Super Full Moon in Capricorn 13th of June 2022

It’s a Super Moon Darlings! Bringing all the intensity, change and lessons. This one is all about ‘pruning’, cutting away what no longer serves and making the most of the opportunities for new growth that Summer offers. There is so much going on right now in terms of astrology with this one it’s wild. So settle in, lets get into it.

This Full Moon is in Capricorn. Represented by the Sea-Goat, ruled by the element of Earth but with a watery tail. She is all about the tangible and measurable change made by attuning to deeper currents. She is ambitious, head strong and practical. Sometimes hedonistic, self doubting and fearful. The way Capricorns move through the world, the choices they make, are a direct result of their feelings for better or for worse. This energy can be better used with a fuck tonne of self awareness and honouring our emotions. I mean, that is a great to practice all of the time but if you needed a kick up the arse to attend to it, let this be it. What are your deeper feelings right now? With the challenges you are facing, how do you feel triggered to react vs how you want to act? Is there something you could be doing to bring about change that serves you? Is there something holding you back? What are you afraid of? How are your depths affecting your actual actions? Does that align with what you want?

Capricorn is also a master at bringing about change. She knows that perception creates reality; by leaning into our deeper depths we are able to bring about change in the tangible/physical world. You can want something, long for a different path but it is you who has to do the work. Full Moons are traditionally a time for letting go, this includes letting go of paths not meant for you and any blockages to you meeting your highest purpose. It will require work though. It is going to be hard and you may be afraid to make the jump, but do it anyway. The universe rewards bravery. If a completely different path is calling to you, now is the time to make your move. If you long for something different in terms of career, relationships, how you see yourself, how you live your life this is a chance to do move towards exactly that. This will mean letting go of insecurity and facing your fears. There is a strong push towards inner child work as our inner realms affect the outer. What healing does your inner child/inner teen need in order for you to move forwards. For me it was blockages to receiving, self love and allowing myself to trust my intuition and not be swayed by others (particularly around relationships).

Capricorns ruling planet is Saturn. He is limitations, boundaries and restriction. The restrictions we put upon ourselves and those put on us by others. This Full Moon brings an opportunity (or many it would seem) to remove some of those boundaries and reach the other side of resistance. In Greek mythology he is Cronos father of Zeus. So afraid of losing it all, he devoured his own children. An attempt to prevent meeting the same fate as his own father at his hands. This created a self fulfilling prophecy for Cronos. His Wife (and sister, gotta love those Greek gods) Rhea deceived him into swallowing a stone instead of infant Zeus. Zeus later returned, forcing Cronos to disgorge his siblings and begin the war between Titan and God. Zeus then ruled over a golden age of man until he fucked it by giving Pandora that box but that is a story for another day.

There is wisdom to be found in this story, it highlights the need for change, to allow things to die and fall away in order to bring about a new era. Also, how we can be the engineers of our own undoing if we allow fear and ego to rule us. Cronos is often associated with the patriarchy and the oppression; there is a lot I could go into here, especially with what is going on in the collective right now. I want to focus on the internal though. We all have internalised misogyny due to growing up in this society. It is the conditioning we received which limits our view of what we can achieve based on gender roles and it is a lie. It also taught us what our roles had to be in order to contribute to society for example mother, wife/breadwinner, husband and that is also a lie. When we look at the God and the Goddess as archetypes. Yes they have masculine and feminine attributes but they have both within each other also. This system we live in was created to keep us small and it uses these limiting views to do so. Much of what we see happening within the collective is because this is being challenged. It is crumbling (all be it too slowly for my liking) doing the work in dismantling ones own misogyny will add to that deconstruction. Be the change you want to see and all that. Start with your own limiting beliefs and conditioning. Also, if this rubs you up the wrong way then I have an extra poke for you to do some soul searching. If you are saying ‘no, not me, I’m fine the way I am’ I have some other choice words for you involving ‘ego’ and ‘fuck off’. Those who do the work will experience huge shifts. Those who hide from it are going to have a painful awakening soon.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn graphic. A goat with the symbol for Saturn on its head, surrounded by stars within a moon.

Super moons bring an intensified energy. This one is the biggest of the year so expect drama and shit coming to the surface. Whatever struggles have been coming up for you the past few days, especially struggles that have intensified since the New Moon in Cancer, it is because it is calling for healing and releasing. Ask yourself what the lesson is. If it is a repeating pattern, now is a chance to try something different. Break the circle and move out into spiral again. Anything you have been pushing down or trying to ignore is going to come up in a loud way. Do the work before the work does you! This is a really potent moon Darlings, any work you do now will have MASSIVE affect on your future due to influence from other energies (which I will come to in a moment). There is a sense of fate changing. Ask yourself, what have you always wanted for yourself? What is your dream life/job/relationship dynamic? What has stopped you from doing it already? Then work on removing those blockers. Maybe it’s been some deeper wounds and fears, the oppression from others or the systemic conditioning. Maybe it’s your belief in yourself or that you don’t allow yourself to dream that big because you were told it’s ridiculous, unachievable or worse you can’t/shouldn’t.

