New Moon in Virgo 27th of August.

Right Darlings, time to roll up those sleeves, put on your big witch knickers and get ready to work for what you want. The New Moon in Virgo brings opportunity to put your money (or rather choices) where your mouth is. I feel like depending on where we are on our journey; half of us are going “yes! I’m ready, lets go!” and the other half are still groaning from the unrequested change we’ve been facing from the last full moon. If you’ve been doing the work, the things set in motion much earlier in the year are what we need to refocus and attend to. Think back to the last new moon, the goals you set in motion. Or better yet, if you can, further back to the beginning of the year at Imbolc and Ostara. We are now in the part of the year where we are harvesting the fruits of our labour.

The New Moon brings us a chance this side of Mabon to get our shit together before Samhain and the Cauldron of winter come once more. If you’re one of the people groaning, heaving on the floor still from all the emotions you’ve had to process of late, this new moon is offering a chance to fill the cleared space with some self love. Not just self care, actual self love. This however, also takes a fuck tonne of work so, yaaay I guess (sorry). Lets get into it.

Virgo holds dominion over the 6th house: how we hold ourselves in service to others, the mastery of our crafts, the fruits of our achievements. What our work in the world is. Be it to earn our scratch to live now, prepare for winter or what we would all love to be doing, given the freedom to follow our calling (I’m gonna come back to the last one in a minute).

Ruled by Mercury; Virgo is the grounded, Earth Maiden. She is logical, communicative and rooted in her purpose. Think of the virgins of Greece, devoted to Feminine Deities. Unlike the air signs she speaks to the tangible rather than ideas. It is time to bring your ideas to reality and put them out into the world in a real way, make them tangible. New moons are chances for fresh starts and new beginnings. Whatever you have been thinking of doing’ saying you want to do more of; you will be given opportunity to practice with this one. Practice and growing into new spaces is uncomfortable. Sometimes even painful. In what seems to be the theme of the last few lunations, if you have been burying your head in the sand, hoping it would all pass or blow over you will be in for a rough time. What doesn’t align with your highest purpose is moving away. Clearing space for the things that do. If you are holding onto things not meant for you, it will become louder. If you feel wildly called to make a change or do something completely different, now is the time to step onto that path. Likely we will not have a choice anyway. Might as well do it in the way that honours who you are aiming to be. If you’ve been wanting to work on boundaries, or put a new practice into place this is your time to start. Remember, it’s about practice not perfection.

There is conflict with this Moon with other happenings astrologically (more on this in a moment), calling for us to stand our ground and act from the place we have been saying we want to act from. This could be in terms of how we show up in relationship, work, following our dreams, standing up for what we believe in, connecting with our bodies, our mental, physical or spiritual health. Virgo invites us to act. Not in the rash fiery way like Aries, or electrical like Aquarius; but in the measured, rooted (there’s that word again), solid, earthy way. Virgo is personified by this fresh, Earth Maiden. Often described as ‘virgin’. The origins of this word refer to purity. Not of body (because that version of virginity is a patriarchal construct) but of conviction. Those who dedicated themselves to a cause. Virgo Season and the Virgo New Moon ask us to get our ducks in a row, align ourselves with our goals and make steps to bring it in line with action, employ discipline. This begins with finding out where the ducks are in the first place. Gathering them together. Ask yourself, is your life moving in the direction you want it to be? If the answer is yes, great! What are your next steps? What is calling for some pruning or balancing. If the answer is no, likely you are already experiencing the discomfort of the force or pull that is calling for change. Break it down. What doesn’t align for you? Why does it feel uncomfortable? What would you like to be feeling/doing/working towards? What steps could you take now to make even the smallest change? What could you call in to support you in this?

Perhaps you know exactly what it is but for fear of what lies on the other side, haven’t done it yet. Perhaps you feel lost and don’t know what the next move is. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a big change you feel positive about and are doing the things but still feel like your on wobbly legs (imposter syndrome is real my Darlings).

This New Moon, being an Earth sign, brings us the solution… Grounding. All the grounding, in all the ways. You are consciousness/spirit/divine being in a tangible, flesh and blood meat suit. A meat suit that has primitive needs and holds primitive wisdom. To find the answers, even be able to follow the breadcrumbs, your system has to feel safe and nourished. Something so many of us (myself included) struggle with because we have lived outside of ourselves for so long due to trauma. So this new moon, if this resonates with you, start there. Do what your system needs to connect with itself. Meditation is the obvious first thought. However, if your system is overloaded you may find the ‘side body hack’ stuff a better gateway to even being able to meditate. Actually grounding your body (as described here). Cold water, weighted blankets, dance, exercise, food, sex (enthusiastically consensual of course), yoga, plant medicine. As I’m writing this, I am realising how many of these things are the stuff we promise to carve out more time for. The balance that we don’t make enough time for. The practice of being able to listen to what your system (mind, body and spirit) is calling for can’t be heard if it is screaming over itself. One thing I have learnt from so much shadow work is to balance it out with the self care. Self-care is the first step to being able to start, and then withstand the shadow work.

I made a commitment to feed my body what it asked for a while ago. This is me giving her exactly what she asked for. Steak and Salad.

