Super Full Moon in Aquarius 11th of August

Ok Darlings, I’m usually pretty stoked when it comes to writing about the moon. This full moon however, I feel like a harbinger of bad news. It’s been a rough few weeks huh? Lots of unrequested changes, doors closing, challenges to overcome, traumatic shit to face. This full moon carries on that vibe but also brings a chance to process and release all of the emotions that have come up from all of these challenges. You’re still here, still going and that’s what I want you to hold onto. The obstacles we have faced, as tough as they have been are an opportunity for alchemy and transmutation. The new moon in Leo and the lions gate portal brought opportunity to manifest greater alignment for ourselves but that has also required us to do the necessary work and trimmed away the paths that don’t align.

This is the last of four Supermoons of the year, there is work to be done in honouring our emotions and letting go of all that doesn’t serve before we move fully into harvest season at Mabon and prepare to enter the cauldron of winter once more. A chance to prune, sort the wheat from the chaff and use what’s left of the growing season to refocus and really go for it.

Aquarius holds dominion over the 11th house, our hopes, wishes, goals and objectives. He is inspiration, out of the box thinking and bolt form the blue ideas. The 11th house also represents our social sphere, networking, technology and the collective. I have the privilege of connecting with a vast amount of people in my life which gives me an insight into what is happening as a collective. This last month has been a bit of a bitch to be honest. So much to overcome, some near misses, lots to grieve and lots to be thankful for. Finding gratitude in the hardest moments can really turn things around. I want to be very clear here. I do not mean the toxic positivity attitude of ‘everything happens for a reason’ or ‘some people have it worse than I’ bullshit. I mean that finding things to be grateful for in the shittiest of moments helps to pull ourselves out of despair and find a way to put one foot in front of the other again. Being open to the lessons, accepting them and finding gratitude for what they teach can be enough to turn it around. For some of us there is a sense of relief that we made it through which is bringing a fresh perspective on what’s important. A chance to refocus and push on.

Ruled by the element of air, Aquarius is thought and ideas. Unlike logical Gemini or Balanced Libra; He is electric, catalytic energy. Usually when I’m feeling into Aquarius energy it is exciting and invigorating. This moon however it comes with a groan. A sense of “ok, I’ll do it but I’m gonna complain/cry the whole time” (a phrase a friend of mine uses that resonates with wisdom). I feel it’s important to acknowledge this and make space for it. The challenges that have arisen are to set us on a path to greater alignment with the path we are meant to be on. That doesn’t mean it is comfortable. The further one is off the right path the harder and more painful these awakenings and shifts can be. This could be things coming to end such as relationships, doors we thought were open to us (and we wanted) closing, loss and shocking moments sent to do just that, shock us into waking up to something. Full Moons are a time for releasing and letting go. This one is a chance to honour and let go of the emotions that have come up as we move through change.

Graphic showing the representation of Aquarius. A water jug tipping out into water, creating ripples; held within a moon shape, surrounded by stars.
Represented by the water bearer. Aquarius is the ripples in the water and the stream that created them.

Aquarius’ corresponding planet is Uranus, primordial god of the sky and great grandfather of Zeus. He is expansion, breaking free of limits and big catalytic change. This Moon in Aquarius is happening conjunct to Saturn in retrograde and is square to Uranus. To break that down for you: Retrograde planets bring lessons (there are 4 planets retrograde right now but more on that in a moment). Saturn Retrograde brings lessons in facing restriction, our responsibilities limits and often toxic patriarchal blockages (we all have internalised misogyny to overcome, you can find a little rant on that here). The Moon shows us our deepest desires and feelings. In Aquarius we are called to expand, break free of limiting ideas and embrace change. There is conflict coming up that feels like it is getting in the way of that happening. Extra lessons in where our restrictions lie are coming from the connection with Saturn. Saturn is Kronos, Son of Uranus, who castrated and overthrew his father and brought about the dark age of the Titans (only to be overthrown himself as predicted by Zeus). This is what many of us have been coming up against. If life feels like it has been happening at you rather than for you of late, know that there is light coming after the dust has settled. The answer to finding the way through is in accepting and allowing yourself to go through what you need to. Make space to honour your emotions and release them so you may see the path ahead clearer. This is an opportunity to practice open mindedness, look out for the lessons and opportunities being given and follow them (even if you need to cry and complain the whole time to get through it). Lean into your self-care practices to balance out how relentless it feels.