Whatever is in your way, this Super Moon brings an opportunity to blast through it. On the other side of resistance is awesomeness. Again, it will be hard, and scary, it will take work, things will have to die and crumble away in order to make space for it but don’t let that stop you. You can create your own reality and the ‘portal’ this moon creates offers just that.

The July full moon is known as the ‘buck’ moon as the deer’s antlers have fully grown. with Lughnasadh just around the corner. We are at our peak power too. The great god is at his most virile, the land thrives and ripens, so do our plans and gifts. If there were ever a time to dream big it is now (I know I’m saying this a lot but it is really important).

Elsewhere in Astrology

Here’s where it gets interesting. Brace yourselves. This Full Moon is happening super close to Pluto, Planet of death and transformation. I’ve written about Pluto a lot. He is Hades lord of the underworld, consort to Persephone, king of shadow work. And Shadow work (I know, always with the shadow work) is what will bring you the guidance you need. Visiting one’s personal underworld is brutal and life changing it offers rebirth and Pluto is here to guide you through it. Just as with Persephone Kora embracing the deepest darkest parts of ourselves allows us to level up. Accepting the parts we deem as ugly or painful brings wholeness and unity of self. The things you don’t want to look at are exactly where you need to be looking I’m afraid.

Adding to that (and this is where it gets complicated) there is a trine, which is a positive aspect, between The Sun, Moon (who are opposing each other. This is what brings the tension) Mercury and Uranus. Mercury is Hermes god of communication, commerce, thought, logic and how we put ourselves across. Uranus is the primordial sky god of the same name, grandfather of Zeus. He is expansion, breaking free of limitations, inspiration and break throughs. The Moon in Capricorn bringing light to the boundaries and limit6s; Uranus giving us the power to break through it. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct but opposing the Moon this is where that resistance is intensifies. The outer world and logic in conflict with our deepest selves. Uranus is bringing his expansive energy to all of the other three. So expect breakthroughs in all three of these areas. These intense tensions, the resistance you have been experiencing to moving ahead is about to catapult us forwards into something greater. Unfortunately we will have to move through the discomfort first (sorry not sorry) so lean into this Uranus energy, use it to power you healing and shadow work. Know that is for your highest purpose. To balance out the struggles, Uranus is offering new ideas, new perspective, increased intuition, new opportunities, new ways of being and doing. Amongst the mayhem, keep an eye out for these new things. Follow them.

A word of warning here, this is a chance to break the cycle (each of us has our own) you may be tempted to stay where you are, to repeat the old pattern. It may even come looking like an opportunity to rekindle something; ‘give it one more try’ so to speak. DO NOT! Be awake to this. Hear my voice in your mind shouting “WE’RE NOT FUCKING DOING THIS AGAIN! Time for a different way. Yes, it is scary but greatness lies on the other side. I see this coming individually and as a collective. The Uranus/Mercury connection will be helpful in forming new connections. Follow these. Open yourself to new paths and follow where you are lead.

Finally The North Node, (the moon’s node) which indicates our goals in life within our own charts is in a trine with The Sun, The Moon and Mercury too. Adding to this fate changing, resistance before breakthrough energy. Phew! That was a lot and there is more (Venus is bringing in some loving support, Neptune is still retrograde and adding a lot of fuckery) I just wanted to focus on the parts that come through the loudest.

To Sum Up

We are at a crux point. The resistance and drama we are experiencing is showing us where the blockages to growth lie. It is uncomfortable. It is also necessary to us levelling up. Use this energy to highlight and remove those blockages be they coming from your own conditioning and limiting self views or oppressive energy from others (and the patriarchy). Capricorn tells us to lean into our feelings and use them to bring about radical, real, tangible change for ourselves and the collective (the one affects the other, as above, so below). Shadow work will serve you in shedding a light on what your personal blockages are.

There are some really strong influences coming from Pluto, (planet of death, transformation and rebirth) and Uranus (planet of expansion and breaking free of limitations). This Super Moon has huge potential for change and aligning with exactly what you daren’t ask for. How big do dare to dream? what is stopping you from dreaming even bigger than that? Look at what is holding you back and release it. You can use my basic Full Moon Ritual here.

A positive connection between Mercury and Uranus brings all the new. New opportunities, new ideas, new perspectives and connections. Keep your eyes peeled for new avenues to follow in terms of relationships, career and connection. These are the breadcrumbs you want to be following. There will also be temptation to stay where you are, to fall back into old patterns. This is a test. If you pass it now, great things will follow. If you choose to stay where you are you will kick yourself later.

Make space to allow your intuition to flow with self care and supportive practices such as grounding (or any other meditative practice) and ritual baths. This will allow you to have the space to see clearly and balance out the emotions that will be brought to the surface.

This is it Darlings, the biggest super moon of the year. A chance to use this energy to change your fate and that of the collective before we tip towards harvest and back into the cauldron of winter. Don’t miss it.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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