Full Moon in Pisces 10th of September 2022

The Harvest Moon is upon us! The Full Moon closest to Mabon. The last push of work to be done before we move into the dark part of the year and the cauldron of transformation. The energy around this moon is emotionally intense. Our ancestors would have been using this time (much as we will and have been) to get everything squared away. To start thinking about clearing away, turning over and looking ahead to next spring. Reflecting on what has been so far and how that has affected what we will do differently next year when the time comes to sew new seeds. I could go on and on with the planting/gardening metaphor. As within, so without and all that. The last few lunations have brought about many unrequested changes for some of us and for others we have been forging ahead with plans and enjoying the fruits of our labour.

This Full Moon brings a chance to release some of the emotions that have built up as a result of the change we have been experiencing. I’d like to point out here that releasing emotions means allowing yourself to actually feel them and let them pass. Change is uncomfortable. Even when we know it is for amazing reasons, ones more aligned with what we want (especially when things not meant for us are leaving and we have held on for too long). This Full moon calls for us to make some space, to bring back balance.

Pisces holds dominion over the 12th house our unconscious (shadow) selves, our deepest hidden desires, dreams intuition and psychic gifts. Represented by 2 fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces energy can often leave us feeling like we’re being pulled in opposite directions. What we want vs what we need, where we are vs where we want to be. There is a sense of balance here to. After one thing, must come the other and on and on it goes. This is a common energy with Full Moons anyway but this one has some added spice when it comes to how emotions arise. Ask yourself, what emotions are boiling inside you? Having been through so much, what hurt needs to be acknowledged before you can move ahead? What has felt out of balance while you have been moving through the last month? You can find more on honouring emotions here to support you in moving through some of this.

Emotions are messages from the soul that something needs to change. What no longer serves? What is draining your energy rather than lighting you up? Where do you need to draw stronger boundaries? The New Moon in Virgo asked us to devote ourselves to ourselves and to our cause. How has that gone for you? What struggles have you overcome? What emotions did that bring to the surface? Have you done the shadow work? DO MORE SHADOW WORK! However things have been going for you, whatever struggles and adjustments you have been experiencing now is a chance to take some time to breathe and clear away anything that will not serve you. In terms of the devoting: What do you need to double down on? Making change is not easy, it is a process. Is there anything that you have been trying to achieve but for one reason or another can’t seem to get to the next step (it is retrograde season after all)? This is an opportunity look at what is holding you back and let it the fuck, go. Limiting beliefs, doubt, toxic relationships, toxic traits within yourself, old patterns, imbalances, doing things that make you feel shit about yourself, playing it small, self sabotage… Snip snip bitches. Time to let that go. This is not a time for taking huge leaps but for looking within at how we truly feel and seeing where that will take us. A key them of this Full Moon is acceptance. Acceptance of how things went, for better or worse. Acceptance that we can’t force the outcomes we want, only wait patiently and trust that is what is meant to be for you will be. You are already on the path. The challenges we are facing individually and as a collective are opportunities to become conscious of our choices and do better. Hence all the opportunity and pressure to engage in shadow work.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces encourages us to embrace dreaming and to dream big. Allow yourself a moment to imagine your dream life, job, relationship dynamic or adventure. What does that look like? Why does it appeal to you? There are no right or wrong answers only insight into what you want. Then ask yourself what’s stopping you? Is there a way through? What blockages can be removed with this Full Moon? Allow yourself to be creative when coming up with solutions and follow what you feel called to do. Now is the time for open minded-ness.

Neptune is Poseidon, god of the sea, of all things connected through life and universal love (being water). There is an element of using your intuition to divine what it is you are supposed to be doing. This ties into that dreamy, mystical feeling of this moon. However, Poseidon is also rash, brutish and destructive. Be aware of how you go about following through on your choices for you are the one who will have to live with the consequences. Neptune is also associated with addiction, oppression and rape (gotta love those Greek gods). Ask yourself if what you are feeling called to do is a form of escapism or if it really aligns with your highest purpose. Is it an act of love or oppression, control and revenge and ego? Sometimes it is not easy to answer this question as so much of our motives are unconscious, conditioned patterns and our ego is a sneaky bugger. All the more reason to commit to that shadow work. Personally, I love journalling as a way to understand and communicate with my psyche. You could ask yourself the following. What do I feel called to do? What would purpose would this serve? What am I afraid of going wrong if I take this path? Why? Could it hurt or harm others?

