New Moon in Cancer 29th of June 2022

It’s Cancer Season and that means my usual rant about feeling feelings and not being judgemental to Cancarians who have to practice this all the time lest we be drowned. No, it isn’t as glamorous or mysterious as some of the other signs but it is damned fucking important. Your feelings are messages from the soul. They show where a boundary has been crossed, value been disrespected or an old wound opened that is asking for some healing. You can read a tasty little rant about honouring emotions here. This New Moon brings an opportunity to level up in terms of spirituality but it will require a lot of work with your emotions (sarcastic yaaaay).

Cancer is ruled by The Moon, She is the ultimate feminine energy ruling our intuition, psyche, emotions, personal self (rather than outward), values, trauma healing and past selves. New Moons bring an opportunity to really bring alignment to the masculine and feminine within each of us (in my last post I went into what I mean by Masculine and Feminine, you can find it here) as The Sun and Moon are always conjunct (that’s what a new moon is) so the energy flow between them is beneficial. A chance to go deeper, get vulnerable and make changes to bring our inner worlds (the moon) and outer selves (the sun) into greater alignment. The answer to which is shown to you by your emotions. New Moons are a time for manifesting. Filling cleared space with things better suited. A New Moon in Cancer requires us to do some soul searching first. The things that have been upsetting you of late are calling for change but before we can make that change, we must intuit why. What is the emotion, is it a trigger form an old wound or relative to the situation before you? Do you recognise it? When else have you felt that way? Once you’ve identified it and most importantly allowed it to move through you you can reflect on What is it calling your attention to? What needs some healing or change? Why is it important? What value does it align with? Who is it for? What has been holding you back from doing it before? Was it fear? If so, what could you ask for to help you overcome it. What can you manifest for yourself at this New Moon that will allow you to heal or make that change?

New Moon in Cancer black on white graphic. A crab with astrological symbols, surrounded by stars sits within a moon

Likely, being a Cancer Moon and Cancer season the feelings will have made themselves very known to you. Make time to sit with them and use them to understand what they are trying to tell you. Cancer is all about self care as this helps to balance out the turmoil of all these feelings. What better self care than witchcraft? She is also nurturing and supportive. Whatever is coming up for you, trust you are not alone and reach out to your support network if you feel like you are drowning. On that note this is a good time to do ancestral healing work. We are the curse breaker generation, what you heal and transcend now goes back through your ancestral line. You can read more on that here. You can also find my ancestral healing ritual here should you feel called to go deep with it.

Elsewhere in Astrology

Adding to the rising of feelings you may be experiencing is some potential drama in a conflict between Jupiter and The Moon. Jupiter is Zeus (Sky Daddy himself) planet of expansion, faith, hope and morality, he can also be destructive in terms of overindulgence, blind optimism and arrogance. So, expect to have to overcome blockages in these areas in order to reach your deeper depths and expand into your highest potential.

To balance all of this out and bring in some potential healing is an abundance of Venus energy. She is sextile to Jupiter and Semi sextile to The Sun and Moon in Cancer (it’s fucking intense). So, there is expansion of Love and abundance through the Venus-Jupiter connection; that loving energy can support bringing our deepest most true feminine selves to the surface (the moon) and into our outer, direct Masculine actions (the sun). All of this has conflict with Jupiter bringing conflict to our personal expansion. There is going to be some wild emotional shit to deal with, some lessons to be learnt (potentially ones you have visited before that you can finally overcome) but by leaning into that loving Venus energy the opportunity for expansion and spiritual growth is massive. Use the cancer gift of emotional consciousness, make time for self care and ask for anything to support your growth this new moon. It’s time to break through these blockages.

This Moon is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Which is actually a point not a planet. Lilith needs no introduction I’m sure. She is Dark Goddess energy, particularly divine rage. Something that is loud on micro and macro levels at the moment. Working with Dark Goddess energy allows us to embrace and love the parts of ourselves that have been shunned by society for centuries. She will not be silenced. There is much to be said for Divine Rage and the power it holds. Particularly in the feminine. It is something that has been suppressed. Women are taught to fear it for it’s ugliness. We are taught we must be soft, gentle and subservient in order to be accepted when the truth is that this power is so great it is something awesome to uphold. Many of us also carry ancestral wounds around this as women have been oppressed, imprisoned and murdered for speaking out. I feel like if there was ever a time to connect with your inner Lilith it is now. To use the rage you feel to empower you to speak up. We do this for ourselves, our ancestors and the women who come after us. I find myself looking in horror at what is happening in the world and know it is the rage of Lilith in all of us that will bring change. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the dark feminine is rising. It is Lilith that we feel. We will not lay below. To work with Lilith is to stop silencing her within yourself, allow yourself to feel angry with no shame, let her out.

Phot of a dressing table with crystals, and a crow lamp and a hare statue. A poster on the wall reads "always Lilith never eve"
My bedside table. The poster was a gift from my mother.

Finally, Neptune is stationed retrograde now until December 28th. Retrogrades bring an opportunity for lessons and bringing issues to the surface. With Neptune it’s all about stripping away illusion and false realities that clouds our vision. The destruction of these illusions can feel harsh and leave us feeling pretty raw but know they are for your highest good. Neptune is currently sextile with Pluto, planet of death and transformation. So, a positive in terms of transformation through letting go of these old illusions and allowing rebirth.

To Sum Up

New Moons are for manifesting, when we are manifesting things like opportunity and abundance it feels lighter than manifesting spiritual growth, alignment and awakenings because the work you will be required to put into the latter is painful by nature. Growth happens in the hard parts. Surrendering to emotions doesn’t mean to be consumed by them but to allow them to move through you and no longer have control over you.

There is a big lean towards healing old wounds in ourselves and those of our ancestral line. This a powerful time for work in these areas as is calling in support from them. Cancer calls for us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, honour our emotions and do the work to release them.

There is conflict to our expansion coming from Jupiter this could bring drama, old patterns and issues around over indulgence such as drugs and alcohol, arrogance and entitlement. However Venus (planet of love, beauty and abundance) is making positive connections with Jupiter, The Moon and The Sun. This is gonna be a wild journey but if you lean into it with love it is going to lead to huge revelations and expansion of your personal power.

There is a lot of Divine Feminine rage present. This rage is sacred and also needed in the world on both a micro and macro level. Awaken the dark feminine allow her to heal her own wounds and the wounds of the masculine and achieve a greater alignment for all.

Use this New Moon to ask for whatever you may need to find this alignment healing or expansion for yourself. It is a perfect time to connect with water energy and allow it cleanse away that will not serve you while filling you up with creative life force energy. You could do this in a living body of water or craft yourself a ritual bath/shower.

Cancer is all about self care, make time for practices which support this especially any which allow you to release stuck emotions such as journaling or mirror gazing. Shadow work will serve you well. Use your intuition to guide you and follow what your feelings are trying to show you. You can find my basic New Moon ritual here for when you have worked out what will serve you best.

Dig deep my darlings, on the other side of all these challenges and feelings is something beautiful.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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