Once you are able to feel where your roots are, or need to be through grounding practices; the rest will come easier. You can identify what needs to be done. What needs to be called in and what you want to filled cleared spaces with. Perhaps you already know what that is. Either way, be prepared to actually implement it and act in the coming weeks. I say be prepared. More, be prepared to lean into those self care practices. If life feels like it’s happening AT you, what needs to be done is probably even more clear. You just have to find the motivator to finding devotion for it. Virgo is here to help with that. Devote it to yourself, for those you love. For your calling. Find the love for it. Check the need to conform to systemic conditioning, for serving ego and devote yourself to doing what feels aligned for you. If you don’t know what that is yet, then more grounding and shadow work for you. Actually, Shadow work and exploration of self is a great thing to devote yourself to.

Elsewhere in Astrology

So, (I said I’d circle back to it), there is a literal fuck tonne of conflict happening astrology wise. Which is perhaps why this New Moon feels like another bad omen rather than the excitement of stepping onto a new path one would hope for. That being said, the best growth happens in the hard parts and change (requested or not) brings about the new. Arguably, the change we resist is probably the one we need the most. The loudest and most relevant aspect is that this New Moon is happening exactly opposite Mars (Aries god of war). The Sun and Moon in Virgo; this feminine, grounded, earth maiden in conflict with the masculine warrior archetype. The conflict between the masculine and feminine within ourselves is highlighted. The push pull between being and doing. Overcoming ego and moving from a higher loving space. The need to align the masculine within ourselves so that we can fight and hold space for the feminine. It is also ever fucking present in the collective as we live through these times ( I am tired of living in an 80’s dystopian novel, bring on the apocalypse). I write about this a lot. By feminine and masculine I am referring to the energies present within each of us and the collective, not sex or gender. However, collectively there is much that is awakening and fighting to be brought into alignment. Awaken the feminine, heal the wounded masculine find balance and alignment and all that. This is something I have devoted myself to. I’m working towards supporting other women in doing so with a retreat at Mabon, the circles I hold in my home and the work I do online. This New Moon I am focusing on allowing things to flow by holding space for it, rather than try to force or overly direct. Embracing that Virgoan priestess energy.

This clash indicates drama and conflict. We will be required to stand our ground, which is why we need to be rooted. To act from the place which will serve our highest selves best, which is why we need to do the shadow work to determine that from ego. To fight against that which threatens to hold us back from growth, which is why we must be wise and not rash.

There’s a bunch of fuckery from Retrograde Uranus (sky grandaddy, god of expansion and revolution) square to Venus ( love and abundance) and Saturn (restriction, limits and responsibilities). Squares bring conflict. Retrograde planets bring lessons and obstacles to overcome. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the long run it is probably better but it is definitely not comfortable. Lots of lessons to be found in overcoming obstacles to expansion and revolution in areas of love and abundance. Sounds good right?

We are deep in Retrograde Season with 5 planets, soon to be 6 Once Mercury Joins them, all bringing their prospective lessons. We have Jupiter (faith, positivity, hope), Saturn (restriction, limits and responsibilities, often tied to the toxic patriarchal leanings), Uranus (expansion, freedom and out of the box thinking), Neptune (interconnectedness of all things, deep emotions and hidden agendas) and Pluto (Transformation, death and rebirth). Retrogrades have come into an interesting light what with social media trends and memes. However they not all hell breaking loose, blame everything on MR, no bones days. They bring wisdom through overcoming the lessons given. It can feel icky, sluggish and hard to move through but it is this feeling that provides the balance to being propelled forwards to success. This hard work is what will pay off in the future. I tell you this so you can keep it in mind when you are in the literal thick of it.

To Sum Up

This new moon, we are going to face situations which require us to double down on what we claim to want. It is an opportunity to devote our energies to the things that are important to us and the path we want to be on. The further you are off the path, the more work you will need to put into finding alignment. Virgo is here to support us in finding our roots. Any practice which supports you in feeling grounded will serve well. If you have made previous commitments to yourself around starting new practices, working on change or a goal you want for yourself now is the time to refocus and do the work. Sometimes Virgo is thought of as this analytical perfectionist. She is more of a gentle teacher reminding and supporting us in achieving what we want.

The retrogrades and conflict with Mars brings potential drama and painful lessons, especially for those who have been avoiding doing the work. It is better to make the choice for yourself than have it made for you. Whatever challenges and obstacles you are facing be sure to ground yourself first, lean into your self care find your centre and hold it. Devote yourself to your intention, ask for anything that will support you in achieving your aim. You could be calling in clarity, opportunity to practice, guidance, discipline or support from others who have walked the same path. You could use my basic New Moon Ritual. If you want to take this a step further, calling in support from your ancestors is powerful AF but not a ritual to be done lightly. If you do feel like this is something you’re ready for you can find it here.

This is a time to get to work Darlings. Do what needs to be done. Devote yourself to yourself and be ready to fight for it if/when challenged. There is still lots that can be done before winter brings death and rebirth. Lean into support from your loved ones and tribe. We are stronger together.

You got this.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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3 thoughts on “New Moon in Virgo 27th of August.”

  1. Thank you so much for this Kate 🙏🏼
    You’ve made things so much clearer for me and I’m ready for what comes next.
    I love your reality of life, as I recognise it xxx


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