This uncomfortable feeling can be used to break through the limits you face. Restrictions and frustrations with them, are excellent motivators for out of the box thinking. When things aren’t working out as you planned ask yourself what needs letting go of? Old ideas and ways of doing things? Despair? Limiting self beliefs? When we suffer oppression, we must find ways to fight it. Now is not the time for rash action but to consider what could be done differently. What is this change pushing you towards? Is it back to the drawing board? Allowing something to end? There is as calling for self-discipline here also, of committing to the path we claim to want. Some of us are being tested and reminded of what that is. We talk of breaking out of a loop into a spiral so we can continue to grow. The pressure you have been under of late is calling for us to do something differently. Aquarius is here to guide us to what the new way could be, albeit begrudgingly on our part. This Supermoon brings expansion through suffering. A chance to alchemise the growth we have found in the hard parts into something greater. I have a phrase I love which is to ” throw yourself a pity party and move the fuck on”. It feels very fitting for this moon.

Elsewhere in Astrology

I mentioned earlier there are 4 planets retrograde at the moment. This is throwing up so many lessons (sarcastic yay). And again, these lessons are to help us grow but it is certainly not all sunshine and rainbows. Saturn (restrictions and limits) I’ve already covered. Jupiter, Zeus (Sky Daddy himself) is bringing lessons of patience and taking time to consider consequence. Neptune is Poseidon god of the sea. He is universal love and all things being interconnected. Retrograde he shows us where deceptions lie including the ones we tell ourselves. And Finally, Pluto (Hades, lord of the underworld) retrograde is bringing the need for Shadow Work . If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know I talk about shadow work a lot. I don’t love it because it is enjoyable I love it because I am living proof of how transformative it can be. The process of taking responsibility for, meeting and embracing your shadow self is the fastest way to healing, aligning with yourself and highest purpose and levelling the fuck up. Yes, it is scary and painful, now is the best time to do it though. Do the work before the work does you!

There’s a lot of Masculine energy in the astrology at the moment. All of the retrograde planets are masculine. Mars, planet of (action and war) is up to a bunch of fuckery also. He is sextile Neptune in retrograde which is a positive connection between them but more work for us to put into looking at the things we have not wanted to admit or accept. There is a square between Mars and Saturn bringing more conflict. Those restrictions seemingly in the way of how we choose action. Now is a time to practice acting over reacting, the only way to practice this is by giving us opportunity to do so hence, lots of things to potentially react to. Fun times. Just in case you need another poke to do the work, Mars is also in trine with Pluto retrograde. The reason I point out the amount of cosmic masculine energy around at the moment is I feel that is where we are being called to look. By masculine and feminine I do not mean sex and gender (gender is a construct) but in terms of divine archetypal energy. We each have both within us. Having an acceptance and alignment of both of those aspects within ourselves leads to greater peace. Sadly, there is much wounding in this that needs addressing due to the toxic nature of the patriarchal conditioning we have received and the generational trauma it has caused. This moon is an opportunity to look at our own wounded masculine and how it affects the way we move through the world. The ways we feel we need to behave in order to succeed. The times we allow logic and reasoning to silence intuition. The things we feel the need to fight for and the ways in which we fight. Are they serving you? How do you feel about your own masculinity? Do you have a healthy relationship to it? How do you hold space and show up for yourself? Are you feeling called to do more of that? Have you been doing it in a way you are proud of? There are many forgotten facets of masculinity we overlook such as the connected mage, boyhood student of the world and gentle open hearted father. Often only seeing hunter, gatherer, warrior as valuable (ya know because of the patriarchal bullshit). This full moon offers a chance to connect (do the shadow work) with those parts of ourselves and bring them to light and balance.

To Sum Up

It’s been a rough journey to get us here, we have much to process and let go of in order to move into greater alignment. The Super Full Moon in Aquarius brings a chance to release the emotions and all that doesn’t serve that alignment. The restrictions and unrequested changes we have come up against have shown us the areas we need to apply a bit of open mindedness and shadow work to, being prepared to pivot our direction even if it feels like a punch in the gut that we have to. We are being shown a different direction. Look out for new opportunities and ways of doing things to follow. It may feel heavy to put one foot in front of the other on this new path, balance that out with all of the grounding and self care you can to see you through the pain of the work that must be done. In order to alchemise what we have been through into positive action, we can use this full moon to find the lessons in it, release what did not serve and free up space for things that will serve us better. Likely, you know exactly what these lessons are as being a super moon they will have come through loud.

This is a good time to look at our relationship to the masculine, what it represents to us, how we engage with it and what we want to change in terms of how we work with it. It is in how we choose to act rather than react. The potential for oppression and the frustrations it brings being a catalyst to break through to something better. This will take commitment and self discipline. Focus on where you are heading and let go of the need to rail against change. You can use my basic Full Moon ritual to support you. Scream, howl, cry about how shit it has been but keep going. Throw yourself a pity party and move the fuck on!

I would have like to bring you a more uplifting reading my Darlings but it very much is what it is. There is hope though. On the other side of all this conflict and work is greatness. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We just (‘just’, making it sound so easy) have to do the work, maintain an open mind, keep going even if it is 1 minute at a time. You got this. We got this.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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