New Moon in Libra 25th of September 2022

Ok, I don’t mean to be dramatic Darlings, but this is a HUGE opportunity to change your life around into whatever you want it to be for the sake of us all. We have been through massive shifts, breakdowns and growth for what feels like years. The last few astrology posts I’ve written, I have been talking about the change we didn’t ask for and how it is there to strip away what doesn’t serve us in meeting our highest purpose. This is painful, more so for those of us who haven’t been able to let go. Those who feel like life is happening at them. This New Moon brings a break in the storm to reflect, take responsibility for what we do with all that has come up so far and alchemise that into jumping onto the path best for you…Dramatic much?

Libra is all about balancing, not necessarily all things being in balance (although that feels like it would be great, it is not how things work) but addressing the imbalances and seeking greater harmony. Libra season begins at the same time as Mabon, the autumn Equinox; Where light and dark reach a harmonious balance before tipping into darkness, reflection and death to be reborn. This Moon is all about reflecting on that balance within yourself, your relationships and the life you want for yourself. This New Moon has an added intensity as it is conjunct the Super Galactic Centre (I’m going to attempt to explain this in a moment). I can not stress enough how important it is to make time for reflection. To divine what action needs to be taken. This is an opportunity to step onto the path that will best serve your purpose.

I talk about this ‘highest purpose’ thing a lot. What I mean is the path that will lead you to what were put here to do. Whether you believe in fate, destiny etc doesn’t matter. You don’t need to know what it is leading to even. When you are on the right path it feels right, it feels good. That in itself is enough. Walking a path that makes you feel fucking shiny is better for you than one that hurts with every step. All of the challenges and lessons given of late, the retrogrades, the catalytic points where shit is falling apart are trying to show you what doesn’t serve. It’s time to follow what you are called to. What do you dream about? What makes you feel shiny? Why do you resist it? What are you afraid of? There are many reasons not do it, fear of what you will lose in the pursuit of it. Fear of being shunned or shamed. Fear of failure. These are valid fears but what if you did it anyway? What if you just acknowledged to yourself that it is what you want and took a step towards it? Have you ever even said out loud that you feel called to it? We have an opportunity here to rock the status quo. To step outside of what we were taught is allowed and possible and to follow what feels right to us. As a person who spent most of her life feeling wrong and otherly let me tell you; the freedom I feel now, the elation and rightness in myself is worth everything I have been through to get here. I was never meant to fit in the box I was given. That is why I struggled so much. That is why it hurt. It wasn’t right for me.

With Libra energy there is a big focus on relationships. She Rules the 7th house: our relationships, connections to others and our place in community and society. How we relate to ourselves, others and the collective. Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about bringing balance to these areas with love. Ego vs higher self, what we want vs what others want for/from us, our inner world vs what we put into the world. In witchcraft we talk about this idea of bringing about change by focusing on ‘me, we, us’. Firstly focusing on what is not alignment with ourselves, bringing this into our relationships and communities, which in turn ripples out into the collective and brings about great change. If you want to see change in the world (and with the state of the world right now, it is now we desperately need it), we must begin with ourselves. Libra reminds us that this can all be done by following love. Not following a path or pursuing an idea out of greed, ego or fear but out of love.

the scales

I appreciate that this can feel impossible to divine because we are taught to doubt ourselves if it doesn’t fit in with what everyone else is doing. So, I’ll try to give you an example:

Bring to mind one of the things you feel called to. Something you have dreamt about for yourself. For me it has always being the witch on the edge of my community; bringing people together to support each other, offering sanctuary and healing to those who seek it. To be the envoy for nature and just be allowed to follow what I feel called to do, to lead others to finding in themselves what I found. I was told this wasn’t possible or even a real goal. HA! jokes on you society this is exactly what I am doing! Ask yourself what this would serve? Ego? Do I want this so I can control others? To make myself feel powerful? Important? To hide behind? For me I know the answer is no. I do not seek out others, I ask that any I am meant to serve be put on my path. When things/people leave I accept it. Is it fear or greed that drives this need of mine? (These are questions I have to ask frequently by the way) Am I trying to run away? Again no, pursuing my dreams to the level I am now is the scariest thing I have ever done. Putting myself out there is terrifying. Every step I take towards it is exciting but also comes with internal screaming. All I can do is lean into it. Does it come from love? I know that it does, love for myself foremost because following this path is where love for myself has led me, love for my tribe and the people in it. When someone expresses that they want to feel how I feel, about themselves, I will give them all I can to help them find it. Love for humanity because I see the suffering and want a better world. This is where I get into overthrowing the patriarchy through love, the empowerment of women and witchcraft.

You can follow this process for anything you feel called to do right now. Begin a relationship, end a relationship, a job, a home, a way of doing things. Whatever fear comes up, whatever has stopped you until now, leaning into the energy of this New Moon will allow you to see why you need to do it anyway. I want you to acknowledge that it is scary, why it is scary, then do it anyway. Ask yourself what first step needs to happen so you can do this. So you can follow what is calling you, because it is calling you for a reason. I believe that reason is for the sake of the collective. We are facing massive global shifts and it feels time sensitive. You have this life to follow your purpose. Don’t waste it. Again, dramatic, but this is what I feel to be true. New Moons are for manifesting, use this one to ask for opportunity to follow what you feel called to but first take time to reflect on what that is and it if serves ego or your highest purpose.

When I was meditating on what to include in this post, one of the words that coming through was ‘soul’. ‘soulmate’, ‘soul purpose’ and ‘soul path’. We get caught up on ‘soulmate’ as meaning the one for you will spend the rest of your life with blah blah monogamy. I believe we have many soulmates. A friend can be a soul mate. They are a person you were meant to meet to help you meet your souls purpose. Regardless of the length of these relationships they are to show you something, to heal something and you in them. How many times have you felt this in your life? How clearly can you see the benefit of those lessons on your growth and development. As I mentioned. Libra is Venus, highlighting how our love and connections to others are where we need to be looking. How do you relationships serve your highest purpose? Is there something lacking or out of balance? Becoming your own soulmate is a practice many of us were never taught as a possibility. Who knows you better than you? Who knows your wants and needs better? another only knows because you found the voice to express it. This in itself is an act of self-love. What could you use this New Moon to ask for? What would help you met yourself or your highest purpose?

If you’ve been experiencing conflict in your relationships of late this is where you need to be looking. Look past the behaviour and seek the need that lies underneath it. What need is not being met in your relationships? Where is it coming from? Perhaps your inner child (to feel safe and loved) or your inner teen (to be valued, understood and heard) or a need to follow something else. Are these needs something that can be met by yourself rather than expecting someone else to do it for you. This is especially poignant for those who are just reacting and behaving, those who haven’t done the work of reflecting. It’s all going to come out anyway you might as well accept it and own it. This is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of love, relationships and your own soul purpose.

Elsewhere in Astrology

Ok, this is where it gets juicy. Bear with me while I try to explain all this, then I’ll try to explain what I see in how it all links together. Much of my readings are intuitive and I find looking into the aspects between planetary alignments brings me to like “oh that explains where that feeling/message” is coming from.