Elsewhere in Astrology

This is the part that is always a bit tasty. We have 6 planets stationed retrograde now. Retrogrades, despite the popular depiction, are here to serve. Ok, they serve challenging lessons which is why there is this perceived fear/dislike of them. These lessons are here to level up your growth. To help you see where change needs to be made. Not a time for rash decisions but for…you guessed it…shadow work! Mercury is a big one at this point. He rules communication, logic, technology and commerce. Challenges being thrown at you in these areas are asking you to slow down and look at your situation objectively. Easier said than done with such an emotive moon but there in lies the challenge I guess. It is also a time where we will be tested. For example, If you have said you really want to move away from toxic patterns or people, expected situations to arise that tempt you to stay where you are and be brave enough to push through them. I see this being particularly important around boundaries. One more thing to be aware of with Mercury Retrograde is that He is currently stationed in Libra (balance, relationships and justice) and will move back through Virgo causing us to revisit the commitments we just made to ourselves during the New Moon to ourselves, our calling and how we view service to others. All I can offer for this period is to be mindful that you asked for this. The lessons that arise will feel uncomfortable but if you keep that open mind and you will see how it benefits your aims…maybe not till it’s all over though.

The Saturn/Uranus clash is in it’s final stages so expect a tonne of fuckery in terms of perceived limitations and responsibilities holding you back from expansion and growth. Much like retrogrades (and they are both stationed retrograde) these blockages, irritants and challenges are here to test you and set you on the right path. Expect hard times followed by breakthroughs and (albeit very slow) forward moment in finally overcoming what you’ve been dealing with of late.

Bringing some hope to this situation is harmonious connection between The Moon and Uranus. The Moon Rules our deepest desires for ourselves, our intuition and the feminine. Uranus is planet of expansion, out of the box thinking and catalytic change. If you are one of the people who has been feeling adrift, like life is happening at you rather than for you; this connection will bring an opportunity to gain some clarity on where you should be heading along with opportunity to follow it. Watch out for those breadcrumbs, lean into your intuition and be ready to move forwards…tentatively for the time being.

Finally, there is an upcoming clash between Mars and Neptune. Even though I imagine it is going to be a bit of a shit show I am quite looking forward to how it is going to play out. Mars is Aries god of war, the classic Masculine Archetype. The one we associate with the toxic masculine. He could be force for good if he were fighting for the right cause. This conflict with Neptune is set to bring about the need to look inward at how the masculine within each of us and the collective operates. If you’ve read literally anything else I’ve written, you will know this is a subject very close to my heart. The work of deconstructing internalised misogyny and addressing the patterns that no longer serve is something I have done in myself and urge others to do so. This clash may just be the astrological kick up the arse to open people’s eyes and hearts to the imbalance that exists currently. Time to ask what cause the warrior is fighting for. What areas do we seek to control others and why (I’ll give you a clue, it’s power). I hope to see more positive expressions of masculinity arising but probably not before some deconstructing and destruction. Gotta tear down the old to build a new foundation. Here’s hoping anyway because I for one am tired of living in an 80’s dystopian novel.

To Sum Up

The Full moon in Pisces is here to bring our deepest emotions to the surface so they can be released. We’ve been through a lot this past month (and more), whether that has come to fruition in a positive way yet or not, there is a lot to be let go of so we can move forwards unhindered. The commitments we made to ourselves and our path at the last new moon may need readdressing and doubling down on. There is temptation to repeat old patters, hide in maladaptive behaviours and become destructive. This is an opportunity to really commit to the path that serves you best even if that means letting go of the very things you are afraid to lose. It is better to let go now than kick yourself for it later. This has the potential to be a massively healing and pivotal time for those who are prepared to do the work. we have 2 weeks now to address any imbalances that have arisen. Let go of all that does not serve and make space for better opportunities.

Alas, this is not a time of fast paced action and results as 6 planets are now retrograde but rather a time to journey inwards, look at what is there and divine what our next steps are. This is an excellent time to start dreamwork, meditation and divination practices. Being a water sign, connecting with water will benefit you massively. You could try the cleansing ritual described in my Litha Rituals or a ritual bath to cleanse away the ichor that has built up and call in wisdom and clarity of sight. If one of the things you have promised to devote yourself to is your craft then now is a potent time to start. Head over to the spellcraft section and see what calls to you. The ancestral healing ritual I created for myself would be very fitting but is deep work and not to be taken lightly. While were here, the spell to call your power back to you would serve any of those who feel like they have had heaps of unrequested choices. Also, to those people I would like to remind you that the more accountability you hold yourself to, the better you become at being self aware and having healthy boundaries, the easier things become.

There is much work to be done my Darlings, work I urge you to do now. You’re future self will thank you. Entering the underworld of one’s psyche is daunting but it is there you will find the answers. After all you already know it.

Blessings on your full moon work, your path and hearth.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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