine energy. One of my mantra’s at the moment is ‘find and connect with the feminine, use it to heal the masculine, achieve greater alignment, as above so below’. With Medusa there is hope and the dark feminine gifts but also a sense of having the strength to show ones authentic self without prettying it up for the comfort of others. You can read more of her story in my previous astrology post here. Leaning into feminine gifts such as intuition, witchcraft and honouring a full range of emotions can support you in doing the other work. You may also want to lean into her darker gifts such as wrath, destruction and vengeance. If this helps you find your voice and fight for your truest path in the face of oppression, have at it! PETRIFY THE PATRIARCHY!

Finally there is a conjunction between Venus and Uranus that brings together Love (love being an expression of creative energy) and revolution so keep an eye out for any surprises or breadcrumbs for you to follow in this. A chance to say yes to more of what lights you up and some serendipitous opportunities to follow where you are lead. This could be in the form of a new lover, ideas about relationship constructs, sex, opportunities to explore play, creative pursuits. Whatever it presents as for you, if you feel a bit of “ooh that looks shiny and exciting”. FOLLOW IT! It is going to lead to something revolutionary for you.

To Sum Up

There has been some building fuckery afoot this last week or so which is about to come to a head/be released. The push/pull energy between expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn has highlighted the areas we want to make change in order to live in greater alignment with our path. The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings us an opportunity to release what no longer serves, look at the bigger picture, adjust our aim if necessary and take action. It is an opportunity to release the heavy emotions that have built up from eclipse season, mercury retrograde and said fuckery. There is focus on introspection and addressing the healing of the masculine. Releasing self judgement and shame that comes from internalised misogyny (mmm my favourite).

Community support will be very healing at this time, get together with loved ones and discuss what has been plaguing you lean into that support. Make time for any practice which allows you to move energy through you and leave behind anything which doesn’t serve you could try grounding, dancing, tapping or mirror gazing. (I have a post on this coming up). Lean into the feminine gifts to support you, access the strength that allows you to remove the mask and live more authentically in line with your values.

Sagittarius reminds us to look at the bigger picture; to recognise that work we are doing now is what is necessary to get is to where we want to be. Release any self judgement and take a moment to appreciate how far you have come before regrouping and asking what needs releasing now to better serve your highest purpose. Ask yourself the big questions about where your conditioning comes from, address the masculine wounds within yourself and any imbalance you feel needs releasing.

A Venus/Uranus connection will bring an opportunity for something revolutionary in terms of love, money and creativity. Be open to it. It’s got ‘follow the white rabbit vibes for me’. If something comes up that attracts you, sparks your creativity and excitement follow it. see where it leads.

You can find my basic Full Moon releasing to support your practice ritual here. I will be holding space for some of the women in my community this evening but I aim to put up some shadow work prompts and tarot spreads to support you in the coming days as we move through the waning cycle so keep an eye on my socials.

It’s a tense time and tensions are high. Give yourself a chance to centre yourself but don’t back down darlings. Take ownership of your path and follow where you feel called with the confidence of a dark goddess.

Blessings on your journey and your path. I hope the direction comes through loudly for you all.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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