So, first up and most importantly because it feels really loud, like it makes everything else feel dramatic and huge, is a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon in Libra and the Super Galactic Centre which is another name for the black hole M87. At the centre of galaxies are black holes. The centre of ours (the milky way) is the Galactic centre which our galaxy revolves around, The Super Galactic Centre is the Centre of 33+ galaxies. Thats a trillion suns…ouch my brain. In astrology terms (the physics of black holes, and the effects on the movements of the universe I kind of understand but would struggle to explain, I have a brother who’s really good at it though), the SGC is intense change, magnetism and attraction also the potential for obsession and addiction. That’s what black holes do. They attract everything, absorb it and transmute it into something else (do we know what’s on other side yet?). Expect to see bizarre activities, being called or drawn to things intensely. Relationships come into light again with an intense attraction or repulsions. This alignment brings exactly the breadcrumbs needed to show you where you should be headed in a way that can not be ignored. The calling will be strong and likely scary AF. It’s black hole energy after all. Revolution can feel like losing your way if you were on the wrong path. It takes a huge amount of bravery to step onto it. But you are brave. Remember, courage means feeling fear and doing it anyway not the absence of fear. Even if it is just being truthful that you feel called to it in the first place. This is the first step to anything. Use this moon to reflect as I described earlier but for love of the gods don’t push it down anymore. The universe needs you to follow it. It is calling you for a reason. This is where the dramatic feeling is coming from in case you hadn’t sussed that out yet. I feel it so loudly. There is also an warning in here. The obsessive/addictive energy. What do you obsess over? Is it finding love? That soulmate in another who you believe could fix all your problems? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, to put it bluntly, that is co-dependant brainwashing. It stops you from just loving and giving yourself that power. It is also unfair to put such heavy responsibility on another. Perhaps it’s the whole ‘grass is greener on the other side’ thinking (The grass is greener where you water it). As in if I could just have this one thing my life would be better. If that were true, why haven’t you made the change? More to reflect on if this resonates for you.

Among the more nuanced alignments are Venus (planet of love and connection, ruler of Libra) conjunct Mercury (logic, communication bringing the thought to the tangible). Mercury retrograde throws up challenges in this area but the energy between the two flows easily. This speaks of love being easier communicated. This conjunction (happening in Libra also, so that balancing energy again) is opposite Neptune. Neptune has been very active recently. He is Poseidon god of the sea, ruler of dreams, our deepest fantasy, delusions and universal love. The imbalance of what we know we want, what we fantasize about, is coming into conflict with love and how we communicate it. I don’t see this as a bad thing as the challenges we face allow for us to see it and make change, with love on our side.

The other aspect that speaks loudly is Jupiter (hope, faith, positivity and laws) being right smack in the middle of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square. This conflict has been going on for a long time. You can read more about it in my previous astrology post. Saturn is Kronos, father of Zeus planet of limitation, restriction and often oppression linked with the patriarchy. Uranus is Father of Kronos he is primordial god of the heavens, expansion without limits. Now we can add Zeus (sky daddy himself) into that mix, putting himself in the middle to offer us hope in the areas we have been experiencing this conflict. As we push past the old restrictive ways of doing into what serves our highest purpose. This feels like a crux point. And one you don’t want to overlook. As I said, change is happening anyway. By accepting this, leaning into and taking control of your path you will see your way through clearer. A word of warning. Zeus can also be impulsive, irresponsible and blinded by optimism. Look at how many stories there are of his taking of women and bringing about drama. I urge you to do the reflecting and shadow work this new moon so you can be sure not to fall into this mess.

To sum up

This is a potent time for making choices that align with our highest purpose. It’s time to follow what you feel called to do. we have spent so long clearing space it is time to fill that space with greater things. If there is anything (absolutely anything) you know deep down that you want for yourself, now is the time to address it and bring it into the world especially if it fucks with the Status quo. It is important to be conscious of your intentions however. Firstly, by looking at from a place of active reflection. Determine what purpose it would serve and where the need comes from in the first place. Use your divination to help you if you are unsure. Any practice which allows you to communicate with yourself clearly such as mediating, journalling or mirror gazing. When you have done this you can identify what steps can be taken now to bring it to you. This is often as simple as saying it out loud to yourself and the reasons it would benefit you, your community and the wider collective.

Ask for what you need to succeed in these areas is it support? Opportunity? Courage? Clarity? Balance? You can use my basic new moon ritual to support your practice. i want to remind you here that you do not need fancy rituals or spells your thought and intention are enough. However I find rituals and ritual practice help to bring things from intent to the physical realm that is the whole point. The action and energy you put into it is a declaration od dedication to your intention. Whatever you decide to do, do something! This is a massive opportunity for us all.

I’m excited/terrified to see where this takes us. Happy manifesting Darlings, be Fucking bold for me.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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